Find Out How This Local Brand Prepared for NYFW

After their success at last year’s New York Fashion Week, local brand Bench Body jetted off once more to present their spring/summer 2018 collection last week. Inspired by the tropics, streetwear, and skate culture, the pieces in the collection blurred the line between underwear and ready-to-wear clothing that you can mix and match. With the […]

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Both men ‘had enough of each other’: Why Sean Spicer is really leaving Trump’s White House

Donald Trump Sean SpicerAndrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images

Sean Spicer’s resignation from the press secretary post on Friday was generally framed as a positive development for President Donald Trump’s White House, which has been battered by a rolling drumbeat of controversies since Trump took office.

Spicer said he hoped his departure would give incoming communications director Anthony Scaramucci and the White House press office a “clean slate.”

Chief of staff Reince Priebus said “It’s good to start fresh.”

Trump, who had a lukewarm relationship with Spicer, wished him well in public statements.

But a New York Times report published Friday night cited sources who painted Scaramucci’s hiring and Spicer’s immediate resignation as a development for which the writing had long been on the wall — and that Trump and Spicer had simply had enough of each other.

“Mr. Trump and Mr. Spicer did not have a close relationship,” The Times’ Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman wrote, adding that even though Trump had signaled to his aides that he wanted Spicer to stay, the president ultimately felt that the outgoing press secretary had lost his edge.

Citing friends in whom Spicer had confided, The Times wrote that he was exasperated with Trump’s “constant criticism,” and was “tired of being blindsided” by the president.

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Spain road trip: San Sebastián to Valencia

This route kicks off with the dazzling food and art of the Basque country before traversing Navarre and Aragon and heading south to Spain’s paella capital
More Spain road trips: Málaga-Jerez and Madrid-Santiago de Compostela

San Sebastián (or Donostia in Basque) is one of the most elegant coastal towns on the Iberian peninsula. It’s also a mecca for foodies, with more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than anywhere in the world except Kyoto. For a town with fewer than 200,000 inhabitants, it has a lot to offer. Install yourself in Hotel Niza (doubles from €85 room only) and take a walk along the seafront to the Peine del Viento (Comb of the Wind), a sculpture by local artist Eduardo Chillida. There’s an open-air sculpture park dedicated to his work in the nearby town of Hernani.Eat standing up in any of the pintxo bars in the old town – Gandarias (fish main from €14, Kalea 31 de Agosto) is especially good – or take a five-minute trip on the tiny ferry across the mouth of the river from Pasaia to San Juan and dine at Txulotxo (five courses from €35) which does superb fish and seafood with a view out to sea. The San Sebastián area also boasts some of the best surf in Europe, and you can hire everything you need along the seafront or at the resort town of Zarautz about 10km west of the city.

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Basic Rules For Using Credit Cards In Hong Kong

Using credit cards in Hong Kong is a common practice – especially among Millennials. According to an article published on, Hong Kong residents between the ages 18 and 28 own at least 2 credit cards. This is considered to be the highest card ownership in the Asia-Pacific region. The exact ownership is 2.6 – which is more than the 2.1 credit card of Singaporeans – who come in second. This data came from the study conducted by Visa in different countries in Central Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. According to the study, the main motivator for credit card ownership is the discount that Millennials can get. It is followed by the convenience of being able to shop without cash and through on-line portals. In Hong Kong, 40% of on-line purchases are paid through credit cards. How to use credit cards wisely There are so many benefits to using credit cards but before you can enjoy them, it is important for you to understand the basic rules that will help you use it wisely. The thing about credit cards is that it can tempt you to spend more than what you can afford. It feels like an extension of your […]

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The first episode of Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ played at Comic-Con. Here’s what we saw


The world at large will have to wait til August 18 to check out Marvel’s The Defenders

But a few thousand lucky fans got an early peek at Comic-Con’s Hall H on Friday.

Netflix played the entire first episode of The Defenders to an enthusiastic crowd – including your faithful movies reporter from Mashable. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. The first Defender you’ll see in The Defenders is … Iron Fist.

I know, guys, I'm upset too.

I know, guys, I’m upset too.

Image: Netflix

Womp womp. 

And he still doesn’t know how to onscreen-fight worth a damn, at least based on his first scene – a fight sequence set in a series of wet, dark tunnels that conveniently make it real difficult to make out what’s going on.  Read more…

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Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ trailer unites all your favorite street-level superheroes and also Iron Fist


Move over, Avengers – there’s a new superhero gang in town. 

Marvel’s The Defenders brings together all four “street-level” superheroes introduced on Netflix so far: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Not that they seem all that thrilled about it. All four are more or less what you’d describe as the “lone wolf type” – but to quote another one of our favorite TV properties, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. And Lord knows they’re gonna need all they can get to survive this next battle. 

Because, you see, they’ll be teaming up to fight the most intimidating pop culture persona of all. Lady’s already survived xenomorphs and ghosts – you know she’s not gonna go down easy. Read more…

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Pissed Netflix subscribers accuse Verizon of throttling video


Pour one out for net neutrality. Oh, and your Netflix binge sessions while you’re at it. 

As the FCC prepares to gut the regulations that require internet providers treat all online content equally, Verizon Wireless apparently decided to just get on with the damn thing and appeared to begin throttling the speed of some users’ video downloads. And, as no one likes the threat of their favorite show stuck in buffering hell, you’d better believe Netflix subscribers are pissed.

On July 19, internet sleuths noticed something fishy was going on and took to Reddit to share evidence of what they saw as Verizon Wireless’s plan to ruin their stream-life. Specifically, it appeared that the company was capping video-download speeds at 10Mbps. Read more…

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U.S. bans tourists from traveling to North Korea


The administration of President Donald Trump may have done something that people on all sides of the political spectrum agree on: American tourists will soon no longer be able to set foot in North Korea.

The State Department issued the new North Korea policy nearly one month to the day after the death of Otto Warmbier, an American citizen who was detained in North Korea for around 18 months before being released in a coma. He died soon after returning to the U.S., and he had evidently been brutalized by North Korean officials while he was detained.

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Sprint is ruthlessly trolling Verizon with a brutal, fake pop-up shop


Things are getting ugly in the battle of the wireless carriers.

In its latest shot at competitor Verizon, Sprint decided to open up a unique pop-up shop in Queens called “Twice the Price,” which essentially trolls Verizon’s prices by overcharging for all of the featured items. 

Sprint explained in a press release that at “Twice the Price” shoppers can find items like “potato chips, party supplies, boogie boards, makeup mirrors, mops, bottles of water, and more” for twice their regular price. Because, as the store’s tagline goes, “Why pay less when you can pay more?” Read more…

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