These headphones will put Alexa in your head at all times (if you’re into that sort of thing)


Amazon’s Alexa is the personal secretary that can make us feel as powerful as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But it’s not always feasible to constantly be on your phone to stay connected when you leave the house. Thankfully, these are worries of the past with OnVocal’s new headphones, which allow you to give Alexa commands (plus a lot more) from wherever you are, right from your ear. 

“From easy access to voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google to unmatched audio and vocal controls, OV enables users to stay in control and productive all day long, keeping their phone in their pocket and remaining ready for anything,” said OnVocal CEO Stuart Nixdorff. Read more…

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Man discovers 36-year-old message in a bottle and the original writer is delighted


Old school communication meets new school communication.

Ryan Burchett found a message in a bottle last weekend on Little St. Simons in Georgia. The buoyant letter was 36 years ago and thanks to social media he was able to connect with the original sender.

Douglas Stephens sent the bottle afloat off the Atlantic coast of Florida back on June 10, 1981. The letter included his name, address, the date, and a request for the finder to let him know where and when they found the bottle.

Burchett found the bottle while fishing with friends in southern Georgia, 40 miles from Fernandina Beach where Stephens set the bottle adrift. Read more…

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5 ways to overcome the entrepreneurial dilemma with Randi Zuckerberg


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Trump appears to float a major shakeup in the Russia investigation during Fox News interview

Donald TrumpAP Photo/Richard Drew, File

President Donald Trump during a Fox News interview on Friday appeared to be making a case for getting Robert Mueller pulled off of the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 US election.

Excerpts from Trump’s interview with “Fox and Friends” released Thursday night showed an adamant Trump criticizing Mueller, a former FBI director, for his past association with James Comey, the FBI head that Trump fired in May as the Russia investigation gained traction.

“Well he’s very, very good friends with Comey which is very bothersome … we’re going to have to see,” Trump said of Mueller. The president also accused Mueller of hiring Hillary Clinton supporters to oversee portions of the investigation.

The Trump-Russia inquiry has grown dramatically since Mueller took the reins last month, and now includes probes of possible financial connections between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. Mueller is also reportedly investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, due to the president’s alleged lobbying of federal law-enforcement officials who are involved in the investigation.

Trump told Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt, “there has been no obstruction, there has been no collusion,” and the president accused Comey of leaking information to reporters.

James ComeyZach Gibson/Getty ImagesTrump, in the first days of his presidency, had demanded Comey’s loyalty during a private dinner at the White House. Comey refused.

Trump also asked Comey to “let go” of the FBI’s investigation of his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, according to memos Comey wrote that documented the encounters.

After Trump fired Comey, he told NBC News’ Lester Holt that he had the Russia investigation in mind when he made his decision.

Since then, Trump and his surrogates have made public statements that suggested the administration was floating the possibility of a major shakeup in the Russia probe.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called Mueller the “tip of a deep state spear aimed at” Trump, after it was reported that Mueller was adding obstruction of justice to his ongoing investigation of Trump and his campaign.

Several other Trump allies echoed Gingrich’s remarks, including conservative commentator Ann Coulter who said Attorney General Jeff Sessions “should fire Mueller,” and radio host Bill Mitchell, who suggested Mueller and Comey may have “colluded” and said Mueller should “immediately” step down.

Those rumblings, among others, were seen as a move to discredit Mueller’s findings before the investigation is finished.

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Hummer factory gets second life making electric cars


A U.S. auto plant that once made giant gas-guzzlers will now make cars that don’t need gas at all.

AM General, which previously built the Hummer H2, sold its factory in South Bend, Indiana to the electric carmaker SF Motors, both firms announced  Thursday.

SF Motors will pay $110 million to produce “intelligent electric vehicles,” according to publicly available filings. It will spend another $30 million to upgrade the 700,000-square-foot commercial assembly plant.

The company didn’t elaborate further on its plans for the factory, such as how many cars it will produce annually or what types of smart driving or electric-powertrain technologies they’ll use. But executives said the arrangement will preserve about 430 U.S. auto worker jobs that were at risk of disappearing.  Read more…

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Chicago’s new Apple store has a MacBook Air for a roof


The roof went up a few weeks ago on the new Apple store in downtown Chicago, but it wasn’t until one detail was added Thursday that the design started to really come together.

For an hour or so in the afternoon the shiny silver roof was augmented with one very familiar logo:

Positioned atop the metallic roof it became a very familiar sight.   Read more…

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Wisconsinites can now (legally) get 20 pounds of cheese and beer delivered by robot


Wisconsin has joined the land of autonomous delivery. If you live in the Badger State, you can now legally have your award-winning cheeses delivered to you 20 pounds at a time inside Starship Technologies’ delivery bots. 

The state is the third in the United States to legalize sidewalk delivery by wheeled drones. The only stipulation is that the bots weigh 80 pounds or less, and a human must be in position to take control of the machine in case the six-wheeled pods try to steal a customer’s cheese and/or beer. 

Starship bots weigh 40 pounds on their own and can carry 20 pounds of supplies, about the equivalent of 20 bricks of Widmer’s 10-year aged cheddar cheese. Or four six-packs of Brenner Brewing’s bacon bomb rauchbier, because even though I’m not sure about bacon-tasting beer, I’m pretty sure it would go well with cheese. Or maybe you should get two six-packs and 10 pounds of cheese, and then just not move for a while.  Read more…

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This app will tell you which of your photos are actually good enough to post (which is both harsh and helpful)


It’s a rare occasion when you take the perfect photo on the first try. Most likely, your camera roll is clogged with photos as you attempt to shoot that all-star selfie, picture at the concert, or snapshot of the new glow-in-the-dark donuts

But for all you accidental photo hoarders, photography app EyeEm and its AI helper are here to remove your pre-post photo clutter.

The app rolled out an update on Wednesday, giving users the ability to choose which photos will be the most liked. The new feature is called EyeEm “Selects,” and it’s an AI curator that automatically selects the best shots on your camera roll based on learned algorithms. Read more…

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How a Chinese factory could drive demand for Tesla vehicles far higher

Tesla FactoryBenjamin Zhang/Business Insider

Electric-car maker Tesla may be close to making the final arrangements with the city of Shanghai for a car factory in the Chinese market, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

An agreement with the city could be official as early as this week, Bloomberg said, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

Making vehicles in China could help Tesla significantly. Here’s why.

Eliminating tariffs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been vocal about the company’s plans to eventually launch a factory in the important market for some time now. For instance, in an October 2015 tweet, Musk said a China factory could come as soon as 2018. He has emphasized on several occasions that the China-based factory would be built for local demand.

Building and delivering cars in China comes with a key advantage — one that Tesla will probably take full advantage of: By building vehicles locally, Tesla can forgo a 25% import tariff. However, investors shouldn’t expect this benefit to flow directly to the electric-car maker’s bottom line. Hungry for sales growth and market share, Tesla will instead probably reduce the price of its locally built vehicles in proportion to its tariff savings.

Tesla disclosed its pricing policy for global markets in a 2014 blog post called “A Fair Price.” In the post, Tesla emphasized that it will never try to bank on higher profit margin in some markets just because it’s possible. Instead, Tesla said for any given market outside the US, it will price its vehicles the same as they’re priced in the US, “adding only unavoidable taxes, customs duties, and transportation costs.”

Tesla’s pricing strategy for the Chinese market is unconventional. Many automakers mark up their vehicles’ prices beyond incremental fees for operating in China, raking in a higher profit per car.

tesla chinaNg Han Guan/AP

Assuming Tesla maintains its existing pricing strategy, a factory in China would allow the company to price its vehicles aggressively in the world’s largest auto market.

And considering a China-based factory will probably be focused primarily on building the company’s upcoming lower-cost, higher-volume Model 3, aggressive pricing on the company’s most affordable vehicle yet could generate surprising local demand.

Why China is key for Tesla

A look at Tesla’s most recent annual 10-K reveals why China is such an important market for the electric-car company. Not only did Tesla’s revenue in China skyrocket during 2016, but it now also represents a sizable portion of overall revenue.

After initial challenges in China, including an overhyped launch that didn’t fully factor in demand from scalpers, and poor communication about Tesla’s plans for a charging infrastructure in the market, Tesla sales in China more than tripled in 2016 as the company doubled down on the market and built out its Supercharger network in the country.

Tesla’s revenue in China in 2014, 2015, and 2016 was $477 million, $319 million, and about $1.1 billion, respectively. Revenue from China in 2016 accounted for about 14% of Tesla’s total revenue, up from about 8% of total revenue in 2015.

By building a local factory and reducing the price of its vehicles to reflect the elimination of import tariffs, Tesla’s sales in China could eventually rival its sales in the United States.

If Tesla really is planning to launch a factory in China soon, it will need to do it through a joint venture to meet China’s requirements for foreign investment to represent no more than 50% interest in any local venture.

Daniel Sparks owns shares of Tesla. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Tesla. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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Start A Business Built on Passion & Learn How These Women Succeed

Stories of Business Built on Passion Many businesswomen who have grown into successful entrepreneurs started out as women similar to you and me. They pursued their occupation. They went on holiday and spent time with family and friends. Most life-changing, however, was the fact that they were passionate about a particular idea or issue. The stories of these women are remarkable in that each of them uncovered her passion and nurtured the spark that was to grow her brainchild into a business. Business Built on a Passion for Relationships Lori Cheek was a romantic individual in search of her soul mate. She would often see interesting and even alluring strangers as she went about her daily business. In each one of those spottings, she wondered whether she was circumventing her potential soul mate since she had always been taught since she was a child not to speak to strangers. One day she observed her co-worker slickly sliding a dinner invitation to a captivating stranger by writing a message on the back of a business card. This is the idea came to Cheek to start the business she called Cheek’d. The concept involved a card designed somewhat like a business card […]

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40 Years From Now, The U.S. Could Look Like Las Vegas

The United States is changing rapidly. The oldest baby boomers are into their retirement years, and the median age of the U.S. population is climbing. At the same time, each generation is more racially and ethnically diverse than the previous one. For the foreseeable future, the U.S. will grow older, more Hispanic and more Asian. […]


Police raid homes of 36 accused of spewing hate online in Germany


German police searched the homes of three dozen people on Tuesday, all of whom are accused of writing hateful messages on social media.

The raids illustrate significant differences between how Germany treats hate speech online when compared with the United States. 

The 36 targeted people are accused of threatening others, racism, and other forms of harassment, and most of them are classified as “right wing,” according to The New York Times

In the U.S., speech meant to threaten is illegal, but hate speech is not. In Germany, both can result in a visit from policeGerman law prohibits speech that “incites hatred” against a number of groups, including groups defined by race, national origin, and religion. Read more…

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Self-driving shuttle will take a few lucky college students to class next year


University of Michigan engineering students will get a slick new ride to class starting next school year — no driver necessary.

The University’s MCity self-driving development hub just announced its plans to launch a free autonomous shuttle service in the school’s North Campus. It’s the first time the self-driving program has offered services outside of the 32-acre MCity complex, which opened in 2015.

The shuttle will run a non-stop, two-mile route between the Lurie Engineering Center and the university’s North Campus Research Complex, so students won’t be able to take advantage of the autonomous transport for their extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean.  Read more…

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