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Mozilla proposes combined WebXR standard for virtual and mixed reality in the browser

 Although we may disagree on the usefulness of VR and AR today, it’s hard to argue with the idea that it should be easier to develop for and deploy — especially on the web. That’s why Mozilla is working on a combined framework that gives developers standardized, well-documented tools with which to access the user’s chosen mixed reality platform. Read More


BlackBerry’s KEYone ‘Black Edition’ offers more than just good looks

 BlackBerry’s most interesting phone in years – if not an entire decade – is the KEYone, an Android device with a classic BlackBerry hardware keyboard that finally answers the needs of truly dedicated thumb typists with a modern mobile OS. Now, the KEYone ‘Black Edition’ has arrived, and it’s more than just a fresh coat of paint on an older gadget. In fact,… Read More


Men Making Fun of #MeToo Ironically Prove the Problem

For a moment, social media became a tool to unite and for women to finally show the gravity of rape culture. The #MeToo hashtag, despite the issue that people didn’t acknowledge properly the black female activist who started it, encouraged women to publicly decry the many ways sexual abuse and assault happens. It’s not just […]

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Russia says Syria is getting close to a congress of all ethnic groups

AssadAmmar Abdallah/Reuters

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A proposal to convene a congress of all Syria’s ethnic groups is a joint initiative which is being promoted by Russia and others and is now being actively discussed, the Kremlin said on Friday.

It is premature, however, to discuss the time and venue for the congress, which is seen as a mechanism to assist Syria’s post-war development, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters.

Putin mentioned the idea of holding such a congress at a forum with foreign scholars on Thursday.

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Fence Gate Lodge, near Burnley, Lancashire: hotel review

This inn on the edge of the Ribble Valley has long had a reputation for good food and drink. Now it’s added a glam 24-bedroom lodge across the road

When I arrive at Fence Gate Lodge, owner Kevin Berkins is busy with a tape measure on the staircase, checking the installation of a bespoke bannister. It is one of the finishing touches to the 24-bedroom addition to the creeper-clad Fence Gate Inn (50 metres away) in Fence, a village outside Burnley on the edge of the foodie Ribble Valley.

Such hands-on management is unusual in people who’ve been in the business for 35 years. Many owners get other people to check the stair rods, but that is not how Berkins rolls. He designed the Lodge himself, and from the Inn’s staggering collection of nearly 1,000 gins (including a 1947 Gilbey’s, the year of Berkins’ birth) to the Lodge’s punched-stone exterior (dimpled stones commonly used to build east Lancashire’s mills), everything bears his fingerprint. Berkins was originally a butcher, and Fence Gate Inn is renowned for its sausages, made at his other pub and deli, the Eagle at Barrow. (These excellent products were the highlight of the lodge’s creditable grilled breakfast.)

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Abused Rescue Dog Is Terrified Of Everyone Except This Adorable Toddler

Nora’s previous owners had abused her to the point where she’s now scared to death of every living being – except one toddler. “We got our girl Nora, an English Pointer, from a rescue shelter seven years ago prior to having kids,” her owner Elizabeth told Bored Panda. “Despite having come from an abusive situation her sweet and gentle nature shone through and we knew with certainty she would be a wonderful family dog when the time came. She absolutely did not disappoint!”


Take #Foodstagrams Against These Witty One-Liner and Cheesy Quote Backdrops

The hunt for Instagram-worthy restaurants continues. We started with neon-lit places to complete your Riverdale aesthetic. Now, we’re turning our attention to those with typographies you can use as your #foodporn or #OOTD backdrop. Many of these may remind you of the cheesy quotes you’ll see on Pinterest. But there are also witty one-liners and artfully-made text […]

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The Cutout Trend Gets an Elevated Twist on the Runway

If you have been showing some skin with the cutout trend, get ready for even more options. On the third day of Manila Fashion Festival Beyond, all the designers presented garments that had some form of cutout. Their versions, however, aren’t like the ones you usually see online and in retail shops. Designers like CJ […]

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Military VR programs are working to train soldiers to deal with pressure


Black Mirror is way ahead of us again. 

Virtual reality training is being developed as a method to equip troops with resilience training before deployment — something a Black Mirror episode toyed with in season three.

Australia’s Minister for Defence Industry, Christopher Pyne, has announced $2.2 million for a University of Newcastle project that aims to develop enhanced resilience training for military personnel using VR and biometrics.

The program, which will work in conjunction with the ADF’s existing Battle SMART stress resilience training program, will see neuroscientists designing simulated environments to replicate real-world combat scenarios in VR. Read more…

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