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Kakao is putting speech recognition tech into cars from Hyundai and Kia

 Less than a month after announcing plans to spin out its transportation and mobility business, Korean tech firm Kakao has inked deals to put hands-free systems inside cars from Korea’s second largest automotive firm Hyundai and its Kia affiliate.
Kakao is best known for operating Korea’s top messaging app, Kakao Talk, which is installed on over 95 percent of the country’s… Read More


Boris Johnson compared a traditional Maori greeting to a headbutt

Boris Johnson Nathan Guy Hongi New ZealandTVNZ Pool via AP

Wellington (AFP) – Britain’s gaffe-prone Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson likened a traditional Maori greeting to a headbutt Monday while visiting indigenous leaders in New Zealand.

Johnson opened his two-day trip with a visit to a marae, or Maori meeting house, in Kaikoura, the South Island town that was hit by a massive earthquake last year.

While there he was greeted with a hongi, the Maori welcome which involves two people pressing their noses together.

The ritual symbolises participants sharing the breath of life, but Johnson said he was concerned about how it would be received in Scotland, home of the “Glasgow kiss”, or headbutt.

“Thank you for teaching me the hongi, I think it is a beautiful form of introduction, though it might be misinterpreted in a pub in Glasgow if you were to try it,” he said.

Johnson also quipped that “the marae has a tradition of strong female leadership, which we also have back home”, referring to his boss, British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Johnson is on a two-day visit to New Zealand which is expected to focus on trade, foreign policy and international security issues.

While in Wellington, Johnson will also unveil a war memorial and will meet New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English.

It is the former London mayor’s first visit to New Zealand. 

“I also have to say that this is the most mind-blowingly, mind-numbingly beautiful country that I’ve ever seen,” he said. 

“I think probably the only landscape that I can think of that can conceivably do justice to the imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.”

Johnson has a history of blunders, including touting the trade benefits of Scotch whisky in a Sikh temple earlier this year, before being told that alcohol was against the religion.

Prior to becoming Britain’s top diplomat, he compared Hillary Clinton to “sadistic nurse in a mental hospital” and said ex-US president Barack Obama was “part-Kenyan” with “an ancestral dislike of the British Empire”.


Roundup: See Heart Evangelista and Sen. Legarda’s Muslim-Inspired SONA 2017 Outfits

Who’s scrolling through the #SONA2017 threads right now for fashion updates? We are and we’re rounding up all the looks for your viewing pleasure. Like last year’s SONA, everyone’s wondering how designers will incorporate the dress theme. This year it’s Muslim-inspired. Let us know if you think the women dressed up for the occasion and make sure […]

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10 of the best beach bars in France

Trays of oysters, iced rosé, swordfish brochettes, even Trump-inspired cocktails … these bars de plage boast superb fare and sunshine vibes

A hidden cove, a respite from the flashy excesses of the Riviera near Monaco, Eden Plage is reached by a tricky headland path (closed when the sea is rough) or a long, stepped descent from the village. The restaurant-bar serves great seafood, burgers and chips with views of the steep cliffs of Saint-Laurent bay and the gently-lapping Mediterranean. You can rent a paddle board or kayak on the gravelly beach and head into the nearby grottos. There’s also a floating pontoon to swim to and red sunbeds under the parasols. You might be disturbed by a model from the boutique behind the bar showing off swimsuits, pareos or a macramé bag or just the waiter topping up your rosé (€8 a glass), but otherwise, it’s the most undiscovered beach resort on the Côte d’Azur.
Allée Mala,

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How Much Should Your First Home Cost?

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin You’ve been working for quite a few years, saving money to buy your home one day. You are getting married, and now you’ve finally saved enough to make it happen. However, with homes easily costing close to a million dollars or more, you won’t be able to do it without the help of some bank financing. But, how much should you really borrow? While it’s rather easy to figure out how much you are allowed to borrow by the government and banks in Singapore, it’s a whole another issue when you are trying to assess how much home loan you should be getting. If you are one of those people, this guide can help you get started in getting to your answer. How much should you expect to pay for your home? In order to help you understand the approximate cost of a home these days in Singapore, we collected the median price of 4-Room HDB Flat resales by town. According to the data released by the Housing & Development Board, you can expect to pay anywhere between S$350,000 and S$900,000 for a 4-room HDB flat, depending on which town you are residing. Given

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‘Game of Thrones’ just solved its biggest problem in one bloody swoop


This post is dark and full of spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 2, titled “Stormborn.”

Welp, looks like Game of Thrones has finally figured out how to fix its Dorne problem.

In episode 2 of Season 7, we finally found out what kind of priceless gift Euron Greyjoy intends to give Cersei to win her trust (and, might I add, we called it).

Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene are now in the custody of the Iron Islands’ newest punk rock ruler, and given that next week’s episode is titled “The Queen’s Justice,” you’d better believe Cersei will be looking for payback after Ellaria murdered Cersei’s daughter Myrcella last season. Read more…

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Finally, an empowering, consensual sex scene on ‘Game of Thrones’


It took seven seasons but it finally happened: a sweet, consensual sex scene on Game of Thrones.

The second episode of Season 7, “Stormborn,” took a quick break from war plotting to give the audience the long-awaited consummation (pun unintended, how dare you) of Grey Worm and Missandei’s flirting. That’s right, the two most loyal members of Dany’s Queensgaurd finally got together!

Game of Thrones is a show infamous for its gratuitous sex scenes, rampant sexual assault, and countless scenes of female nudity. But for once, this scene felt not only earned, but empowering. These two characters have been gazing longingly at each other for years, but their duty to their queen always came first. (Not to mention Grey Worm’s insecurities about his body as a eunuch.) Read more…

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What Is Hiatal Hernia and How Is It Affecting Aaron Carter’s Weight?

Singer and former teen heartthrob Aaron Carter has received harsh criticism for his thin and gaunt face. Netizens instantly jumped to the conclusion that he’s been using drugs or suffering from AIDS. In reality, Aaron is suffering from an eating disorder. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that he was diagnosed with hiatal hernia when […]

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I Will Love You In Your Darkness

I will be the shoulder for your weary head to rest, telling you stories until you fall asleep. I will be the body that helps to lift the weight from you to me. I will be the silence when you have no words to speak, but just to sit next to you in comfort, reminding you that I’m here.


This week in apps: Disney Clips, Firefox updates, and more


Did you get too wrapped up in all the new Game of Thrones hype to pay attention to the new apps and updates of the week? If so, it’s not a big deal. We remembered to keep track of it all for you. 

Every week we round up the most important app updates along with some of the coolest new apps to help you stay in the know. Here’s what stood out to us this week (and if you’ve really been busy lately, take a quick look at last week’s roundup, too).

Disney Clips

Everyone loves Disney, and Apple gets it. Disney and Pixar animations are now available on the Clips app, making all of our dreams come true. The “stickers” can be added as overlays to users’ short videos. So if you haven’t downloaded the mobile video editing app yet, you might just want to give it a try with the cute new stickers from your favorite childhood movies. Sorry, Android users. This one’s only for the iPhone faithful, for now. Read more…

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This is how Apple’s ARKit is about to change how everyone uses the iPhone


Even if you’ve seen Apple’s ARKit in action, there’s a chance you’re still not convinced it’ll mean much for you. That’s all about to change thanks to a new demonstration of its power recently posted on Twitter. 

London-based developer Andrew Hart used ARKit with Apple’s CoreLocation to create a version of Maps that puts guidance arrows and pushpins over the real world. And it’s brilliant. 

As the video shows, Hart types in a location in the normal Maps search interface and is then taken to a live street view with massive virtual arrows and paths pointing the way toward his destination.  Read more…

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