CBS renews ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ for a second season

star trek discovery CBS seems to be happy with its bet on a new Star Trek series — the network just announced that it’s renewing Star Trek: Discovery for a second season. Discovery premiered on CBS, but subsequent episodes aired on the paid streaming service CBS All Access. The network says this led to a record — though unspecified — number of sign-ups. (Along with The Good Fight, a… Read More


How Celebrity Couples With Big Age Gaps Make It Work

We’re always on the lookout for celebrity news, especially when it comes to couples. Aside from the happy moments like weddings and engagements, people also react to those with big age gaps. When the woman is older, she’s seen as a cougar while if the man is older, they find it creepy. There may be […]

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Fallacy of Diversification: How Investors Can Get Hurt from Diversifying Too Much

Any fledgling investors would know that a good portfolio should consist of a well-diversified set of investments. However, not many are very clear about just what level of diversification is sufficient to reduce the risk inherent in their portfolios. In fact, many people believe that more is always better. If you are one of these people, you may be surprised to hear that over-diversification actually be harmful to your returns. Here, we discuss a few academic works of literature on the effectiveness of diversification, as well as how this translates to real life investing practice. What Scholars Say on Diversification Historically, both the practitioners and the academics have long believed that it’s sufficient to hold only a small number of stocks to be diversified. For instance, Evans and Archer (1968) calculated that 90% of diversification benefit came from just 16 stocks, and 95% of benefit could be captured by just 30 stocks. Similarly, another study by Campbell, Lettau, Malkiel, and Xu (2001) argued that an investor needs about 50 stocks to sufficiently diversify their portfolios, the increase from 15-30 to 50 being attributed to the increased volatility of individual stocks. However, a new study in 2007 by Domian, Louton and Racine claimed that even 100 stocks

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 premiere explains that Old Rick time-jump, kind of


This recap contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8, episode 1, titled “Mercy.”

The title for The Walking Dead‘s Season 8 premiere couldn’t be more appropriate; after last season saw our heroes being continually outwitted and oppressed by Negan and his brutal Saviors, this opening hour showed our characters and the audience some mercy, with the forces of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom banding together to fight back against the bat-wielding bully. 

The triumphant tone of the premiere fulfilled the promise of the Season 7 finale and leveled the playing field between Rick’s posse and the bad guys; ending with the Saviors’ base being overrun with walkers and leaving two unlikely characters — Negan and Father Gabriel — trapped in a trailer with no obvious way out. While you might expect Negan to want to kill the preacher outright (or at least use him as a human shield), it sounds like there’ll be a little more to their storyline in coming episodes. Read more…

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You can no longer buy a 256GB iPhone 7 from Apple, giving the iPhone 8 a leg up


Apple made a few major changes to its iPhone lineup last month, but you probably missed one.

There were the major announcements — an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X coming this fall — but the company also revised its iPhone 7 offerings. It no longer sells a 256GB iPhone 7, previously the largest capacity, leaving consumers with three options: 32GB, 128GB, or the 256GB iPhone 8.

According to archived websites accessed via the Wayback Machine, Apple stopped selling the 256GB model on September 12, the same day it unveiled the iPhone 8. We also talked to an Apple customer service rep, who confirmed that the company no longer directly offers a 256GB iPhone 7. A spokesperson for the company didn’t respond to our request for comment.  Read more…

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Billie Lourd Celebrated Carrie Fisher’s Birthday in the Best Way

It was Carrie Fisher’s birthday yesterday (Philippine time), and everyone has been paying tribute to the late actress in their own ways. This includes sharing photos of Princess Leia, their favorite quotes, and that time she gifted a cow tongue to a friend’s abuser. But the best ones, of course, came from her daughter Billie Lourd […]

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What To Do After A Terminal Diagnosis In Hong Kong

What To Do After A Terminal Diagnosis In Hong Kong Being given a terminal diagnosis is one of the most devastating and depressing news that you can hear. Although death is a certainty for all of us, nobody wants to know that they only have a specific time frame before they pass away. And death through a sickness is also something else. Most of the time, it involves a painful journey as our physical body slowly gets weak. According to the data published on CKH.com, 1 out of 3 deaths in Hong Kong is caused by cancer. This amounts to 10,000 people each year. The data revealed that this is both physically and mentally painful for the one diagnosed – and those around them. It is not something that one can easily accept. However, that is the reality of life. We sometimes abuse our bodies and fate has a way of getting back at us for our irresponsible lifestyle. Of course, you are probably not in the mood to play the blame game. As you are trying to wrap your head around being given a terminal diagnosis, you need to take your eyes off your plight and start thinking about

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Bille Lourd posts a touching tribute on Carrie Fisher’s birthday


Saturday marks Carrie Fisher’s first birthday since her death last December. The Star Wars star would have turned 61 on Oct. 21. 

It’s a sad day, but Fisher’s family, friends, and fans are making the milestone a little less bittersweet with tributes to the actor and author. 

“You can be sure that Billie and I will have a moment in reflection on Carrie’s day,” Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, told E! News about his plans with Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd. 

Lourd posted a touching tribute to her mom on Instagram.  Read more…

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On Kissing Retail Therapy Goodbye and Giving Self-Care a Shot

Here at Preen, we’re fully aware that adult life doesn’t always go as smoothly (and look as beautiful) as curated Instagram feeds. We all face challenges amidst all the good things. Meet Mikka Wee, a former food editor-turned-working gal in Singapore, who’s about to share all the ups and downs that come with adulting. Welcome to […]

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Why You Should Never Borrow from Unauthorized Lenders

Unauthorized moneylenders are always looking for people who are in a crunch for cash. It seems they are even on Whatsapp pretending to be licensed moneylenders, ready to give you a loan when you need it to pay your bills. Given that they can charge exorbitant interest rates and abuse the borrowers into repaying their funds, it’s no surprise they are so eager to find their next victims. However, it is when you are the most desperate for money that you should exercise the most caution. Taking a loan from an unauthorized moneylender can be a deal with the devil that can ruin your life in many different ways. Here, we discuss a few pieces of evidence on why unauthorized lenders are still real threats to consumers in Singapore, and what alternatives they can use when they really need cash quickly. Yes, unlicensed moneylenders will still harass you The Singaporean government and its police force have done an amazing job reducing the activities of UMLs in recent years. After hitting its peak in 2009, UML related harassment cases have dropped by 80% to 3,375 per year in 2016, thanks to the law enforcement’s heavy crackdown. However, the recent arrests of loan sharks in Bedok

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Will Ferrell stars in PSA campaign to remind you to put your phone away


Will Ferrell is here to remind you that technology can be terrible.  

A new PSA campaign, produced by Common Sense Media, features the Emmy-winning comedic actor being unable to put down his phone and making his family’s attempt at “device-free dinner” incredibly awkward. 

The campaign was released in tandem with the San-Francisco-based nonprofit’s most recent media use census

The report found that that children 8 years old and under spend a whopping 48 minutes a day staring at a mobile screen. It also found that 42 percent of children now own their own tablets.  Read more…

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Apple makes an unexpected deal to improve cell service in Puerto Rico


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Apple is already being sued over one of the iPhone X’s features


The iPhone X isn’t even out yet and Apple is already being sued over one of its biggest features.

A developer is suing Apple for copyright infringement, alleging that Apple stole the “Animoji” name from the developer’s app of the same name.

“This is a textbook case of willful, deliberate trademark infringement,” reads the complaint, which was flied in federal court in San Francisco Wednesday.

The Animoji app, which has been in the App Store since 2014, allows people to send animated texts to friends via iMessage and other messaging apps. In the suit, Emonster kk, the Japanese company behind the app, alleges that Apple was fully aware of its app and the name, which is trademarked. Read more…

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