Guy Quits Job To Travel The World While Assuring His Mom He’s Fine, A Year Later He’s Still Doing It!

When Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez quit his job as a business consultant in Brussels, sold his car, and booked a one-way ticket to Cuba in March 2016, it goes without saying that his mom was just a bit worried. Over a year later, the globe trotter has built a brand off that same worry – or rather, his attempt to soothe it – and is still making his way through the world with a simple message to send home: “Mom, I’m fine.”


How Apple’s App Store turned into a scammer’s paradise


Apple’s App Store has a problem.

Shady developers are gaming the App Store’s policies and its search ads to get users to download apps that trick them into paying for subscriptions for scam apps.

While there have long been apps from less reputable developers in the App Store, one developer called attention to just how bad the problem has become in recent months. 

Johnny Lin, a developer who once worked for Apple, published a lengthy Medium post over the weekend detailing how widespread the problem is. The whole post is really worth the read, but the bottom line is this: by buying a few strategically picked search ads and using a bit of SEO, a shady developer can make tens of thousands of dollars off a garbage app by aggressively pushing users to buy subscriptions.  Read more…

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9 Local Home Brands You Should Support

Filipino craftsmanship isn’t just seen on dresses and accessories, many also channel their creativity onto furniture and decor. If international fairs like Salone del Mobile in Milan is any indication, many of these local home brands are worth taking note of. While some home designers and brands haven’t reached the international stage yet, it doesn’t […]

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10 classic apps Apple is killing with iOS 11


The next version of iOS is going to kill a lot of apps. In an effort to modernize and de-clutter its App Store, Apple will officially end support for all apps that haven’t been updated to support the newer 64-bit processors that debuted with the iPhone 5S.

As many as 187,000 apps could vanish when the iOS 11 rolls out along with this change, according to estimates from marketing firm Sensor Tower.) 

And while many of these apps won’t be missed, iPhone fans stand to lose a number of classics that were among the earliest hits the App Store ever saw. Here’s a look at some of the 32-bit apps we’ll miss the most. Read more…

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The next iPhone could already be behind the competition in an important way


We’re still months away from the next iPhone which, by all accounts, will be Apple’s most impressive handset yet.

But there’s one important spec that may be far behind the competition and it could affect the speed of your data connection.

That’s because Apple won’t be using Qualcomm’s newest X16 LTE modems — the ones capable of the ultra-fast 1 gigabit per second connections carriers have been promising us —in the latest iPhone, according to a new report in Bloomberg.

The reason is apparently due to the company’s longstanding reluctance to depend on a single manufacturer for key components of its iPhones. The iPhone 7, for example, used modems from Qualcomm and Intel, and Apple has sourced parts from multiple companies in the past. Read more…

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Cat ‘LEGOS’ For People Who Can’t Get Enough Of Cats

If Lego and animals are among your favorite things in this world, now you can order a playful statue made of ‘Legos’ to liven up even the dullest office space or a living room. Hong-Kong-based company JEKCA offers mini ‘Lego’ sculptures for ‘kidults’ that come around 1.6 ft each – and their variety will surprise even the pickiest of customers.


6 Pieces to Help You Plan Your Next Dinner with the Girls

Hosting dinner parties or wine nights with your girlfriends shouldn’t be a thing of the past. If you have the place and space where your friends can enjoy a meal or a few drinks, start planning your next get together. You’ll be able to spend some time with your friends and have an excuse to […]

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If you have an older iPhone, you might miss out on some of the new AR fun


When Apple teased the latest version of its mobile software platform earlier this week at its WWDC event, it confirmed one of our biggest predictions for the company’s direction going forward: iOS 11 will come with a new focus on augmented reality.

Apple’s making a push to get everyone involved in its AR plans with ARKit, a new platform that will look to give the development community a toolkit to foster the growth of apps focused on the new functionality. 

Thing is, the new AR functions won’t be available on every single Apple device with a screen. iOS 11 won’t be supported by iPhone 5 and below, so anyone still holding on to their 2012 tech won’t be upgrading their five year old phone anyway. But according to the ARKit developers page, even some devices that can handle the upgrade to 11 could still be left out in the lurch, stuck in just our standard version of reality.   Read more…

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iPhone owners might finally be able to drag and drop with iOS 11


When Apple unveiled iOS 11 earlier this week on the WWDC stage, one of our most thirsted-after features appeared to be simultaneously confirmed and debunked, depending on your device of choice. 

Speculation was rampant about the introduction of a new drag and drop file management feature right before the conference after a developer running an iOS 10 beta spotted the new category. 

When Apple exec and painful dad-joke enthusiast Craig Federighi took the stage to show off iOS 11’s new bells and whistles, he did cover drag and drop extensively — complete with an awkward stab at humor by calling the demo a “drag fest” — but only showed off the feature as part of the iPad’s split view functionality. It appeared that our drag and drop dreams for the iPhone were dashed.      Read more…

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You can draw electrical wires with this cheap conductive paint


Bare Conductive is small studio in London that makes conductive viscous black paint. It’s carbon-based, which makes it quite affordable to experiment with.

The studio has seen a growing community use its paint to make a variety of surfaces come to life. Their favorite? An artist used it to turn his paintings into musical instruments. Read more…

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