May 2017


Scammer calls a guy to ‘fix’ his computer, doesn’t realise it’s the police


Ah, delicious schadenfreude.

A scammer purporting to be from Microsoft technical support accidentally called New Zealand Police, trying to get access to the officer’s computer via remote access program TeamViewer — a unfortunately common PC support scam.

Sadly for this scammer though, he’s called the wrong people. And police posted the results on Facebook. Read more…

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Former Apple designer’s new camera app aims to help you shoot like a pro


Your iPhone’s camera has so much more power than iOS’ stock camera app lets you tap.

That’s because the camera app that comes on your iPhone doesn’t take full advantage of all of your camera’s capabilities, which is why many serious iPhone photographers use a third-party camera app to shoot. 

Now, iPhone photography enthusiasts have a new app at their disposal: Halide. 

The camera app, which just launched in the App Store, was created by two veterans of the tech world: Benjamin Sandofsky, a former Twitter engineer, and Sebastiaan de With, a former Apple designer.  Read more…

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Darna and Liza Soberano Top Twitter Trends After #DarnaReveal

After weeks of speculation, Star Cinema confirmed that Liza Soberano will be taking on the iconic role of Darna. And social media lit up with the news. It's official! Liza Soberano will play the iconic role Darna! #DarnaReveal #LizaSoberanoIsDarna A post shared by STAR Cinema (@starcinema) on May 30, 2017 at 4:23am PDT Darna and […]

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Painfully cool ‘Sonic Mania’ trailer dares you to believe Sonic can be good again


Can Sonic the Hedgehog ever bounce back after so many disappointments, dating all the way back to 1998’s Sonic Adventure?

No one knows for sure, but Sega makes a strong case for Sonic Mania with this nifty, new trailer. There’s a release date now — Aug. 15, 2017 — but there’s also a bunch of great pencil-drawn animations to stare at.

Mania is a 2D Sonic adventure and it’s actually the first of two 2017 games starring the speedy rodent. Coming later in the year — probably during the fall/winter months — is Sonic Forces, a 2D/3D hybrid game that — in an unexpected twist — incorporates Sonic Original Characters. Read more…

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Kathy Griffin’s bloody Trump photo gets the internet to agree on something


Republicans and Democrats agree: Kathy Griffin did something disgusting. 

Griffin — who you might know from, um, Suddenly Susan and reality shows I guess?— posed in a blue dress with the fake, decapitated head of Donald Trump in a photo. 

It’s gross. Seriously, if you’re eating something right now, look away. OK, here’s the photo, via TMZ:

Kathy Griffin Beheads Donald Trump in Shocking Photo Shoot (PHOTO)

— TMZ (@TMZ) May 30, 2017

She was trashed on social media by liberals and conservatives. Read more…

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Airbnb apologizes for tone-deaf teepee ad after backlash from Native American activists


Airbnb is in hot water over its clumsy treatment of Native American culture.

The housing rental service hastily scrubbed an ad from its social media profiles on Tuesday after Native American scholars and activists slammed it for racial insensitivity.

The post featured a listing for an “off-the-grid” teepee, where visitors are promised a “true Sioux style” experience.  

So @Airbnb wants you to “go off the grid…in true Sioux style” this

— Dr. Adrienne Keene (@NativeApprops) May 29, 2017

Never mind that the Joshua Tree, California dwelling is thousands of miles away from the historic territory of the Great Plains-based Sioux.  Read more…

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Judah Vs. The Machines: Blindfolded against a Berkeley robot overlord

 In this episode of Judah Vs. The Machines, Judah visits UC Berkeley’s Robot Learning Lab to meet Brett, a robot still in testing that was designed to learn like a human. Brett’s creators hope that he could some day take on menial human tasks with the ability to adapt and learn new ways of accomplishing a goal, something that most other robots are incapable of doing. In the field… Read More