August 2017


See What Andrea Brillantes and Kourtney Kardashian Pack For Their Beach Trips

There are a couple of long weekends coming up this month and I’m sure many of you have planned out-of-town trips during those days. Some of you might be heading out of the country or a nearby beach for some relaxation. If you are heading to beach, this is a great time to take those […]

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Rowing in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland – in pictures

Coastal rowing in small traditional skiffs is undergoing a revival in Scotland. Photographer Murdo MacLeod joins a community club on an expedition to explore the islands off Lewis and Harris

We are not a rampaging clan but a community rowing club come to reacquaint ourselves with our coastal environment and heritage on a four-day tour off the coast of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Our fleet comprised 40 rowers and sailors in five skiffs, a one-man row boat, a 10-metre dipping lugsail and two safety craft.

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Devastating Effects Of Bankruptcy On A Family

Social and Emotional Aftermath of Bankruptcy in Hong Kong The effects of bankruptcy is devastating. There is no doubt about that. This is why people are often times encouraged to avoid it at all cost. It will not only leave you with a bad credit reputation, it will also compromise your future endeavours.   Although you will be bear the burden of the bankruptcy consequences, you have to know that the people around you will suffer with you as well. Your family – spouse and children, will also suffer the effects of your bankruptcy petition.   Unfortunately, there are a lot of Hong Kong residents and companies that have succumbed to the call of bankruptcy. In 2014, the Receiver’s Office revealed that Hong Kong City had 9,945 cases of bankruptcy – both individual and corporations. This was said to be the highest since 2010. In the first quarter of 2015, the recorded bankruptcy cases reached 2,567.   That is a lot of bankruptcies for such a small city. It is also alarming since this is supposed to be a strong financial market. How can that be when the local residents are struggling to pay off their debts and have resorted

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The battle between Walmart and Amazon moves into a surprising new arena


As the industry buzzes about Amazon’s growing  advertising power, its arch-rival is trying its best not to be outdone.

Walmart is now quietly bulking up its own online ads business, according to a recent research note from KeyBanc analyst Ed Yruma. Whereas the retailer previously used space on its site mostly for its own promotions, it’s now increasingly selling it to other brands and vendors.

Walmart’s already tapping into the same sort of cocktail that’s made Amazon such a potentially formidable force in the ads world: a valuable trove of data on customer shopping habits. The big-box retailer is now also plugging in information collected on in-store sales to give advertisers a fuller picture of the customers they’re targeting. Read more…

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ inadvertently joins the impeach Trump train


Here’s probably the best press that our favourite dating show spin-off, Bachelor In Paradise, will receive.

The show’s Twitter account, which was live-tweeting Tuesday’s episode, somehow mistakenly joined the impeach Trump brigade by including the hashtag “#Impeach45” in its tweet.

It was attached to a GIF of contestant Raven Gates cannonballing into a pool. We’re sure there’s an analogy somewhere.

Image: mashable screenshot

The tweet was up for an hour, before it was finally and sadly deleted. Not soon enough to prevent the internet from declaring The Bachelor got woke, though. Read more…

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Fancy smart locks marketed to Airbnb hosts permanently broken by software update


The Internet of Things continues to amaze, but unfortunately for all the techno-utopians of the world, it’s for exactly the wrong reasons. 

The latest case study in why connecting every little thing to the internet might not be such a good idea is brought to us by Lockstate — a company that manufactures, among other things, a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock marketed to Airbnb hosts around the world. The device allows for keyless entry and remote monitoring, along with the charming ability to be remotely bricked.

And, surprise, that’s exactly what happened on Aug. 7 when Lockstate pushed an errant firmware update that left a number of its locks permanently busted. Whoops. Read more…

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Anderson Cooper breaks down exactly why Trump’s press conference should bother you


The American public is still trying to process Donald Trump’s disastrous press conference on Tuesday, in which he defended those who marched in a white supremacist rally.

Later that day, Anderson Cooper broke down exactly what was so disturbing about the president’s comments in a segment that lasted more than 11 minutes.

.@AndersonCooper: Today, Trump seem to go out of his way to whitewash the nature of what was a white power rally

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) August 16, 2017

“In the remarks he made today, the president revealed what he truly thinks about race in America,” Cooper said, before showing clips of Trump trying to downplay a gathering of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and alt-right members that resulted in a protester getting killed by a car.  Read more…

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Obama’s Charlottesville response just became most-liked tweet in history


Barack Obama may not be the president anymore but that’s not stopping him from making history.

In the wake of the deadly clash between neo-Nazi hate groups and protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, President Donald Trump’s usually eager Twitter fingers remained inactive for hours  while Obama rose to the challenge of addressing the nation.

Now, just days after the former president responded to the tragic violence with a powerful Nelson Mandela quote, his tweet has become the most-liked in history.

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Kendall Jenner Admits to Trying to Steal a Pair of Jeans on Set

Kendall Jenner’s closet is unsurprisingly two rooms big with shelves upon shelves dedicated to shoes and designer bags. In Vogue’ s “Supermodel Closets,” you’ll get a tour of the said space plus a few fun facts about Kendall’s style. Created with YouTube’s 360 feature, you can scroll your way around Kendall’s closet as she talks about […]

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