October 2017


Behind ‘Rumu,’ the game where you play a robot vacuum cleaner with feelings


You are a robot vacuum cleaner.

That’s the premise of Rumu, a point-and-click game developed by Australian indie studio Robot House. Set in an intimate, dollhouse-like smart home, you control RUMU, a robot vacuum cleaner which becomes self-aware.

Guiding RUMU on its journey is Sabrina, the home’s artificial intelligence, a cast of semi-intelligent devices, and Ada, the cat. Something draws RUMU away from cleaning up after its owners David and Cecily, leading to it exploring the house, and examining the question of life itself.

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Watch the trailer for the second TV series of cult Australian horror ‘Wolf Creek’


The cult Australian horror film which we’re pretty sure would put any tourist off from visiting the country, Wolf Creek, returned as a television series late last year.

Well, it’s back again for a six-part second season, set to premiere on December 15 on Australian streaming service Stan. The announcement was made with a trailer, just in time for Halloween.

The premise is somewhat the same as previous iterations of the series, but this time it’s an entire busload of “soft tourists,” who find themselves running into trouble with the frightening Mick Taylor (played by John Jarratt) in the middle of the country’s outback. Read more…

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‘Rocket League’ is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch in November


Mark your calendars, folks. 

Rocket League will be finally released on the Nintendo Switch on November 14.

According to game developer Psyonix, the Switch version of the football-racing hybrid will have “content, features and modes available in other versions of the game,” but will also feature battle cars that are exclusive to the Switch, including “Mario NSR,” “Luigi NSR,” and “Samus’ Gunship.”

The game will retail for $19.90 through Nintendo’s e-shop. 

People got pretty excited about the launch, to say the least.

#RLonSwitch IM SO HAPPY!!! I legit bought a switch just for rocket league. I can’t WAIT

— MitchDaGamerYT (@MitchDaGamerYT) October 30, 2017 Read more…

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5 Money Saving Tips for Landlords in Singapore

Many Singaporeans dream of having more than two properties, one as a home and the other as a form of investment property that can earn a rental income. Being a landlord entails huge costs such as property tax and the cost of upkeep. To help you optimize your financial position as a landlord, below we discuss some ways that can help reduce the cost of your property ownership. Take Advantage of Tax Deductions For landlords, using tax deductions can be a great way to reduce rental income taxes. Rental income tax can be around 10-15% of your monthly rent collection, which can add up to a significant amount over the course of a year. To reduce the actual amount of tax you end up paying, you can reduce the taxable income amount by deducting various expenditures against your rental income. The items that can be deducted include any costs required to keep your property running and available for rental: interests on mortgage, depreciation & repairs, travel costs to sign contracts, insurance, and legal & professional fees. Doing so can help you save at least 15% to over 30% on your rental income taxes, and we think you should fully take

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Google offers new findings on Russian disinformation across its products

 Just a day before tech’s big Russia-focused Congressional hearings begin, Google is out with a new report on the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the U.S. presidential election across its platforms.
“While we have found only limited activity on our services, we will continue to work to prevent all of it, because there is no amount of interference that is… Read More


This incredible new app makes it possible for musicians to ‘appear live’ in your living room

‘Firstage’ is being marketed as the world’s first live augmented reality stage, and although we’re not sure the pompous claim is 100 percent true, one thing is for sure: this … Read more

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The most real and brutal tweets about Kevin Spacey’s ill-timed ‘coming out’

No. You don’t get to do that, Mr. Spacey. After Star Trek: Discovery and Rent actor Anthony Rapp came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct in a BuzzFeed report published earlier the same day, Spacey … Read more

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Gawker founder Nick Denton: Gossip helped take down Harvey Weinstein and many more


Hardly a day has gone by in the past week in which another major figure in media, politics, or entertainment has not become the subject of a sexual harassment scandal. 

And almost all of those stories were on Gawker years ago. 

“Gossip, though it draws those motivated by envy and resentment, is also a tool of the powerless. It’s a mechanism for coordination,” wrote Gawker founder Nick Denton in a blog post on Monday

The post is notable because Denton has recently kept a low profile recently. Once a fixture of the New York media scene, he’s been under the radar since Gawker declared bankruptcy and was sold to Univision.  Read more…

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The iPhone 8 has been majorly discounted in China after low demand: report


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How to use social media to grow your business


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If you don’t know who Cameron Dallas is, go ahead and Google him. We’ll wait. 

Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal these days. The Vine and YouTube star/model has morphed his internet presence into a wildly lucrative brand, building a zealous fanbase and monetizing sponsored content on his social media accounts to amass an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. Oh, and he’s only 23 years old. 

Mr. Dallas might have been able to construct an online empire without an ounce of professional training, but it’s fair to assume that he’s an anomaly. For everyone else, there’s the Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course & Certification, a set of online classes that will teach you how to engage consumers while increasing your revenue. It might not turn you into a multimillionaire, but it will definitely give you a leg-up in the growing industry of social media marketing management, where the national average salary is approaching $60,000. Read more…

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Watch SpaceX launch Koreasat-5A on a Falcon 9 rocket live

 SpaceX is launching a commercial communications satellite for client KT SAT, South Korea’s lone satellite service provider, today at 3:34 PM EDT (12:34 PM PDT). The window extends for two hours and twenty four minutes, so the launch could take place anytime between then and 5:58 PM EDT, depending on conditions. The launch will aim to put the Koreasat-5A satellite into geostationary… Read More