Best Mobile Data Plans In Singapore For Pokemon Go

Have you caught on with the Pokemon Go Craze in Singapore? If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and has gone Pokemon-hunting sometime since the start of its launch in Singapore on 6th August, you’d have noticed your mobile data consumption heading north. While you may not have received your telco bill for this month, you should watch out for the increased mobile data usage and learn some useful tips on how to optimise your mobile data consumption before you receive a bill shock.First up, let’s look at how much data it takes to play the game: Mobile Data Usage on Pokemon Go Good news for those who think that your normal 3 to 4GB data on your mobile phone plan is not enough! In fact, according to several online sources, such as Techinsider and MobiPicker, the average data usage per hour for Pokemon Go is around 5 to 10 MB per hour, and this is if you’ve kept the game on your screen throughout. For most of us who are casual players, you probably play it on your way to work in the morning, walking out to get lunch and on your way home from work. Considering this, you are […]

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