Tech people: if you want other people to pump your gas so badly, move to New Jersey


Life is better in New Jersey, where pumping your own gas is illegal and you relax in your car while you visit the gas station. 

Booster, a startup that just raised $20 million to pump your gas for you, at first sounds like it’s trying to bring the Garden State/Oregon life of gas station leisure to the rest of the country—but it isn’t exactly that. The startup sends gas trucks to office parking lots, college campuses, suburbs, and anywhere else with a high-density population of parked cars to fill up your tank for you while you’re inside. All you have to do is download the Booster app, schedule a fill-up, and make sure to leave your gas tank open.  Read more…

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This VC firm just made its 50th investment in underrepresented founders


Backstage Capital launched with a mission: to support underrepresented founders and to invest in 100 of them by 2020. 

Almost two years after getting off the ground, the venture firm is halfway to that goal. Last week, Backstage Capital invested in its 50th company, adding to a roster of portfolio companies nearly all from traditionally underrepresented founders. 

The milestone is significant for the firm, but also for venture capital as a whole. The firm is one of few out there that uses its money—about $5 million in two funds—to make diversity its top priority. While other firms tout their diversity numbers, they’re not explicitly pushing to diversify tech with every investment.  Read more…

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Damn, Apple’s earnings are on fire


It’s hard to really capture Apple’s dominance.

But here’s one way: Apple’s earnings on Tuesday were good enough to send its stock up 4 percent in after-hours trading. That’s a jump of about $37 billion in value—or how much Snapchat plus Twitter are worth combined with $10 billion left over.

Apple shares add 4.7% after hours, which translates to, ya know, $37 billion of stock-market value created$AAPL

— Nate Becker (@natebecker) August 1, 2017

This is an imperfect comparison, but it goes to show: Apple is gigantic. 

Oh, and then there’s the cash. Its now-infamous stockpile grew once again, topping out at $261 billion. That’s $261 billion just hanging around (in various forms). Apple could buy any number of major U.S. companies without even thinking about it—which makes Apple Music’s slog of a show Planet of the Apps all the more unacceptable. Read more…

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How to Treat Yourself Right with Home Decor

Many of my friends are giving their respective homes and rooms updates to make it feel more like who they are now. Long gone are the boy band and movie posters. It’s slowly being replaced by Instagram-worthy pieces that suggest some calm over the chaos. It’s done through a little re-arrangement and lots of decluttering. […]

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Ouch! A former Google exec just dissed Android photography big time


Android phones might have larger screens, bigger batteries, and headphone jacks, but there’s one thing the iPhone has going for it that’s consistent every year: better cameras.

It’s not just Apple fans that thinks so, either. In a post shared on Facebook, ex-Google SVP of Social Vic Gundotra declared the iPhone 7 Plus’s photos taken with its Portrait mode “stunning” and the “end of the DSLR for most people.” He then blamed Android’s open source design for its photography shortcomings. Ouch.

The iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait mode is really impressive — the dual cameras and image signal processor crunch billions of computations on each photo where the “depth effect” is applied — but Android phones like the Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel have caught up in other ways. Hell, the OnePlus 5 even apes the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual cameras and Portrait mode. Read more…

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Add Color to Your Office Desk with Pastel Journals and Highlighters

One thing I look forward to whenever I go to the mall are new stationery items even though I still have a lot of unused items. (I know, it’s called hoarding.) They’re so hard to resist especially when they come in nice colors. One popular color palette most stationery brands seem to adapt is the […]

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Apple removes all VPN apps from China App Store, report


In a move sure to put Apple’s ongoing activities in China under a more intense international microscope, a number of foreign-made VPN software apps have been removed from China’s app store, according to a report from The New York Times. 

The report cites several VPN makers, including ExpressVPN and Star VPN, after the two companies posted public messages revealing that Apple sent them letters notifying them of their removal from the China app store. 

“We received notification from Apple today, July 29, 2017, at roughly 04:00 GMT, that the ExpressVPN iOS app was removed from the China App Store,” stated ExpressVPN on its website. “Our preliminary research indicates that all major VPN apps for iOS have been removed.” Read more…

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The fastest and easiest way to share GIFs to Instagram on iPhone and Android


Sharing photos and videos to Instagram is a no-brainer. But sharing GIFs? That requires a little more work.

The first thing you need to know about sharing GIFs to Instagram is that you’re not really sharing a GIF after it’s all said and done. 

What I mean is, the GIF you want to share basically needs to be converted into a video file. More specifically, an MP4 video file.

Yeah, it’s a little bit of a pain in the ass to convert the files, but hey, if you want to grow your meme-based Insta to even come close to @fuckjerry, you’re gonna need to put in the hard work.  Read more…

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Badass all-electric truck is a step ahead of Tesla


If you want to join the electric vehicle revolution but you’re not willing to downsize from your rugged SUV or pickup truck, your dream ride may have just arrived. 

Bollinger Motors, an independent EV startup based in upstate New York, just unveiled its first (and only) vehicle: the B1. The company claims the B1 is the world’s first all-electric, all-wheel drive sport utility truck, finally adding some grit and muscle to the EV scene.  

The truck looks like a cross between a Jeep and an OG Hummer, stripped down of any frills for a life of hard labor. The B1 has a sparse interior style and convertible setup, so you can remove the cab and doors for any job or off-road joyride imaginable. Read more…

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New Zealand is luring the world’s tech talent over by flying them there for free


When people think of moving to New Zealand, they think of pretty images of lush greenery and snow-capped mountains. And then there’s the draw of great work-life balance — and shelter from an apocalypse, no less.

But to build itself into a technology hub, it needs the specialised workforce. 

Wellington, the country’s capital with a population just under 500,000, is working on that by offering 100 tech workers a free week-long trip to the city, under its LookSee Wellington programme.

The unconventional marketing plan will fly you out, if you agree to pre-arranged job interviews with companies in the area.  Read more…

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Apple granted FCC license to test 5G wireless technology


The FCC has officially granted Apple approval to begin testing experimental 5G technology, according to  DSLR Reports

The iPhone maker now has permission to begin using something called “short-range millimeter wave spectrum” at two locations in California. The technology could be used in next-generation broadband, also known as 5G.

Apple applied for the license back in May, with few details about its plans or objectives other than a goal that the tests would range from the 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands. The company’s hope is that the results “will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers’ future 5G networks.”  Read more…

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These period-friendly boxers help trans men look good and feel good


Pads and pantyliners were designed to fit perfectly in feminine underwear. After all, women are the only people to get periods, right?

Wrong. Transgender men and masculine-presenting people menstruate, too. But traditional boxers aren’t designed to securely hold period products.

To solve this issue, a new company created an innovative and gender-affirming solution: menstruation-friendly boxers.

The company, called Pyramid Seven, hopes to include transgender men and gender-nonconforming people in the conversation around menstruation through its inclusive designs. The company’s comfortable and stylish boxer briefs were created with an extra panel to help support period products. Read more…

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New leaked image is the best sign yet that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging


The upcoming deluxe iPhone 8 is slated to be the first phone made by Apple to include wireless charging — but up until now, we’ve had only analyst theories and supply chain rumors to cite for our projections.    

Slashleaks recently shared an image that appears to show off a component that could provide the power for Apple’s wire-free debut, giving us a new sign that the rumors could be true. The device’s charging coil, along with other features visible in the photo, are clearly meant to be used for the inductive charging expected with the future phones for wireless charging.  

The module is supposedly made for the iPhone, although it’s unclear whether it will be included inside the phone’s interior or a separate, external charging pad, since it appears to fit within the expected dimensions for the device, as AppleInsider noted.  Read more…

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This startup wants to help you claim every last dollar of financial aid


Applying to college is hard enough without the even trickier minefield of financial aid. The basic government form, the dreaded FAFSA, asks for information high-school students might not know about their families’ financial lives. Even parents filling financial aid forms out on their children’s behalf can get discouraged and abandon the process partway through. 

That’s where a new startup called Frank comes in. The company will get you a basic financial aid estimate through its website within minutes and then negotiate your financial aid offer to make sure you’re getting every last dollar of federal, state, and institutional financial aid.  Read more…

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