Actress drafts a list of 14 things men have to do to become “decent” and everybody goes bonkers

Canadian host and producer Nicole Stamp has shared a thought-provoking Facebook post with a list of 14 things that, according to her, we human male specimens should start doing in … Read more

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Comparison Of Halloween Costume Rental In Singapore

It is that time of the year again where you get to look for Halloween costume rental in Singapore. It is the season to go crazy and don your best and spookiest attire. You start to think how you can transform yourself from head to toe as you attend some of the best Halloween parties in and around town. You compare notes with friends to even start to plan it with friends and get to dress up as your favorite scary characters. There are a number of activities and events to choose from once Halloween starts to come by in Singapore. To start off, one of the most popular Halloween attraction in Singapore this time of the year is Universal Studios Singapore event. It is arguably one of the best places to be at this time of the year as they offer their latest installment on the Halloween Horror Nights series. From the discounts given during Halloween Horror Nights 6, the seventh installment this year promises to be even better as the park transforms with the help of several haunted houses in the area. They are also set to bring in a lot of talented actors to make the Halloween

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It took Harvey Weinstein to bring down Amazon’s Roy Price. That’s just sad.


Amazon Studios is no hero for pushing out its chief, Roy Price, after he was accused of sexually harassing a producer. It’s still a villain in this tale, clearly seeking goodwill for doing the right thing, when it only punished Price after being scalded by the spotlight of public ire. 

Yes, Amazon Studios quickly put Price on a leave of absence, which eventually led to his resignation Thursday, after The Man in the High Castle producer Isa Hackett went on record with The Hollywood Reporter about the time he told her “you will love my dick” in a cab and later that night shouted “anal sex” in her ear at a San Diego Comic-Con party. Read more…

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The iPhone 8 is reportedly selling worse than the iPhone 7. Wait, what?


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{“player”:{“description”:”Come for the glass back, stay for the A11 Bionic chip and wireless charging.”,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/MUrWdNsCY_QrPthLgwL2HkPtasU=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2017%2F9%2Ffbdfe2e5-39ae-5519%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”jmnr8rOo1R”,”preload”:false,”title”:”The iPhone 8 is excellent, but not for everyone”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/fbdfe2e5-39ae-5519/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/fbdfe2e5-39ae-5519/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/fbdfe2e5-39ae-5519/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/fbdfe2e5-39ae-5519/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/fbdfe2e5-39ae-5519/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:jmnr8rOo1R/embed/?player=offsite&utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Apple-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Apple-Partial”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/09/19/apple-iphone-8-and-iphone-8-plus-review/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Apple-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Apple-Partial”,”date”:”2017-09-19T11:00:00.000Z”,”bp_id”:57144,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,apple,iphone,smartphone,highlights,smartphones,reviews,review,mashable choice,iphone 8,iphone 8 plus”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,apple,iphone,smartphone,highlights,smartphones,reviews,review,mashable choice,iphone 8,iphone 8 plus”,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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Mari Jasmine’s Comments Section Is Filled With Book Suggestions For Long Flights

As much as I am scared of heights and flying, I always wanted to experience reading during long flights. Amid the busy days, it’s like that’s the only time I’ll ever find time to pick up a book without worrying about anything. Aside from my fear, of course. This wonder increased when Mari Jasmine posted […]

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Why You Should Avoid the Monthly Minimum Credit Card Payment Trap

One of the biggest myths prevailing in credit card usage is that minimum monthly payments are designed to help consumers get rid of their balance in a timely fashion. However, as we are about to demonstrate for you below, such a statement cannot be farther away from the truth. In fact, making only the minimum payments on your credit card bill can cause your interest charges to skyrocket, inflating the total cost of your credit card debt. According to Value Penguin’s calculation, making only the minimum payment requirement every month on a credit card balance of S$10,000 can take you 21 years to pay down your entire balance. We based our calculation on two things. First, the average APR of credit cards is around 25%. Then, to obtain the time it takes to pay off a balance of S$10,000, we modeled credit card debt payback by using a method that most banks use to set their monthly minimum card payment: 3% of the remaining balance or S$50, whichever is greater. Each month, a consumer reduces the balance by the minimum payment amount, which is offset by some increase in balance from interest charges. Because your payments are based on the percentage of your

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Erykah Badu Talks Politics and Letting Go In Her Manila Concert

If you were lucky enough to catch Erykah Badu’s concert last Saturday, you understand how surreal it is to see her perform live. The queen of neo-soul is everything you want her to be and more. She serenaded the audience with songs they love like “Bag Lady,” “Love Of My Life,” and “Appletree” while the […]

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Australia launches a world-first national reporting tool for revenge porn


Taking steps to reporting and removing revenge porn, a.k.a image-based abuse, can be arduous, both emotionally and regarding the amount of steps required to get it done.

Australia’s government is aiming to make the process simpler, with the launch of a national portal for reporting instances of image-based abuse.

The portal will allow victims to report revenge porn online, and provide immediate access to support that had been previously been unavailable, according to a statement. A pilot phase will examine the complexity and the volume of the reports before the portal officially launches early next year. Read more…

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This ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 casting just debunked one of our favorite theories


The Golden Company is coming to Game of Thrones in Season 8, and now we know who’s leading it — and who isn’t. 

Cersei ominously namedropped the infamous sellswords in the Season 7 finale while telling Jaime about her evil scheme to defeat Daenerys and Jon — having tricked everyone into thinking Euron Greyjoy had abandoned her and run back to the Iron Islands when in reality, he was jetting off to Essos to hire some mercenaries to beef up the Lannister ranks.

We’ve previously discussed how the Golden Company could end up working in Dany’s favor instead of Cersei’s in the final season, but a new piece of casting news throws a slight wrench into our theory. Read more…

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Apple has finally shipped the first batch of iPhone X devices from China, says report


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{“player”:{“description”:”Dreams really do come true.”,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/6mxublACYozB-MgXQfULPiueVFo=/https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fuploads%2Fvideo_uploaders%2Fdistribution_thumb%2Fimage%2F81674%2Fce8df591-585b-4d93-9c40-2a9a818d4226.jpg”,”mediaid”:”OBlPzZ20Xe”,”preload”:false,”title”:”The iPhone X is here—and we are drooling”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/4fb51812-b280-f85a/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/4fb51812-b280-f85a/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/4fb51812-b280-f85a/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/4fb51812-b280-f85a/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/4fb51812-b280-f85a/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:OBlPzZ20Xe/embed/?player=offsite&utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/09/13/iphone-x-prices-europe/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”date”:”2017-09-13T09:04:04.769Z”,”bp_id”:56742,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,apple,iphone,technology,smartphone,mashable-video,apple event,wireless charging,augmented reality,facial recognition,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,real time video,iphone x,apple event 2017″,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,apple,iphone,technology,smartphone,mashable-video,apple event,wireless charging,augmented reality,facial recognition,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,real time video,iphone x,apple event 2017″,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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If you want to grow your business, start by increasing your social media following


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You’ve seen the job listings: “we’re looking for a social media rockstar…“ 

Social media is driving huge amounts of revenue for companies across industries, and the job market is reflecting that value. This Social Media Rockstar Bundle is one way to learn the skills that check recruiters’ boxes, so you can be that rockstar and land an awesome job in social media.

Here’s a breakdown of the included courses: 

The Ultimate YouTube Diva Course: Get Paid to Make Videos Read more…

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Baby Archie Burnand Might Make His First TV Appearance on ‘It Girls Besties’

It’s almost a year since the first season of It Girls premiered. In a week, we’re going to see the lives of BFFs Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson on It Girls Besties. Not just that, the trailer reveals that Jess Wilson, Martine Cajucom, Arthur Burnand, and Nico Bolzico are also in the show. A post shared by Solenn Heussaff […]

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