Innovative weed pipe has a built-in cereal bowl. Whhhaaaaa?


Smoking weed and eating cereal go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not do both at the same time?

Cannabis technology has boomed since recent legalization, but among the various
THC extraction processes and fancy vapes, there is a new bowl that can do something all others can’t: hold food like a food bowl.

Yes, some genius decided to combine a glass weed pipe, commonly called a bowl, with a food bowl, creating a very important mythical stoner invention. Here you have it: the Breakfast Bowl Wake ‘n’ Bake Pipe.

The pipe has been somewhat of an internet legend for many years, but wasn’t actually available to purchase anywhere, so creator Ryan Hart decided to make his own and sell it to the world for $89Read more…

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Can Politics and Fashion Find the Right Fit?

When singer Miley Cyrus got into an Instagram feud with designer Stefanno Gabbana over Melania Trump, a long-time problem in fashion found an uncomfortable spotlight. But first, you can read that sentence one more time, because it is indeed peak 2017. It could only be topped when Raury held his one-man protest against Donald Trump […]

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AirAsia X flight shook like a ‘washing machine’ following mid-air problem


An AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back on Sunday, after a mid-air technical issue left the plane’s cabin shaking like a “washing machine.”

Flight D7237 with 359 passengers onboard left Perth at 6:50 a.m. local time, then returned to Perth by 10 a.m., after what reportedly seemed to be a problem with an engine.

“I heard a loud explosion I think on the left-side engine,” passenger Tzeyau Chung told ABC News.

“After the explosion it started to shake, it started to bounce, but overall the captain did a very good job. Of course we were a bit worried but at the end of the day … we safely landed. I think that is the most important thing.” Read more…

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Ivanka Trump, Being ‘Important’ Won’t Save You From Aquazzura’s Lawsuit

Ivanka Trump isn’t getting away with copying shoe designs from Aquazzura just yet. A judge has ordered for her to testify on whether her namesake fashion label ripped off designs from the brand. Last year, Aquazzura filed a lawsuit against Ivanka’s company for copying several shoe designs such as their Wild Thing Shoe, Forever Marilyn Shoe, and […]

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‘Westworld’ star James Marsden gives us a peek at Season 2 gunslinging


The next season of Westworld is still a long ways away, but that doesn’t mean the cast isn’t hard at work putting together the next installment of robots vs. humans drama. 

We got our first sort-of-peek at Westworld Season 2 on Friday thanks to show regular James Marsden. The actor, who plays one of the pivotal robot characters on Westworld, took to Instagram to show off some of his gunslinging skills. 

Westworld quick draw training! 🤠 @hbo #Westworld #season2

A post shared by James Marsden (@james_marsden) on Jun 22, 2017 at 4:52pm PDT Read more…

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Take Style Notes From ‘Goblin’ Star Kim Go-Eun

Let’s pause from the usual local and Hollywood fashion inspos for a bit. With the popularity of K-dramas recently, it’s time to turn our attention to a favorite among fans: Kim Go-Eun. Go-Eun, well-known for her lead role as Ji Eun-Tak in Goblin, is known for her practical and comfortable style. Korea Boo also notes that […]

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Tesla may launch its own music streaming service because, well, why not


Why dip your toes into the plebeian pool of music streaming services when you can have your own private aural sauna?

That appears to be the question Tesla is asking, with reports suggesting the electric car company is exploring launching a music streaming service for its vehicles. That’s right, it looks like Tesla just might fancy its customers a bit too hifalutin’ for the likes of Spotify or Apple Music. 

The details, as reported by Recode, are light. Even so, they’re enough to send a jolt of excitement through every Tesla fanboy already growing weary of the Insane button and Bioweapon Defense Mode. Here’s the deal: Tesla is allegedly chatting with all the major music labels about a proprietary music streaming service for its cars.  Read more…

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Accessorize and Take Photos with This New Stylish Instant Camera

Living the millennial lifestyle is not easy and one of them is having the need to document everything that we do. Is it because of nostalgia? I don’t really know. What I do know is that with that need comes a rise in gadget options. How do you decide on your next camera purchase? Michael […]

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If Rihanna Says Embellished Shoes Are In, We Have No Choice But to Follow

Today, we got confirmation that Rihanna’s final collab with Manolo Blahnik is dropping in stores and online on July 6. Entitled So Stoned, the collection features shoes embellished with jewels and lucite buckles. Of course. Do you really expect anything less from Rih for her third collection for the legendary shoe label? #RihannaXManolo The #SoSTONED […]

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Adorable little dog was reportedly saved by mouth-to-nose resuscitation


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who knows doggy CPR, so when man’s best friend is in trouble, improvisation is key.

Glenn Rowe, a farmer from Wimmera in Australia, claimed he saved the life of his kelpie Jack when the dog was lifeless after accidentally strangling himself on a lead attached to a quad bike.

“I thought crikey, he’s not looking too good, he was all glassy eyed — yeah, he was cactus,” Rowe told radio station 3AW.

Rowe leapt into action by giving the dog a bit of improvised CPR. The farmer pumped him on the chest, which wasn’t effective. So then he started blowing into his nose. Read more…

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Long Forgotten Trends Make a Comeback

We know fashion comes and goes and lately we also realized that long forgotten styles can resurface on the runway and be interpreted in a whole new different way. While some of the designs can be “been there, done that,” our favorite designers pushed boundaries by twisting styling techniques and predicting what the next fashion-based […]

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Friendly koala walks into a restaurant full of diners like it’s NBD


It’s not always like this in Australia, but a koala walking into a restaurant is definitely something that could only happen Down Under.

As one did at Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ in suburban Adelaide on Monday night, according to The Advertiser

The very chill koala wandered in from the carpark into the restaurant, where bemused patrons couldn’t help but snap photos. Xenia Ioannou, who dubbed the koala “Jeffrey,” filmed the moment and posted it on Facebook. 

“Some people were shocked, some just carried on eating,” Ioannou told the newspaper. “Being up close to nature and seeing a wild animal was unbelievable.” Read more…

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Australians have the best foul mouths, and these dash cam reactions prove it


Call us biased, but we’ll say it now, and we’ll say it again: Australians really know how to swear.

And there’s no other situation that can test the perspicacity of one’s foul mouth than a near miss or dealing with bad behaviour on the road, as evidenced in this reaction compilation put together by the folks at Dash Cam Owners Australia.

It goes without saying, but the video contains plenty of coarse language. Read more…

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Bella Hadid Fronts Zayn Malik’s Versus Versace

Zayn Malik nabbed Bella Hadid to front his campaign for his Versus Versace collection. Naturally, since he consulted with girlfriend and budding designer Gigi Hadid for his collection, along with Guiseppe Zanotti. It pays to have model friends. A sporty take on a versatile look. @BellaHadid wearing a ZXV printed crop top and mini skirt.  […]

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The ‘peanut worm’ is amusing the internet, and no prizes for guessing why


How unsurprising: Everyone on the internet is immature.

A group of Australian researchers from Museum Victoria and the CSIRO — the nation’s scientific research agency — have just completed a month-long journey along the eastern coast of the country, keeping a record of what oddities lurk deep beneath the oceans.

Along the way they’ve found this nightmare-inducing faceless fish, but they also happened upon this “peanut worm,” and there’s no prizes for guessing what it happens to look like. 

*Cue slide whistle sound effect* Read more…

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Did Miley Cyrus Call Out Dolce & Gabbana for Supporting Melania Trump?

Dolce & Gabbana may have banned Miley Cyrus from working with their brand in the future. The reason? The singer called them out on Instagram for their “politics.” Last Saturday, Miley’s younger brother Braison Cyrus walked for D&G’s Spring 2018 show in Milan. The singer congratulated him in an Instagram post, and also didn’t hold […]

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