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Judah Vs. The Machines: SeuratBot is an artistic robot that knows art, but lacks purpose

 If art is a window into the soul, what does art discover when it peers deep into the inner-workings of a robot? In this installment of Judah vs the Machines, actor Judah Friedlander tests his art skills against a robot designed to make visually appealing art in different artistic styles. Friedlander met with Alex Reben, a robotics designer in Berkeley, Calif., who has built a robot that can… Read More


Australian fund manager who runs $37 billion calls Uber a ‘ponzi scheme,’ claims it’ll be broke in a decade

Travis KalanickMoney Sharma/AFP/Getty Images

Hamish Douglass, the co-founder of the Magellan Financial Group with more than $37 billion USD under management, thinks ride share service Uber has a less than 1% chance of surviving the next decade.

“It’s constantly losing money and its capital-raising strategy is a ponzi scheme,” he said at the annual Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Conference in Sydney.

Douglass says Uber is under threat from the arrival of autonomous cars where the ride sharing business has no advantage.

“When I look at Uber … I think of it as one of the most stupid investments in history,” the Australian Financial Review reported him saying. “The probability of this business going bankrupt in a decade is 99%.”

And the competition is coming because the barriers to entry to ride-sharing are low.

“All they (Uber) do is keep increasing their private market valuation and someone always says, I’ll put some money up, because next time they raise, it’ll be at a higher price,” says Douglass.

Uber was founded in 2009 in San Francisco and now operates in 58 countries and is valued at more than $60 billion.

Douglass and Chris Mackay founded Magellan a decade ago on the investing principles of Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway.

The 2016 BRW Rich list shows Douglass’ wealth at about $376 million USD.

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Word up: new Chicago museum celebrates American authors

Chicago’s new American Writers Museum has given the nation a fitting centre to celebrate the influence of its literature, and with Hemingway’s birthplace also in town, the city makes for a great literary trip

Admirers of the great American novel have a treat in store, as the first museum devoted to US writers opened in Chicago in mid-May.

Seven years in the making, the $5m American Writers Museum (adult $12, child free, open Tues-Sun) offers an entertaining and sometimes surprising tour through the whole tradition, from early colonists to modernists such as Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams. Along the way visitors can learn about their rackety lives and wonderful words, and just how the US has seen itself over the years.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Install An In-Car Camera

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin You may have noticed in recent years that people have begun to install cameras inside their cars. At first blush, these gadgets, which can cost as little as S$30 and as much as around S$1,000 plus the price of installation, may seem like just another method of parting you from your hard-earned cash. However, our team at ValuePenguin think they are a smart investment that can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in the long run. In the following guide, we’ll walk you through a list of reasons why installing an in-car camera, also known as a dashboard camera or “dashcam,” is well worth the cost. Installing a dashcam can save you thousands in the long run. 1. Save on your car insurance premiums One of the most direct ways you can personally benefit from installing an in-car camera is by potentially saving on your car insurance premiums. Some insurers will offer a discount on their premiums to new or renewing customers who have a camera installed. DirectAsia, for example, will discount your premium by 4% for having a dashcam installed in your car; United Motor Insurance’s Unidrive plan offers a discount as […]

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Yep, the president of Tajikistan damn near pulled Trump’s arm off at the shoulder when they shook hands

It seems president Trump isn’t the only one who likes to menacingly yank the hand of anyone who gets too close for comfort. Check out this awesome footage from the … Read more

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