Aronofsky’s ‘mother!’ and the psychological horror of women’s domesticity


Warning: Spoilers for mother! ahead.

mother! isn’t just the name of the most WTF movie in theaters right now — it’s also what critics are cursing under their breath (followed by a modifier rhyming with “trucker”) trying to understand what the hell Darren Aronofsky’s even saying with his latest film.

The most popular theories suggest:

– It’s actually just a biblical allegory

– It’s just a meditation on the relationship between artist and muse! 

– It’s actually a cautionary tale against climate change! 

– It’s actually just a shitty movie! 

– It’s actually just pop culture’s most intense Rorschach test! Read more…

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Apple admits Apple Watch LTE glitch, but is there really a problem?


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PSA: Anyone can record and save your snaps forever on iOS 11


Creepers will have a field day with iOS 11, the just-launched update for iPhone and iPad that includes a brand new “screen recording” feature.

Yeah, that means exactly what you think it does. Pop that recorder open, and you can easily save a video of any “disappearing” Snapchat or Instagram Story. (Not that you’d be so devious, of course.) It’s a reminder that, online, everything’s written in Sharpie, even if a service markets itself otherwise.

How it works

The screen recording feature comes packaged with the free iOS 11 update, though you need to tweak something in your Settings if you want it to appear in your Control Center. Read more…

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Devastating footage shows Puerto Rico getting slammed by Hurricane Maria


Hurricane Maria — the intense Category 4 storm that’s reached peak winds of 175 miles — made landfall in Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

As the storm makes its way across the island, dramatic videos and photographs show the destruction Maria is leaving in its path.

From surge flooding to vicious waves and fierce winds, here’s a look at the hurricane slamming the grounds of Puerto Rico.

This is what it looks like in San Juan as Maria makes landfall near southeast coastal town of Yabucoa at 6:15 am EST with winds of 155mph pic.twitter.com/yxqmuagK9J

— Dánica Coto (@danicacoto) September 20, 2017 Read more…

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I Created A Lego CV To Stand Out From Other Resumes

Applying for jobs is a boring process that involves mountains of paperwork. This is not only tedious for the applicant, who must fill out each and every sheet while ensuring that everything looks aesthetically appealing, but can also bore the employer, who must sort through each applicant and their paperwork. Because of the tedium, standing out and creating a fresh spin on resumes and CVs has become popular.


10 Years and Counting, What Reality TV’s Favorite Family Has Achieved So Far

How do you #KeepItKardashian? The tenth season of the (insert your chosen adjective here: controversial, mundane, life-changing, aggravating) Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming this weekend. The teaser dropped today and it’s as extra as your check-out cart at Sephora. Deny it, love it, hate it, sing songs about it, the entertainment world has […]

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Alicia Vikander’s neck looks just fine in the first ‘Tomb Raider’ trailer


Lara Croft is back — and hey, her neck seems pretty normal!

In this first trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider film, Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl, Ex Machina) takes on the video game heroine’s role as she explores her father’s disappearance on a sinister island. (And, this being a Hollywood action-adventure blockbuster, of course “the fate of humanity something-something” is a part of it.

This is the first on-screen Tomb Raider adventure since 2003’s The Cradle of Life, sequel to the 2001 Tomb Raider film starring Angelina Jolie. The film is directed by Roar Uthaug with a script from Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Toby Gard. Read more…

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How to use the one-handed keyboard in iOS 11



Apple’s new iOS 11 update allows users to select and type with one-handed keyboards — which allows you to more conveniently use your thumb to type when only one hand is available. 

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open up your iPhone keyboard in the Notes or Messenger apps.

2. Press down and hold the emoji button (located in the bottom left of the standard keyboard).

3. Three keyboard options will appear in the settings: Left-handed, standard, and right-handed. Select what works best.

4. Once a one-handed keyboard is selected, a “chevron” sign will appear on the side of the keyboard. Selecting that will allow you to return to normal (aka standard) keyboard settings.  Read more…

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RazerPay vs NETS isn’t the right debate. Encouraging Innovation and Innovators to Step Up is.

There is no doubt a unified e-Payment system is the way of the future; its benefits for Singaporeans are unquestionable. The objective has always been to enable Singapore to be a cashless society whether through Nets, PayNow, RazerPay or GrabPay or other contenders. The recent RazerPay proposal appears to have brought hordes of critics out from the woods. While many have praised Min-Liang Tan (Min), CEO of Razer, as an innovator who’s willing to step up to the challenge, the proposal and Min himself have been heavily criticised. As a founder, this sort of response is discouraging and makes me question the type of environment we are fostering (or not) in Singapore. I’m not here to defend the RazerPay proposal. I am here to urge everyone to look beyond the proposal and the message we send. NETS Payment system. Credit: RWS Here are some of the shortcomings highlighted: (To be clear, I agree with some of them.)    What value does RazerPay bring to the e-Payments industry?    How does RazerPay measure technically?    How successful can RazerPay be? Isn’t it just another wallet?    Aren’t there better alternatives? Especially NETS since they are already dominant?     The RazerPay proposal

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See How Police Get False Confessions In These Crime Documentaries

Are you looking for something to binge-watch on Netflix this week? Try watching some crime documentaries. There are many documentaries to choose from so we’ve narrowed it down to five. They range from full-length movies to ones that break it down to a series of episodes. These documentaries cover different cases from murder to false […]

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10 Start-up Tips From Female Entrepreneurs

Do not get too hung up on the idea that starting on your own to do what you love means “you do not have to work a day”. Passion for what you do only goes as far as motivating you to keep on trying and striving to achieve your goals despite the many challenges and difficulties that are sure to come. No need to stress yourself about always making the cut, though; even successful entrepreneurs of today had experiences of failure in the past. After all, what defines a great entrepreneur is not only her willingness to work hard but also her perseverance and determination in overcoming the challenges. We have gathered for you the best start-up tips from female entrepreneurs for all you ladies planning to be the boss of you. Think big, but not without a corresponding plan that is feasible. You already got a lot of advice in the past, but remember that sometimes, they are simply too good to be true. One of them is the advice that you should “aim high”. While it is important for a booming business to have a unique, big idea as a foundation, you should also think of whether or

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Ellen DeGeneres declares support for marriage equality in Australia in the sweetest way


Australia’s marriage equality debate has sparked the attention of celebrities and major companies worldwide, including Ellen DeGeneres.

Australians are currently in the midst of a non-binding, non-compulsory nationwide survey asking the question: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” Parliament can make the change now, but before it does, it’s taking the country’s temperature on the matter. 

Declaring her support for the ‘Yes’ vote to her casual 73.5 million Twitter followers, the dance-happy comedian posted a very sweet message on Monday, featuring her wife of nine years, Australian-American actor Portia de Rossi.  Read more…

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