Tom Hanks is dressing up as David Pumpkins for Halloween. Any questions?


Even if you didn’t watch Tom Hanks host Saturday Night Live last weekend, you’ve probably watched the sketch featuring his starring turn as David S. Pumpkins.

Hanks is apparently just as into the viral sketch as we are, because he’s dressing up as his SNL character for Halloween tonight.

“Oh, I HAVE my costume! Any questions??! Hanx,” the actor wrote on Twitter, alongside a photo of David Pumpkins’ signature suit.

Oh, I HAVE my costume! Any questions??! Hanx

— Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) October 31, 2016 Read more…

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Drone footage shows devastating aftermath of Italy earthquake


Drone footage released by Italy’s fire and rescue corps shows the devastating aftermath of the magnitude 6.6 earthquake that hit central and southern Italy on Sunday morning. 

The video, taken over the town of Amatrice, revealed demolished buildings, crumbling façades and streets clogged with debris. The town of about 1,000 people was also battered by Italy’s Aug. 24 earthquake and a series of aftershocks last week.

Sunday’s earthquake is potentially Italy’s largest earthquake since a magnitude 6.9 quake struck southern Italy in 1980, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

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Sara Bareilles and Leslie Odom Jr. concocted your new favorite election song


Well, this just about sums it up.

This American Life tapped Sara Bareilles to imagine what President Obama might be thinking about this blessedly-almost-over election — so, appropriately, she wrote a song called “Seriously?”

To be fair, that’s what we’re all thinking at this point.

The track is sung to perfection by Hamilton‘s Leslie Odom Jr. — and features some pointed meditations on Donald Trump and the sorry state of American politics.

Hey, the election may be horrible, but it gave us this song, right? Read more…

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We Know Where You Can Get Victoria Beckham’s Favorite Chair

It’s very convenient that a shop like Design Story launches formally at the start of the holiday season. We’re all in the mood to welcome some change, switch up our spaces, and clear out our old fixtures to make way for new ones. Design Story, as a furniture shop, features east and west pieces and […]

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The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ cast got pretty little matching tattoos


Pretty Little Liars wrapped up filming for good this week, so cast members said farewell by getting — what else? — matching tattoos.

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish each got their character’s first initial inked on their pointer fingers, which are known as “shh” fingers in the PLL world.

Looks like they’re keeping those secrets forever.

A photo posted by Janel Parrish (@janelparrish) on

Should Mona have gotten “A,” though? Hmm.

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Everything you missed at Apple’s MacBook event


On the heels of Wednesday’s Microsoft keynote in New York, Apple unveiled its own new products at an event Thursday at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. 

If you missed the live stream, here’s everything you need to know: 

A Touch Bar comes to the new MacBook Pro

Four years after losing the DVD drive and switching to Retina displays, Apple has again made a major change to its line of MacBook Pro laptops: the Touch Bar, pictures of which leaked two days ago.

Cutting video using the Touch Bar

Cutting video using the Touch Bar

Image: mashable Read more…

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NatGeo photographer: Arrest of ‘Afghan Girl’ violates her human rights


Most people don’t know her by name, but she’s recognized as the “Afghan Girl” with her striking green eyes on the cover of a 1985 National Geographic magazine cover. Reportedly, the same girl — now a woman — has been arrested in Pakistan for having a fake identity card.

According to the Associated Press, Sharbat Gula was arrested during a raid Wednesday at a Peshawar home.

Gula, an Afghan who was photographed at a Pakistani refugee camp when she was 12 years old, was identified in 2002 when the NatGeo photographer, Steve McCurry, went searching for her. He found her when he went back to the same camp from 17 years earlier.  Read more…

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Zayn is very inspired and a little weirded out by your fan fiction


Know your audience. 

Zayn Malik published the latest preview of his forthcoming autobiography, Zayn, on the best of all possible places — fan fiction hub, Wattpad.  

Fans have spent over 17 million minutes reading stories about Zayn since 2015, including “She is My Slave” written from Malik’s perspective and “The Nanny,” in which a girl named Abigale tries to pay for college by working as a nanny in the Malik household. Now, Zayn has his own author page, and he’s using it to praise his fans’ creativity.

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Minnesota Vikings running back shows off his brand-new Harambe cleats


Harambe may be gone, but his meme-ory lives on.

Just ask Jerick McKinnon, running back for the Minnesota Vikings. On Sunday, McKinnon took to the field for warmups with his very own pair of Harmabe-inspired football cleats.

Though the gorilla was killed in the Cincinnati Zoo, the Minnesota Vikings seem to have a strange obsession with the gorilla. During week one, they shouted “Spoons out for Harambe” prior to hitting the field. 

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Siblings rope their Tina Belcher cutout into a brother-sister prank war


Though cardboard cutouts are essentially useless, these siblings managed to put their Bob’s Burgers cutout to good use in an ongoing brother-sister prank war.

Behold, Tina Belcher in her endearingly creepy, butt-loving glory:

My little brother got me a Tina from Bobs Burgers cut-out for my bday & we’ve been hiding her around to see who can scare who the most

— NY Soccer Mom (@mollyy_freeman) October 19, 2016

In just a few days, Twitter user @mollyy_freeman’s photos of the cutout garnered more than 5,000 retweets and 7,000 likes. As she told Buzzfeed: “We’ve hid her in the shower, we’ve hid her in the windows, in my closet, and under bed covers, so when you pull them back she’s laying there.” Read more…

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Facebook is about to become more NSFW


You may soon see a lot more NSFW content on Facebook

The social network is updating its community standards to allow more types of graphic or offensive content that would have previously violated its standards — if the content is deemed newsworthy or “important to the public interest.”

“In the weeks ahead, we’re going to begin allowing more items that people find newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest — even if they might otherwise violate our standards,” facebook’s VP of Global Policy Joel Kaplan and VP Global Operations & Media Partnerships Justin Osofsky wrote in a statement.. Read more…

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6 reasons to buy a brand new car under $20,000


When your old motorized steed is on its last legs, you’ve got a decision to make: Buy new, or used. 

With five-year certified pre-owned warranties on previously owned vehicles, you’d be right to think twice about trading in your hard earned cash for that new car smell. 

Yet it’s impossible to ignore the technological advantages that come with buying a new car. Out with the aux cords, in with Bluetooth connectivity. Dent the bumper of your old car backing up? Throw a rearview camera in too. And in the terrifying event of an accident, side curtain airbags should never be an “option.” 

What if we told you that all of this could be yours for $20,000 (or a $200 per month lease)? Would you believe it? Read more…

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A smoking Samsung Galaxy Note7 is this Halloween’s most clever costume


Attention Halloween lovers: the smokin’ hot Halloween costume of 2016 has arrived.

Instead of dressing as a classic superhero or predictable political figure this year, consider transforming yourself into something both unique and extremely topical — a Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Though Samsung’s infamous exploding phone was a downright dangerous device, the failed piece of tech serves as the perfect inspiration for a clever and interactive Halloween costume. 

Imgur user and Halloween trendsetter excit3d shared his epic smoking Galaxy Note7 costume with the internet, which he created by taping several empty “Note7 boxes” to his chest.  Read more…

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Police use facial recognition much more than you realize


Police departments across the country may know what you look like, even if you don’t know how they got your photo. 

About half of American adults are already in a “law enforcement face recognition network,” according to a new study published Tuesday by researchers at Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology.

“This technology is not limited to serious criminals,” Alvaro Bedoya, one of the study’s co-authors, said during a conference call on Tuesday. “It’s not limited at all, really.”

A Denver Police Department officer uses a camera to shoot video of bystanders.

A Denver Police Department officer uses a camera to shoot video of bystanders.

Image: AP Photo/David Zalubowski Read more…

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Soon, We’ll Be Checking in Hotel Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer and creative director of luxury brands Chanel and Fendi, is officially lending his taste into the hotel industry with Karl Lagerfeld Hospitality. The venture is made with Brandmark Collective, a hospitality licensing platform based in Amsterdam. Under them, Karl is looking to create hotels, residential properties, restaurants, and private clubs worldwide […]

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Shepard Smith opens up about his sexuality and says Roger Ailes never held him back


For years, Gawker and Fox News fans wondered out loud whether anchor Shepard Smith was gay. 

In a new interview with The Huffington Post, the anchor seemingly confirmed the rumors, without ever using the word “gay.” Smith told HuffPo that former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes never used homophobic slurs against him or forced him to remain in the closet.

“He was as nice as he could be to me. I loved him like a father,” Smith told The Huffington Post.

Though Smith has appeared in Out Magazine‘s “Power 50” list, this is the most explicit admission he’s made so far in public. In 2014, Gawker reported that Smith wanted to come out of the closet but that Ailes told him that wouldn’t go over well with the network’s conservative audience. Read more…

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