30+ Powerful Photos Of Dads In The Delivery Room

“This dad had been emotional from the moment the midwife told his partner it was time to push. He supported her through every second of her painful labor — and two epidurals. There was so much anticipation and lead-up to this moment that when the time came, his emotions utterly overwhelmed him in the most precious and authentic way.


Governments shouldn’t pretend to be startups — no matter what politicians say


The hot new name in tech is France, a centuries-old startup that provides security, healthcare, and education in exchange for taxes. 

Newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that the country needs to “think and move more like a startup” and, presumably, less like a stodgy social democracy.

“When an entrepreneur has too much success, he gets stigmatized and, in general, he gets taxed. This is over!” Macron told a crowd of techies in Paris, according to Reuters. “We will drive through these [sic] transformation without delay.” Read more…

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Here’s Apple’s biggest move yet to take on Netflix and HBO


Apple is taking its Netflix-esque ambitions seriously. 

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The tech giant best known for making and selling iPhones, among other gadgets, has hired two executives from Sony Pictures, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, in an effort to boost its credibility in original programming. 

Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg were top executives at Sony Pictures Television and oversaw some major sucesses including “Breaking Bad.” At Apple, they will serve as co-heads of video programming worldwide, two newly-created positions. That division run by Eddy Cue, senior vice president who oversees iTunes and other services at Apple.  Read more…

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How to Get Rid of the Musty Smell in Your Closet During Rainy Days

When you’re not worrying about your shoes getting wet during a rainfall, you’re probably also stressing out about your drenched clothing. The problem with this season is that 1.) you can’t dry your clothes outside and 2.) you might have to deal with the musty smell right after. Although there are ways to properly dry your clothes […]

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Apple rumored to turn the iPhone into a health care records powerhouse


Apple is focused on health care more than ever before, and if recent rumors hold any weight, the iPhone could become an essential component of your future visits to the doctor’s office.  

The company’s fledgling health care unit reportedly has a team pursuing an ambitious goal: to build a clinical data and record keeping platform for the iPhone. The project aims to create a system that would give every user a unified health profile for easy access to information about every check-up, test result, prescription, and more, essentially putting your entire medical history right in your pocket.      Read more…

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This is the secret to how Apple is making Siri sound more human


The next Siri won’t put the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble.

That’s more or less the promise Apple made during last week’s World Wide Developers Conference Keynote. Demonstrating onstage, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, asked Siri about the weather.  

“Here’s the forecast for the next three days: Sunny, sunny, and sunny,” replied Siri.

Each “sunny” sounded a shade different. Though Federighi declared it “very powerful,” the developer audience didn’t break into wild applause.

Maybe that’s a victory in itself. With the upcoming iOS 11, the now 6-year-old Siri will sound so natural that no one will notice, and by notice I mean those cringe-worthy moments when Siri (or really any voice assistant) attempts to pronounce a name, location, or offer a more natural reply and it sounds like they swallowed a fly mid-sentence. (My personal favorite is when Siri mangles the name of my hometown.) Read more…

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Tim Cook is throwing a jammin’ house party and everyone’s invited (if you have $350)


Get excited, y’all! Apple CEO Tim Cook’s ready for a party guaranteed to “rock the house,” and all you need to do to get an invite is drop $350 on Apple’s new hyped-up HomePod speaker.

Cook is amped about his company’s latest gadget, and he kept singing its praises in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. The Siri-powered speaker is an enigma in the Echo-dominated smart assistant hub market, since Amazon’s speakers emphasize AI utility over sound quality. 

When Cook was asked about the HomePod’s much-ballyhooed price — it’ll cost over $100 more than even Amazon’s upcoming Echo Show, which has a touchscreen — he shrugged off any concerns that consumers will be scared away and fell back on Apple’s greatest hits: Read more…

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All the suitors who might buy Slack and why


One of the world’s richest unicorns may find a new home. 

Slack, the workplace chat system best known for having really good GIF integration, is generating acquisition interest from several companies, including Amazon, Bloomberg reported. The service launched in 2013 and has been adopted all over the world. (Mashable is a Slack customer.)

Slack also gained fame by being one of the most well-funded startups. The company has raised around $540 million total, most recently bringing in $200 million in April 2016. 

But it looks like it may be nixing an initial public offering and going straight for an acquisition. We weighed its options.  Read more…

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Gardening? Wake Your Seeds Up First and Learn How to Layer Your Soil

Ask my workmates and they’ll tell you I was raring to go to the Organic Urban Gardening Workshop of Cedar Hills Garden Center early in the morning. Living in an urban setting should perhaps merit the need to know more about growing plants and nature. We need to find a way to balance out all […]

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Wireless charging is finally coming to the iPhone—or so says one manufacturer


Throw out your cords, ladies and gentlemen, the iPhone is going wireless. 

Or so claims the CEO of iPhone manufacturer Wistron Corp, who noted that the next 5.5-inch iPhone would be both waterproof and set up for wireless charging. 

“Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much,” CEO Robert Hwang told the Nikkei Asian Review, “though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit.” Read more…

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Wahed Invest promises to be the first Sharia-friendly roboadvisor for Muslim millennials


For anyone who wants to start investing for the first time or switch from an old-school system to a roboadvisor, there are a lot of options out there. 

Betterment, Wealthfront, and smart advisors from major banks all let consumers become serious investors and save for retirement without requiring as much money or time as personal financial advisors. But a major group of investors hasn’t been served by these options. 

Wahed Invest wants to be the first roboadvisor to allow American Muslim investors to go digital and at the same time meet Sharia standards for investing.

“While online investing may seem unorthodox to some Muslims across the globe, Muslim millennials in the U.S. have been interested in digital investment services and computer-generated, wealth management advice for some time,” said Wahed CEO Junaid Wahedna in a press release. “To date, they have been forced to use online investment platforms that don’t mirror their beliefs. Wahed offers them a solution to invest online in a way that is both sophisticated and true to their values.”  Read more…

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Apple officially joined the self-driving car race. Here’s a look at the road ahead.


Tim Cook finally acknowledged one of the most poorly kept secrets in the tech industry: Apple is working to develop self-driving car technology.  

Cook’s comments clarified that Apple is working on something in the autonomous space — but that’s it. He gave no more details about the project than what we could infer from the evidence that has been mounting since late last year through document leaks about the “Apple Autonomous System,” regulatory filings, and a reported sighting of a Lexus SUV toting self-driving sensors driving near the company’s offices in California. 

Self-driving car development is one of the hottest trends in both the automotive and tech industries. The biggest companies in the world are busy launching projects, announcing partnerships, and spending massive amounts of money to develop the first viable autonomous platform. Apple was one of the last major names without any public skin in the game, so its official entry, no matter how ambiguous, is a big deal.  Read more…

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