Greg Gianforte apologizes for assaulting a reporter in Montana special-election victory speech

gianforte apologyScreenshot via CNN

Greg Gianforte, who was elected to serve Montana in the US House of Representatives, apologized for assaulting a news reporter in a victory speech he gave on Thursday night.

“When you make a mistake, you have to own up to it. That’s the Montana way,” Gianforte said. “Last night, I made a mistake, and I took an action that I can’t take back, and I’m not proud of what happened. I should not have responded in the way that I did, and for that I am sorry.”

“I should not have treated that reporter that way. And, for that, I’m sorry, Mr. Ben Jacobs,” Gianforte said, referring to The Guardian reporter who said Gianforte “body-slammed” him during a campaign event the day before.

Watch a portion of Gianforte’s apology below:

Read Gianforte’s full apology here:

“Sometimes hard work is born out of hard lessons. Last night, I learned a lesson. I need to share something from my heart here, and I just ask you to bear with me.

When you make a mistake, you have to own up to it. That’s the Montana way. Last night I made a mistake, and I took an action that I can’t take back. I’m not proud of what happened. I should not have responded in the way that I did, and for that I’m sorry.

I should not have treated that reporter that way, and for that I’m sorry, Mr. Ben Jacobs. I also want to apologize [to] the Fox News team that was there, and I’m sorry to each one of you that we had to go through this. That’s not the person I am and it’s not the way I’ll lead in this state.”

The altercation happened at Gianforte’s campaign headquarters in Bozeman, Montana on Wednesday. Jacobs said he was asking Gianforte some questions at a campaign event before their encounter turned violent.

“Greg Gianforte just body slammed me and broke my glasses,” Jacobs tweeted Wednesday.

Local authorities said in a statement that after “multiple interviews and an investigation by the Gallatin County Sheriff’s office, it was determined there was probable cause to issue a citation to Greg Gianforte for misdemeanor assault.”

Gianforte is expected to appear at Gallatin County Justice Court “between now and June 7,” the police statement said.

NOW WATCH: Listen to audio of a GOP candidate from Montana allegedly ‘body slamming’ a reporter


Venice world heritage status under threat

While the local population dwindles, passengers from giant cruise ships continue to flood into La Serenissima. So how are locals trying to save the city?

A monster cruise ship meets a giant octopus and crashes into the Rialto bridge, provoking a tsunami. It’s an apocalyptic vision of Venice. The message of Stop the Madness, Philip Colbert’s pop-art-with-a-purpose at the current Venice Biennale, is echoed by Lorenzo Quinn’s Support, a large-scale installation of giant hands reaching out of the Grand Canal to prop up the crumbling Palazzo Sagredo.

Venice’s mayor Luigi Brugnaro could also do with a helping hand. Under-populated and over-touristed, Venice is facing threats from all sides. Its status as a world heritage site is slowly sinking, with Unesco threatening to slap the city on its in-danger list, a fate normally reserved for war-ravaged ruins, under-funded third world sites and, er, Liverpool. Unesco’s concerns about cruise ships, mass tourism and damage to the fragile lagoon ecosystem “have been met with empty promises but no concrete proposals”, according to Italia Nostra, the country’s influential heritage body.

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Even the world’s largest bitcoin exchange couldn’t handle this week’s cryptocurrency boom

 For those operating a bitcoin exchange — where people can buy cryptocoins — you’d imagine that the current surge in value for bitcoin and others like Ethereum’s ether coin is a dream come true. The answer is yes and no. Coinbase, the world’s most funded bitcoin exchange, was dragged offline by the massive increase in interest in the space. Users have… Read More


Cinema Hosts Women-Only Screening of ‘Wonder Woman’ and the Men Are Hating It

Wonder Woman is slated as the most anticipated feminist movie of this year. So it’s understandable that some cinemas (both here and abroad) are hosting screenings for mostly women. But when Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas announced a “WOMEN ONLY” screening, the men were furious. New York Post noted how men expressed their frustration on different social […]

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DARPA reveals design of its space plane for faster, cheaper satellite launches


Launching satellites into orbit could get a lot cheaper thanks to an experimental space plane. 

This week, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) revealed the design for the XS-1, which is set to be built by Boeing. The hypersonic aircraft would launch vertically, deploy a second stage to carry a satellite into orbit, and then land like a normal airplane. 

Although the aircraft is still in the concept phase, DARPA believes the final result will be a vehicle that will provide “short-notice, low-cost access to space” for both military and commercial use. Initial tests of the XS-1 technology will attempt 10 flights over the course of 10 days with the ultimate goal being routine low-Earth orbit flights for around $5 million or less per launch. (Currently, it costs SpaceX about $62 million to launch its Falcon 9 rocket into orbit.) Read more…

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to Infinity and Beyond (or at least San Jose)

Women in Engineering, International Leadership Conference

Anyone who knows me, knows that leaving the City on any given weekday is NOT something I’m exactly enthusiastic about. That commute, be it by car or Caltrain, leaves a lot to be desired these days. So to make the trek down on the Peninsula to attend a seemingly off-demographic conference being put on by an engineering acronym you’ve never heard of … may seem a little odd [#fairenough]. In this case though it was most certainly warranted, and I hope next year in its 5th, the Women in Engineering, International Leadership Conference (#WIELEAD) invites me to return.

The reality: women have to stand up for themselves. If you want more money, you can’t be afraid to ask for it. Ask yourself, what would Sally Yates do? [#WWSYD] And as former Wall Street executive Sallie Krawcheck pointed out in her closing keynote, until the pay structure and money is equal, nor will the power structure. So then the question becomes, how should [wo]men lead by [a different] example? If male-dominated, tech environments/teams are often toxic, where do we go from here as a collective workforce? If we know that a company with more diversity makes for better business, how then do you create a place where all want AND are able to contribute? Currently (and historically), this has been approached by asking “what women can thrive here?”, and then pursuing the female candidates that are the most … well, male. That is to say, the women who have the highest tolerance for testosterone. That strikes me as a sad mitigation strategy. I believe it is far past time to start insisting that individuals check their testosterone and ego at the conference room door, to do their part to open up a FAR MORE competitive landscape. That may seem anti-intuitive, but it comes down to what type of competition you wish to condone. If you’re an ops or analytics person, we are talking about productivity KPI’s here, and if you are not already measuring your individual and collective performance to an actionable standard of adequacy, then start there. Once you are, ask your employees how they think their work process can be improved upon. If enough women identify the same potential inhibitor(s), why not investigate those issues further? Even if the disproportionately male executive team sees no need, cannot relate, has “more important business-critical priorities” to address, etc … this is how change happens. Only after we acknowledge the blatant -ism’s that exist in many people’s day-to-day reality, can we test for and start addressing them to improve the bottom line. [This coming, admittedly, from a guy that still has a long way to go in improving his EQ across the board.]

Only after we acknowledge the blatant -ism’s that exist in many people’s day-to-day reality, can we test for and start addressing them to improve the bottom line.

Bop ’em

Why then in a world of limited resources should you dedicate some of yours towards changing practices that have existed for centuries if […]

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What Harvard graduates saw from Mark Zuckerberg: Humility

TwitterFacebook 1e7c 5ce7%2fthumb%2f00001 Read more…

{“player”:{“description”:”Purpose was the word of the day for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”,”image”:””,”mediaid”:”EmljNAGlL6″,”preload”:false,”title”:”Zuckerberg throws shade at ‘Social Network'”,”sources”:[{“file”:”″},{“file”:””},{“file”:”″},{“file”:”″},{“file”:”″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”embedUrl”:””,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:””,”date”:”2017-05-26T00:41:01.154Z”,”bp_id”:46896,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”business,facebook,mark zuckerberg,zuckerberg,harvard,graduation 2017,commencement speech”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”business,facebook,mark zuckerberg,zuckerberg,harvard,graduation 2017,commencement speech”,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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A 4-year-old saw ’Star Wars’ in 1977 and here’s what he drew


When Star Wars came out back in 1977, there was no merchandise — the toys came a year later — or fast-food tie-ins, or Funko Pops, or “character posters” or endless reels of online trailers to pore over in search of a fix.

We had only the movie, and our memories of it, to go on.

One 4-year-old kid — who grew up to be this film reporter — saw Star Wars on opening weekend that year. He was so eager to manifest what he’d just seen that the minute he got home, he plopped down at his desk to storyboard everything he could while his mom started making dinner. Read more…

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We got Paper Moose to reveal how they became such an innovative creative agency

Paper Moose is pushing the boundaries. The Sydney-based creative agency churns out incredible videos, soundtracks, installations and experiences like they’re going out of fashion. They’ve been entrusted to capture the … Read more

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Uber uses a dinosaur to show how you’d control a self-driving car with a smartphone


Why just hail a self-driving car with your smartphone when you can control one, too? 

That may soon be an option if Uber has its way. 

As detailed by a patent application published May 25, the company envisions a system that allows a rider to “instruct the autonomous vehicle to perform one or more non-driving operations” via a “mobile computing device.”

That’s right, only non-driving maneuvers are on the table here. So no, you won’t be able to steer the self-driving car with your smartphone. But why would you want to, anyway? If your goal was to drive a car, you wouldn’t be in an autonomous Uber.  Read more…

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