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A Poem by Thomas Devaney

Three Ghazals Children have their own music; and the owls; 
the snow owl: always five blinks off the beat. 

Our friend pointed to the eves just off the wild life preserve: 
“This guy’s a menace. Barker from a bad circus.” Softly, low, emulation and the owl:—no light anywhere. 
Shake hands with your sister Kate, shake […]


6 Ways to Spend Christmas as a Singleton

Last time I checked, Christmas is that fattening holiday where we can be stupidly and utterly happy. So since when did pop culture pick up Christmas as some sort of dreaded death anniversary, meriting its own survival guide for those spending it alone sans a beau? They say the holidays are colder without a partner when really, […]

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The Tab Raises $3M For Its Hyperlocal News Site Written By Unpaid Student Journalists

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.35.43 The online disruption of journalism continues apace. Today The Tab, a hyperlocal news site aimed at young people and written mainly by “grassroots” (read: unpaid) student journalists, has raised $3 million from Balderton Capital to build out its business. This is The Tab’s first fundraise and the startup — originally founded in the UK — will be using it to expand… Read More


5 Property Websites In Singapore To Buy, Rent & Sell Houses

Should you or should you not leap into the Singapore housing market today? If you were holding off on investing in one of the most expensive housing markets in Asia, Singapore property prices have hit a new low. Prices declined 4 percent last year and could decline another 4.5 percent this year. Fortunately, there has been a boom in property websites to make your search for property investments easier. These sites provide lots of tools to help you make that buying decision. With mortgages rates rising, you will want to make use of the rate comparison and affordability calculators. To make smart buying decisions, also take advantage of their free expert advice through news, guides and videos. Property Website #1: PropertyGuru PropertyGuru is a good place to start your housing search. You can peruse a thorough listing of residential and commercial properties, as well as overseas properties. If you want to check out new condo launches, they are listed too. Property investors may also compare rates for new mortgages and refinancings. Use the Affordability calculator, which takes into account all buying costs, to determine the down payment and monthly payments you can afford. This website is valued for the quality […]

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Bookmark this DIY Felt Snowball Project for Extra Holiday Cheer

Stop! How many days are left before Christmas? Have you shopped for those presents? Is your pantry stuffed with all the good treats that holidays bring? Of course, you’ve got your place decked out with the right amount of glitter and décor, I bet. Still, there’s got to be a thing or two missing. Maybe your […]

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Star Wars-inspired holidays – where to feel the Force

These are the locations you’re looking for! As the world prepares for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, here’s a guide to the series’ most famous settings and where you can pay homage

A must on the travel itinerary of any Star Wars fan is the desert planet of Tatooine, the setting for Luke Skywalker’s formative pre-Jedi years. Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against travelling to Tunisia, the location for many of the planet’s exterior scenes (such as Luke’s family home). However, Death Valley in the US was also used as a backdrop for the planet, and visitors who stop at the Ranch at Furnace Creek Inn (doubles from $119) can follow the same trail to Jabba The Hutt’s Palace taken by R2-D2 and C-3PO in Return Of The Jedi.

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Yeezy, Beware: Rihanna Is Also Set to Show a RTW Collection on Fashion Week

It seems like the sky is clearing up for Rihanna all the more and we’re not only talking about her new record that we know we’d soon be spinning to our hearts’ content. Bad gal RiRi is finally unveiling the first-ever ready-to-wear collection she has designed for Puma. The Puma by Rihanna collection is set to dominate the runways of New York Fashion Week on Feb. 12 of […]

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