October 2017


Kris Aquino Worries About Shopping Rewards Points Just Like You

Ah, yes. Our lives are blessed once more by the wisdom of Kris Aquino. In her continuing and successful career as a vlogger, she has bestowed us with the vlog entry about her bag. I should say bags because unlike the usual vlogger, Kris has three bags with her all the time. What should just […]

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Lego is selling a ‘Women of NASA’ set featuring 4 female scientists, engineers, and astronauts

lego ideas nasa women female scientists astronauts 13Lego Ideas

Lego announced on Wednesday that it’s releasing a “Women of NASA” set.

The $24.99 kit goes on sale November 1 — just in time for the holiday gift-giving season — and builds on a laudable trend of selling toys that are more inclusive of women.

“Women of NASA” features four minifigurines of pioneering women from the space agency: astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, and computer scientist Margaret Hamilton.

Each minifig will also come with a special backdrop related to their historic work at NASA, including the space shuttle Challenger and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Maia Weinstock, a deputy editor at MIT News, submitted her idea for the kit in July 2016 to the company’s to the Lego Ideas community, where members create and vote on new set plans. If and when Lego picks an idea from the site, submitters get a 1% cut of sales and licensing revenue.

Weinstock’s submission got more than 10,000 votes, triggering an automatic review by Lego staff — and they decided to manufacture and sell it. (Lego’s giant Saturn V moon rocket set, released in June, came about the same way.)

Here’s a close-up look at the kit and what it includes.

The four figurines are molded in the likenesses of the woman they represent.

Lego Ideas

Each set will come with 231 pieces and some brand-new parts.

Lego Ideas

Astronaut, physicist, and entrepreneur Sally Ride will come in a 1983-era training flight suit.

Lego Ideas

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How to Make a Statement With Personalized Bracelets and Necklaces

From celebrity-approved jewelry brands to minimalist pieces, we’ve given you options to accessorize any outfit. Aside from these two, have you ever considered wearing personalized necklaces and rings? There are some brands that offer monogram pendants and engraving so you can add your own personal touch. Shop these for yourself or get them for your […]

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Sparkle and Slits: The Designer Dresses We Want to Wear to Parties

What really makes a party dress? On one hand, we have those who love bold colors and sexy cuts. On the other, something simple but makes up for it with embellishments. But we could all agree that we want something that’s different and stand-out from the last one we wore. At last night’s Manila Fashion […]

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Sonos One and Alexa is an audio marriage made in heaven


This sounds amazing.

That’s what I thought when I got all my Sonos speakers playing the late Tom Petty’s Won’t Back Down and the first floor of my home filled with his distinct, Gainesville, Florida, twang. 

I chose that song with my voice and not by speaking to the first-generation Amazon Echo I have in my home, but by speaking directly to the brand new Sonos One smart speaker.

Sonos is just one of an increasing number of third-party partners integrating Amazon’s soon-to-be ubiquitous digital voice assistant Alexa. On the one hand, this seems redundant. Why do I need a Sonos Alexa-enabled speaker when I already have the Amazon Echo to drive what was my two-speaker Sonos system? Read more…

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While you were doing, whatever, the world’s first giant robot duel happened


Where were you on the day of the world’s first giant robot duel? 

Maybe you were working at your desk, brushing your teeth, labouring over your tax return, ironing the perfect pleat in tomorrow’s pants.

Meanwhile, giant robots were chainsawing other to shreds in a Japanese shed.

The world’s first giant combat robot duel just happened on Tuesday, Oct. 17, pitting America and Japan against each other in a Twitch-livestreamed battle for the ages.

Representing the United States, two epic robots from MegaBots Inc., founded by Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti. Representing Japan, pilot Kogoro Kurata from Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The challenge was issued two years ago, on one condition: Japan wanted to fight hand-to-hand combat. Oh. Man. Challenge accepted. Read more…

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Actress drafts a list of 14 things men have to do to become “decent” and everybody goes bonkers

Canadian host and producer Nicole Stamp has shared a thought-provoking Facebook post with a list of 14 things that, according to her, we human male specimens should start doing in … Read more

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10 of the best Bruce Springsteen landmarks in New Jersey

As The Boss regales Broadway audiences with his show of songs and stories about growin’ up and life in the spotlight, we pick out New Jersey locations that have played a big part in his life and career

This impressive building on the Asbury Park boardwalk was built in the late 1920s and is largely used for concerts and sporting events. Since 1999, it has also been the location for Bruce’s tour rehearsals. But Bruce hasn’t been its most raucous resident: in 1956, it was famously the scene of a large-scale riot at a Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers show, after which the mayor threatened to impose a ban on rock’n’roll performances.

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Comparison Of Halloween Costume Rental In Singapore

It is that time of the year again where you get to look for Halloween costume rental in Singapore. It is the season to go crazy and don your best and spookiest attire. You start to think how you can transform yourself from head to toe as you attend some of the best Halloween parties in and around town. You compare notes with friends to even start to plan it with friends and get to dress up as your favorite scary characters. There are a number of activities and events to choose from once Halloween starts to come by in Singapore. To start off, one of the most popular Halloween attraction in Singapore this time of the year is Universal Studios Singapore event. It is arguably one of the best places to be at this time of the year as they offer their latest installment on the Halloween Horror Nights series. From the discounts given during Halloween Horror Nights 6, the seventh installment this year promises to be even better as the park transforms with the help of several haunted houses in the area. They are also set to bring in a lot of talented actors to make the Halloween

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It took Harvey Weinstein to bring down Amazon’s Roy Price. That’s just sad.


Amazon Studios is no hero for pushing out its chief, Roy Price, after he was accused of sexually harassing a producer. It’s still a villain in this tale, clearly seeking goodwill for doing the right thing, when it only punished Price after being scalded by the spotlight of public ire. 

Yes, Amazon Studios quickly put Price on a leave of absence, which eventually led to his resignation Thursday, after The Man in the High Castle producer Isa Hackett went on record with The Hollywood Reporter about the time he told her “you will love my dick” in a cab and later that night shouted “anal sex” in her ear at a San Diego Comic-Con party. Read more…

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Google Lens on Pixel 2 still has a long way to go

 The reveal of Google Lens at I/O was one of the most exciting moments of the conference, with the tool promising to be a new type of visual browser identifying the world around users and giving them easy access to a web of information and context. I’ve taken a look at a beta of Lens on the Pixel 2 XL and it’s clear that we’re a long way from realizing its true utility. Read More