Apple adds Earth Day fitness badge to Apple Watch


Just a couple of days after releasing its new NikeLab version of the Apple Watch, Apple is leveraging the device’s reputation as a fitness tool to join in the Earth Day festivities. 

Early Saturday, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a photo of a new special edition achievement badge on the Apple Watch designed to get people outside and active. 

“Get outside, enjoy our planet and complete a 30-minute workout today,” said Cook on Twitter

If you open the Apple Watch-associated Activity app, you’ll now see a badge that comes with a message dedicated to Earth Day.  Read more…

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New documents provide a glimpse into Apple’s self-driving car program


Apple’s secretive self-driving car project just got a little less mysterious. 

The Cupertino-based company was granted a permit by the California DMV to test cars on public roads in April, but the details on just what exactly it had planned were few and far between. We knew the permit applied to three self-driving Lexus RX540h SUVs, but not much more. 

Thanks to documents obtained by Business Insider, we now have a preliminary — emphasis on preliminary — look at how Apple intends to challenge Uber and Google in the race for self-driving dominance.  Read more…

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Nigel Barker breaks down the benefits of inclusive marketing in business


Inclusive marketing is a technique that consumers may not be able to pinpoint, but for many businesses, it’s the secret ingredient behind creating ads that set out to empower people and create confidence amongst consumers.

Inclusive marketing is marketing that doesn’t specifically target one demographic nor does it rely on the traditional stereotypes we set up amongst ourselves and with other people

On the other side of the coin, not all brands utilize inclusive marketing correctly. There have been a handful of brands over the past several months who have tried to take a stab at inclusive marketing, but to their dismay, their message was not received by the masses in the way they had hoped (looking at you, Pepsi). However, when executed correctly, inclusive marketing has the potential to make serious impacts for any business of any size.  Read more…

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This technicolor typeface honors the creator of the LGBTQ pride flag


Rainbows have become synonymous with LGBTQ pride and identity around the globe, thanks to artist and activist Gilbert Baker. He created the rainbow flag in 1978, as a way to represent the vibrancy of the queer community.

Baker died on March 31, but his legacy and vision of the LGBTQ community lives on through a new, creative medium — a rainbow typeface created in his name.

The eye-catching typeface, simply called “Gilbert,” features gently rounded letters with strokes in eight different colors paying tribute to Baker’s rainbow flag. Read more…

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Skrillex tweeted to Elon Musk a video of himself getting handcuffed. Cool!


Sometimes, it’s best just to lay down the facts. 

Skrillex was pulled over by police outside a Pinkberry in Hollywood on Thursday for blasting his own demos too loud in his Tesla and was handcuffed for driving without identification. A fan (who may or may not have been enjoying frozen yogurt) identified him as Sonny Moore to the officer and caught the whole thing on Snapchat, adding a soundtrack of Skillex’s collaboration with A$AP Rocky, “Wild for the Night.” She then tweeted a video of the whole saga. 

Skrillex retweeted the Criterion-collection worthy collection of Snapchats and mentioned Elon Musk in the conversation to compliment Tesla speakers.  Read more…

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Apple wants your applause for a mining goal without a plan


Please clap. 

Apple wants to stop mining for rare Earth metals and other components that help its technologies work. The company announced this through its recently-released 2016 environmental responsibility report, and via a nice little rollout with the help of Vice

Everything Apple builds, they say, will one day be made from recyclable materials such as copper, aluminum, and tin. No more digging up the Earth for cobalt, tantalum, tungsten and other rare earth metals.

But Apple has no public timeline to complete this goal. Lisa Jackson, the company’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, told Vice that company officials are a bit “nervous” because they don’t have a plan, either.  Read more…

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Atlassian co-founder wasn’t about to let this politician ‘troll’ him on TV


You know what they say: Talk sh*t, get proverbially hit.

Co-founder and co-CEO of Australian startup Atlassian had to issue a Twitter-blow to the nation’s immigration minister on Wednesday night, after the politician started running his mouth off.

“Wow…did I just get trolled by a govt minister as being un-Australian?” tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes wrote on Twitter after reading about the comments. And thus began a casual take down.

 On TV program Today, hosts interviewed politician Peter Dutton to discuss the axing (and eventual replacement) of Australia’s 457 program, which allowed skilled migrants to temporarily live and work in Australia. Read more…

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This coding startup trains autistic people to take on the tech industry


People on the autism spectrum are getting the support and skills they need to break into the tech industry. And it’s all thanks to a new program for autistic people, by autistic people.

A new startup called Coding Autism, which launched earlier this month, is developing a school in Los Angeles to teach autistic people coding, web development, and software engineering skills. 

Participants in the program will attend a 15-week, full-time bootcamp to build up their tech talents. The program also includes resume workshops, career counseling, interview preparation, and access to professional mentors. Read more…

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iPhone 8 design leak hints at backside Touch ID, vertical dual cameras


If the Apple rumor mill is heating up, it must mean that a new piece of iPhone information has leaked, in this case the iPhone 8. And this one is a biggie. 

A new schematic drawing for what appears to be the iPhone 8 has appeared online and, based on the visuals, it looks like the rumors of a back-mounted Touch ID button may have been accurate. 

The image was posted by frequent (and reasonably trustworthy) mobile device info leaker Sonny Dickson on Wednesday morning. 

Covered with watermarks that indicate it may have been snagged from Chinese social network QQ, the black and white illustration shows us what is presumably the inside back panel of the upcoming smartphone.  Read more…

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‘We’re close’ —BBG Ventures President Susan Lyne on the future of women-led startups


We’re halfway through the week, and it’s time for a boost of inspiration to keep us going. Our #WednesdayWisdom blog series taps into the minds of industry leaders and disruptive visionaries who are working to build the future of entrepreneurship.

We sat down with Susan Lyne to discuss the evolution of the tech industry, a woman’s buying power, and the challenges women face when pitching male investors. Susan is the President of BBG Ventures, an early stage fund focused on consumer internet and mobile startups with at least one female founder.

What originally sparked your interest in female consumers? Read more…

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Marvel (quietly) at the top eight most beautifully designed libraries


A good book and a beautiful library certainly sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

You can dream on, with these eight libraries recognised in the 2017 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards. Just dream quietly please.

Awarded by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Library Association (ALA), the program encourages and recognises excellence in the architectural design of libraries. 

Projects can be located anywhere around the world, but only those designed by an architect licensed in the U.S. can be submitted in the competition.  Read more…

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All the Details You Need to Order Floral Arrangements from Marian Rivera

We previously told you about how Marian Rivera is adding “florist”to her résumé through Flora Vida: Perennial Blooms by Marian. Now it’s your cue to help out Marian fulfill her dreams as Flora Vida is now on soft opening. Hola! 🌸 Today is the soft opening of Flora Vida. I will be accepting orders from April 18 to […]

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Why Facebook’s AR announcement should excite iPhone fans


Facebook’s big augmented reality announcements at its F8 developer’s conference in California are the clearest sign the next iPhone will have built-in AR hardware.

It’s true, Apple’s interest in and affinity for augmented reality is not news. Ask Apple CEO Tim Cook about virtual reality and he will immediately steer the conversation to the promise of AR.

That’s led many people to assume that the next iPhone, the 10th Anniversary iPhone, will feature a camera with built-in augmented reality capabilities. This seemed like a reasonable assumption, but, to be honest, I was 50-50 on the possibility. Augmented Reality is only marginally less of a curiosity to consumers than virtual reality. Read more…

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These engaging, hyper-visual maps can help us better understand homelessness


A new data project immediately hits you with a simple yet devastating message on its homepage: “The issue of modern homelessness is broad and complex, affecting too many of our neighbors and communities.”

But not all hope is lost. And for the site Understanding Homelessness, that’s the goal — to explore solutions to this intractable problem across the U.S. through compelling data visualizations, maps, and human-centered design.

The project, which is supported by the Massachusetts-based design firm Sasaki, aims to fight stigma surrounding people experiencing homelessness through education and transparency. By compiling various aspects of data into interactive maps, Understanding Homelessness offers an engaging and digestible look at the problem. Read more…

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