September 2016


Aura rethinks the digital picture frame with smarter software, sensors & gesture control

aura-lifestyle-1 We’re taking more digital photos than ever, but we’re not very good about printing them out to enjoy them in our homes. Meanwhile, the digital picture frame market has filled with cheap products that haven’t kept up with technology developments, like ubiquitous Wi-Fi, better photo quality, and higher resolutions, in order to instead chase ever-lower price points. Aura aims… Read More


Apple’s incredible space campus is almost ready for Earth


Drone pilot Matthew Roberts just delivered another stunning fly-over of the still-under-construction Apple Campus 2 — often called the “Spaceship Campus.”

The 4K video, shot sometime in September, shows an almost completely covered circle, rising workout and maintenance facilities, a near-complete product launch auditorium, a parking garage that can hold 11,000(!) cars and nearly covered tunnels. There are also a number of adjacent Apple buildings rising along Tantau Avenue.

Apple’s new main building, a gargantuan circle, is almost completely covered in solar panels, trees are being planted on the grounds and work is well underway on outdoor dining facilities. Read more…

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Will Google really kill its Nexus phones and replace them with Pixel?


Next Tuesday is going to be a very big day for Google. The company is hosting an event in San Francisco to presumably announce its new Pixel and Pixel XL Android phones that could replace the Nexus brand and what is shaping up to be a boatload of gadgets.

On this week’s MashTalk, Mashable Tech Editor Pete Pachal and Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff join me in running through what to expect at Google’s big event, geeking out over DJI’s new foldable Mavic Pro drone and trying to figure out if Elon Musk’s grand plan to send 100 people to Mars and beyond with a SpaceX ship is insane or really insane. Read more…

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In hospitals, Apple’s app platform becoming a force


Apple’s app platform has been quietly growing in popularity in U.S. hospitals. Now, the public is getting a look at one of the first apps to be used in a major hospital.

HomeHero, a company that provides non-medical home care, is now using a new app created through Apple’s CareKit platform in partnership with Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The app will be used to help patients at one of the country’s largest nonprofit academic medical centers readjust to life at home after a hospital stay. 

The app was developed through CareKit, Apple’s open-source platform that allows researchers and care practitioners in the medical field to develop apps tailored to their needs without any coding knowledge. Read more…

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How the scary potential of AI brought tech competitors together


We are racing toward a future we barely understand. Our stuff will be smart, sometimes smarter than us. Our cars will be their own backseat drivers. Our doctors will get second opinions from silicon. Much of the most eye-popping innovation we’ll see in the coming decades will be a direct result of the collection of technologies best known as Artificial Intelligence.

And it scares the hell out of people.

There are now multiple organizations, including The Future for Life Institute and the OpenAI project, that have picked up the baton of AI, seeking to spread it, understand it, control it and maybe police it. This week we added the Partnership on AI to the mix. It’s an unusual consortium of technology and AI competitors: Amazon, Facebook, Google (via DeepMind), Microsoft and IBM. Each is deeply involved in the development and distribution of AI- and Machine Leaning-infused products and services. Some, like Amazon and Microsoft, compete in the AI-backed digital assistance space. Others, like IBM, Google and Facebook munge mounds of personal and public data to feed current and future AI engines. Read more…

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iPhone gets sucked into a treadmill, attains this beautiful round shape


Ever dropped your phone while running on a treadmill? According to a recent Reddit post, it’s actually possible for the treadmill to suck in an iPhone and spit it out on the other side, destroying it in the process. 

The end result, however, is far more aesthetically pleasing than one would expect (see photo above). The gently curved shape, the uniformly shattered glass — if it weren’t a $500+ casualty, it’d almost be pretty.

Dianna_2Ns, the Reddit user who posted the photo of the broken phone, said very little in terms of context, so take this story with a grain of salt. When asked by another user how it happened, her answer was “got caught under the belt & went all the way around…” Read more…

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10 of the best late-night bars in London – chosen by the experts

If you’re after a well-crafted cocktail or beer, these late-drink hangouts keep the party going across the capital. They’re what the Night Tube was made for

Dandelyan is one of the world’s 50 best bars and one of my personal favourites. With a menu that explores modern botany, this could easily be a pretentious place of moody mixologists. It is not – these are bartenders, skilled in the art of hospitality, as well as drinks creation. This place has thought about all aspects of the bar experience. The decor is plush but not to the point you look yourself up and down before entering. Being part of the boutique hotel Mondrian London means there is sense of charm and elegance rather than overbearing luxury. The cocktail classes flock to see the concoctions of famed drinksmiths Ryan Chetiyawardana and Iain Griffiths, but thanks to its location, inside one of London’s coolest hotels, and on the South Bank, it attracts a wide range of customers. The modern-botany focus narrowed this January to “the effect botany has had on historical civilisations”. If you’re of a curious disposition, you’ll be drawn to the cocktails with esoteric descriptions. The Pinnacle Point Fizz stands out: tequila, mixtamalised blue corn, sloe, ginger bitters, sour pineapple and soda. Too safe? How about Heirloom, with whisky, Kamm & Sons, plant haemoglobin and exploded raspberry cordial. Up a notch? The 13th Century Boy has gin, palm and pine embalming cordial and mummified citrus. Like natural science, somehow the elements neatly weave together. Open Mon-Wed 4pm-1am, Thurs 4pm-2am, Fri-Sat noon-2am, Sun noon-12.30am
Hamish Smith, editor of World’s 50 Best Bars

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