September 2017


Ever wondered how prank calling would work on ‘Game of Thrones’? ‘The Simpsons’ has the answer


Everyone is obsessed with Game of Thrones these days — even the The Simpsons. America’s favorite TV family is paying homage to the HBO hit in the Season 29 premiere, “The Serfsons,” and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the episode.

After almost 30 years on air, long-suffering bartender Moe Szyslak has had to endure countless prank calls from Bart Simpson — but how would Bart get his laughs if phones didn’t exist? Our clip has the answer, and let’s just say Samwell Tarly wouldn’t approve.

The Game of Thrones-themed premiere also features the vocal talents of one of fantasy series’ stars, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister), in a role that Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman describes as “a character not unlike Jaime. He has a surprising and sexy connection to one of the main characters.” Read more…

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The world’s largest hedge fund told clients the Fed is making a mistake

bob princeBridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund firm, says the Federal Reserve and other central banks will cause problems by raising interest rates from historic lows.
Bridgewater says the Fed has miscalculated the risks, such as economic sensitivity to interest-rate changes. The world’s largest hedge fund told clients the Federal Reserve was making a mistake by raising interest rates.

“The Fed is basing its moves on classic cyclical indicators and the desire to ‘normalize’ the balance sheet,” Bridgewater Associates told clients in a private note, which was seen by Business Insider. “Based on the calculations that we do, we doubt that the Fed will be able to execute its plan without causing problems.”

Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio, co-CIO Bob Prince, and staffer Melissa Saphier wrote the note, dated September 21. The firm, based in Westport, Connecticut, manages about $160 billion.

The Fed has twice raised rates this year, and investors expect it to do so a third time at its meeting in December. The central bank kept rates at historic lows following the 2008 financial crisis to boost the economy — a move originally welcomed by a Wall Street on the brink but since challenged by banks yearning for higher returns.

In an announcement last week, the Fed also said it would begin shrinking its $4.5 trillion balance sheet next month, the agency’s biggest postrecession policy shift since it started raising rates in 2015.

In the note, under the header “Why we think going down this path is a mistake,” Bridgewater laid out five reasons:

  1. “There is not nearly enough inflation and overheating risk to make concerns about inflation and overheating of paramount importance.”
  2. “Risks are asymmetric on the downside (i.e., it’s tougher to reverse an economic and market decline with an easing than it is to reverse an economic or market acceleration with a tightening because of the proximity of interest rates to 0% and because easing with QE is now less effective.)”
  3. “Tightening at rates that are faster than are built into the yield curve is likely to trigger negative wealth effects because the effective durations of assets are now very long.”
  4. “Economic sensitivities to interest rate changes are greater than normal because the level of global indebtedness and non-debt obligations (especially pensions and healthcare) in dollars and other currencies is high …”
  5. “A downturn in the economy would be intolerable to those with lower incomes and wealth, and would make social and political tensions dangerous.”

Dalio has previously discussed this topic, most recently while making the rounds at media outlets to promote his new book.

In an interview with Business Insider’s Henry Blodget this month, he said: “The risks are asymmetric on the downside … If you tighten monetary policy, certainly by more than is discounted in the market — and what’s discounted in the market is a very minor rising market — that that will reverberate through asset class prices.”

Russell Sherman, a spokesman for Bridgewater at its external public-relations agency Prosek Partners, declined to comment.

Pedro da Costa contributed to this story.

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The Airport Outfits Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith Wore For Their Flight to LA

Whether you’re planning a trip or scrolling through Instagram, almost everyone has been out of the country lately. Some are out for work while others are taking a much needed vacation. From travel apps to small bags, we’ve given you some tips and tricks you can use from the airport to your destination. You can […]

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Bilbao city guide: what to see plus the best restaurants, bars and hotels

In the 20 years since the Guggenheim opened, the Basque port city has not looked back – the museum acting as a magnet for great art and architecture as well as buzzing nightlife and restaurants

This year sees Bilbao celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Guggenheim museum, an institution that brought art and its lovers to the north coast city, and started an urban relaunch in which its industrial past was overlaid with fluttering palms, promenades and a proliferation of wonky, asymmetric, eye-popping glass and steel buildings by many of the world’s best architects – Norman Foster, Philippe Starck, Santiago Calatrava and Arata Isozaki among them. Thankfully, Bilbao’s old Basque soul remains intact. The additions enhance the old city, and tourism hasn’t disrupted the enviable lifestyle of its inhabitants, in which lifelong friendships, culture, pintxos (Basque tapas), and the spirit of football figure large.

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US President Donald Trump to Visit Manila this November

The White House recently released a statement confirming that US President Donald Trump will be visiting Asia this November. The Philippines is part of the important stops he will be making. Better watch out for traffic schemes, protests, and what could possibly the most headache-inducing set of headlines as Trump meets President Duterte. The two […]

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Two Reasons To Get Life Insurance in Hong Kong

Two Reasons To Get Life Insurance in Hong Kong Being a wife, and especially a mother entails a lot of responsibilities. Once you start making your own family, you stop living just for yourself. That is love for you. It is a wonderful feeling that keeps you selfless and considerate of those around you.   When it comes to your spouse or your children, it is natural to want to do anything for them. You want to protect them – even beyond death.   If there is one way that you can protect your family, it is through a life insurance. This is a policy that you will pay for to ensure that if anything happens to you, they will get a claim. Death is a devastating reality that we all need to experience at one point in our lives. Since it is a certainty, it should give you all the more reason to prepare for it. This is why a life policy is important in this day and age.   According to an article published in the South China Morning Post, even those from mainland China are buying life policies in Hong Kong. While their reason to do so

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Obama, Biden and Prince Harry had so much fun at the Invictus Games


While Donald Trump is dealing with the Tom Price fallout, former President Barack Obama is having a grand time. 

He got together with BFF Joe Biden and Prince Harry on Friday at the Invictus Games in Toronto. They all watched the United States face France in a game of wheelchair basketball, and boy did they look like they were having fun. 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock (9099827r) Prince Harry and former President Barack Obama pose for a picture while watching wheelchair basketball at the Invictus Games at the Pan Am sports centre in Toronto, Canada on September 29, 2017. Invictus Games, Toronto, Canada - 29 Sep 2017

Image: Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

They even posed for a selfie. (Someone’s friends are going to be jealous.) Everyone wanted to meet Obama and his British friend. Prince Harry started the Invictus Games for wounded military personnel and veterans back in 2014. This year, it includes 550 competitors from 17 nations.  Read more…

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An indie game that aims to preserve an indigenous culture and its mythology


In recent years, a unique relationship has developed between the world’s most ancient cultures and the newest forms of storytelling. 

Games like Upper One Games Never Alone, for example, popularized the trend by working alongside the native Alaskan Iñupiaq people to preserve and bring global attention to their culture’s stories. 

Mulaka, an indie game from Mexico-based studio Lienzo, is the latest to join this digital preservation effort. A 3D action-adventure puzzle game, it centers around the Tarahumara indigenous culture that live alongside them in Chihuahua, Mexico.

“The initial inspiration for the game began from us just learning more about the Tarahumara culture — reading their amazing legends and myths. And we really fell in love with them,” said writer and programmer Guillermo Vizcaíno when we recently met up at PAX West to play a demo of the game at the Indie Megabooth.  Read more…

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The SEC has charged two initial coin offerings with defrauding investors

 The Security and Exchange Commission today has charged both a diamond and a real estate initial coin offering scheme with defrauding investors. REcoin, which promoted itself as the first cryptocurrency-backed real estate company and DRC World, a diamond company, are owned by businessman Maksim Zaslavskiy. In a statement, the SEC accuses Zaslavskiy of selling unregistered securities and coins… Read More


Trump’s new scandal proves Teflon Don can’t beat America’s hatred for air travel


Much like Donald Trump, the Trump administration seemed to be made of a cutting-edge, space-age substance to which nothing could stick. Teflon Don didn’t even start to capture it. 

Then, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was caught taking chartered flights on taxpayer money. The scandal peaked on Friday afternoon when Price unceremoniously resigned.

Of all the scandals that have erupted around Trump—and there have been plenty—Price’s is among the most mundane. Government officials are routinely enjoying the perks of their position and occasionally having to answer for it. The notion that a relatively minor part of the Trump administration did this would seem to be par for the Trump-branded course. Read more…

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