January 2018


Online graphic design startup Canva is now worth $1 billion


Canva is Australia’s first unicorn of 2018, after raising $40 million (AUD$50.9 million) to push the design startup’s value over $1 billion.

Now available in 190 countries, with over 10 million users, the online design and publishing platform was launched in 2012 by CEO and co-founder Melanie Perkins — now the youngest female entrepreneur to have reached unicorn status. 

“It’s still extremely early days for us yet, and we feel like we’ve done one percent of what we believe is possible but it’s quite exciting to get to this point in time, and it’s been a huge journey,” Perkins told Mashable. Read more…

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Take the kids to … the Ragged School Museum, east London

Once a school that provided a free education for destitute children, a row of 19th century warehouses is now a free museum giving visitors a chance to step back in time – and into the classroom – for a strict Victorian lesson

In 1877 Dr Thomas Barnardo opened the Copperfield Road Free School, the largest of three ragged schools (charitable institutions that offered the poorest children a free education) in a row of three warehouses on Regent’s Canal in Tower Hamlets. Now an underfunded, independent museum (opened in 1990), a small exhibition offers an insight into how tough life was in east London in the late 1800s, but the highlight is one of the original classrooms where visitors can attend a lesson led by an actor in Victorian costume. The museum is in the second phase of applying for a lottery grant, which will allow it to make vital repairs to the largest of the three warehouses, though the aim is to retain the authentic atmosphere of the building.

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Ex-Tinder employees launch professional networking app Ripple


A team of former Tinder employees has launched a new professional networking app in a bid to make waves in the LinkedIn-dominated market.

Dubbed Ripple (nope, not the cryptocurrency), the mobile app was launched by a team of ex-Tinder folks, including former CTO Ryan Ogle.

According to TechCrunch, the iOS and Android app was backed by IAC’s Match Group, which owns Tinder, for an undisclosed sum — there are no other investors, apart from the founders.

“Professional networking is pretty terrible today,” wrote Ogle on Ripple’s news blog. “That was our consensus when we started reflecting on our own experiences with the networks out there today. Interfaces packed with ads, unwanted mail from recruiters and salespeople, and a lack of community.  Read more…

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This smart deadbolt uses Google Assistant to keep you safe


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In the future, Google Assistant could lock and unlock your door. 

That’s the idea behind Schlage’s Sense Smart Deadbolt, a heavy-duty lock enabled with Google Assistant

All you have to do to operate the Sense Smart Deadbolt is say “OK Google, lock my door,” or ask “OK Google, is my door locked?”

You can also operate the lock remotely through the Schlage Sense app, available for iOS and Android.  Read more…

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Morning Routines of Successful Women – How to Get Ready & Revived

You may not think much of it; however, if you would think about it, it makes sense to say that how you spend your mornings’ impact not only the rest of your day but also your everyday life. Just imagine having a bad encounter before getting to work; would it not affect your mood throughout […]

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New ‘Black Panther’ TV spot has a special treat for Kendrick Lamar fans


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Kendrick Lamar didn’t diss Donald Trump during halftime of the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday night like some fans thought he would.  

But he did introduce a new TV spot for Marvel’s Black Panther. There’s not a ton of new footage here; it mostly just adds emphasis on the conflict between Chad Boseman and Michael B. Jordan’s characters. 

Still, any footage — and music from Kendrick — is still pretty exciting. (He’s actually helping put the soundtrack together.) The movie drops on Feb. 16, and you can pre-order tickets starting todayRead more…

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Top 6 Computer Programming Tools For 2018

Everyone has a unique set of New Year’s Day resolutions, and computer programmers’ resolutions and wishes for 2018 are bound to differ greatly from your run-of-the-mill average resolutions.

And if there’s anything a programmer should plan on doing to make him or herself a better programmer in the year ahead, it’s to get equipped with a new stash of helpful programming tools.

Here are six of the top tools you may wish to add to your programming tool box for 2018:

1. Get the latest version of Retrace

Retrace has long been an essential coding tool that lets you track how often you access Web-based HTTP services. But every new version of Retrace is seeing substantial improvements, which can lead to personal coding improvements and ease/efficiency of use on your part. To learn the details of what the new Retrace has to offer, check out this in-depth analysis on Stackify.

2. Get familiar with Atom

The Atom is “bigger than you think,” so to speak. It’s a free, open source code editor (relatively new on the scene) that might not be the best for your most intense group projects (IDE could work better for those), but that is perfect for small side jobs and personal projects you may be working on. Atom’s preview mode gives you in-line previews that are highly convenient when working on Readme files.

3. Practice and be entertained by “Code Wars”

Code Wars is a great way to tackle small-scale programming challenges in a fun and friendly environment (from a coder’s point of view). It’s akin to a basketball athlete taking free shots and playing small one-on-one games to keep himself in shape. Code Wars lets you boost your familiarity with common coding problems and learn the coding languages without risking messing up a major project.

4. Relieve stress while learning via Unity

Maybe you program computer or video games for a living, or maybe you’re trying your hand at that on the side for fun or to get ready for a future career shift. If so, Unity enables you to work on your games in the easiest possible way and trains you to become a better programmer of both games and other software at the same time.

5. Make use of Evernote in programming

Evernote is quite a multifunctional piece of software, and it can be ideal for programmers for certain specific uses. There is simply too much data being crammed into programmers’ heads on a daily basis for some of it not to leak out and be lost. Placing keyboard shortcuts, helpful articles, software requirements and specs, and programming quick-reference sheets on Evernote keeps it all organized and at your fingertips just when you need it most.

6. Get organized and more efficient with Trello

Trello is a free Cloud-based project management tool that lets you lay down your tasks and projects into special lanes and track them to their completion. Jira is better for more intense project management, but Trello is great for personal, smaller scale task organization. It’s especially great for your side-projects, which every programmer […]

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