Feel Like You’re in ‘The Great Gatsby’ With These Fringed Pieces

The Great Gatsby film always reminds me of every other holiday party that will happen. There’s fireworks, champagne, dancing, and glitzy clothing. But what caught my attention is the flapper-style fashion that’s decorated with glimmer and fringes, which makes for a good dancing ensemble. This year, fringed designs became a popular choice from clothing to accessories. Rhett […]

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Roy Moore lost the election and everyone made the same joke


Roy Moore is bad at riding horses, and on Tuesday night, he was bad at winning elections. 

Moore lost the Senate race in Alabama to Democrat Doug Jones and a lot of people were happy about it. Moore’s win came as a surprise, as Democrats haven’t fared well in Alabama elections for about a quarter decade.

But back to the horse thing. Here is the Republican candidate — who was endorsed by Donald Trump, even though he’s been accused of sexual misconduct by nine women and said America was last “great” when slavery was legal — trying to play cowboy earlier in the day.  Read more…

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Spy agency launches interactive online test to see if you’re cut out for the job


Recruiting spies is seldom a public exercise, but Australia’s intelligence agency is doing something different.

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), equivalent to the CIA and Britain’s MI6, has launched an online interactive test to discover people who are cut out for the job. 

Through a series of visual and aural exercises, the test seeks to identify suitable applicants that have the perception and empathy to work in the service. 

You’ll be required to pick out a missing number from a sequence, pick out faces in a crowd, and try and decipher information while three people are talking at the same time.  Read more…

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Luxe Bag Brands Are Tapping Into Our Childhoods With Bambi and Minnie Mouse

The past two years saw how luxury labels shifted their branding to something more youthful and geared toward the millennial market. Remember when Louis Vuitton got a Final Fantasy character as their ambassador? And that time Dolce & Gabbana recruited young influencers like Cameron Dallas and Lucky Blue Smith to walk their fall 2017 show? These are […]

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Elon Musk’s hats are selling out faster than you can say ‘boring’


Elon Musk is quite the hatter. 

Besides running a car company, a space company, a tunnel company and an AI company, he also managed to sell roughly $600,000 worth of hats, and the demand just keeps on rising. 

Musk’s Boring Company sold 30,000 hats adorned with the company logo since they launched in October, Musk tweeted Monday. Just a few weeks ago, Musk said the company has sold $300,000 worth of hats, meaning the sales have roughly doubled since that time. 

Over 30,000 hats sold!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 11, 2017

If you order the $20 hat right now, you’ll likely get it in 3-4 weeks. But you might want to hurry, as Musk says the hats will be limited to 50,000 pieces only.  Read more…

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Louboutin Designed the ‘Star Wars’ Heels You Always Wanted

Christian Louboutin has had collaborations in the past from Goop to Disney for Cinderella. He is working with Disney once again for a set of Star Wars-inspired shoes for the premiere of The Last Jedi. He created four pairs for the female leads: Rey, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, Captain Phasma, and Rose Tico. The shoes […]

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Santa on ‘Saturday Night Live’ has some thoughts about Roy Moore


Christmastime is here. Happiness and cheer. And sexual harassment and assault and NFL anthem protests and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Everything in the news was coming out of Santa’s bag on tonight’s Saturday Night Live cold open, and if their questions were any indication, the kids are not all right.

Precious cherub No. 1 asked Santa (Kenan Thompson) for some toys, a laser tag game, the usual. Then he asked, “What did Al Franken do?”

Oh boy.

Santa punted, but the kid needed to know about Roy Moore. Whether he was on the Naughty List or the Nice List. Read more…

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The polar bear in this video is dying from starvation. Fortunately, most aren’t…yet


After landing on Baffin Island, Canada, wildlife photographer and environmental activist Paul Nicklen captured video of a frail polar bear — dying and foaming from the mouth — as the weak animal collapsed to the ground. The bear will soon be dead — if it isn’t already. 

On Dec. 5, Nicklen posted the grim video to his Instagram account, and since then, it’s been stirring  emotions around the web. Polar bears are, for better or worse, a symbolic species when it comes to global warming, and many are seeing this video as a new warning sign. 

Fortunately, however, the condition of this bear is not representative of most polar bear populations — at least not yet.  Read more…

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Glass Earrings Aren’t as Fragile as You Think

Tassel and hoop earrings became huge trends this year, which makes a case for incorporating statement accessories into our style. As the year slowly comes to a close, some of you are probably looking for the next earring style to flaunt in 2018. Our suggestion: glass earrings. What are glass earrings exactly? They come in […]

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Unlikely Pairing: Style Heels With Ankle Socks

If you’ve been following celebrities and runway shows, you’ve probably seen them pairing heels with socks. It might sound like a weird combination but when styled right, it works. For fall/winter 2017, this trend was seen on the runway shows of Off-White, Fenty Puma, and Jeremy Scott. Celebrities like Anne Curtis and Heart Evangelista were […]

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Ambassador posts adorable proposal after marriage equality legalised in Australia


Marriage equality is finally law in Australia, which means LGBTQ couples can start planning their weddings. Or in plenty of cases, start proposing.

As in the case of the Australian ambassador to France, Brendan Berne, who spared no time proposing to his longtime partner Thomas Marti on Thursday in Paris. 

The video was posted on Berne’s Twitter account mere hours after marriage equality was made legal in Australia.

“Now, as Australia has just approved marriage equality, it is my turn now. My turn to ratify my own relationship with my partner of 11 years Thomas. He is not aware of what I would like to do now,” Berne said in French. Read more…

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The Sneaker Collab that Will Make Sure You Bring Glitter Wherever You Go

  Glitter isn’t going away anytime soon. Just look at the new collab between J.W. Anderson and Converse named “Glitter__Gutter.” The collaboration is a follow-up to the first project between both brands which was logo heavy and a favorite of Frank Ocean. In this edition, you get a fitting shoe for the holiday parties. It’s […]

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Marriage equality has finally become law in Australia, at last


It was left to the last minute, but marriage equality is finally legal in Australia.

The country’s federal parliament passed legislation allowing LGBTQ couples to marry on Thursday, the last day for politicians to decide on laws like this before the summer break.

Marriage equality supporters gathered in front of Parliament House in Australia’s capital, Canberra, to be there for the historic decision.

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Kate Middleton Wears Princess Diana’s Favorite Tiara and People Get the Chills

Recently, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was spotted at the Queen’s winter party wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara. The royal accessory was a favorite of Princess Diana, who wore it several times throughout her reign. You can guess how several publications went into a frenzy pointing out how Kate seems to have the same […]

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Preen Gift Guide: Fashion Gifts Your Friends Will Rave About Until Next Christmas

Having trouble with your gift list for the holidays? Our weekly gift guide series will help you figure out what you can get your loved ones this coming season. From food to fashion and beauty, we’ll be covering all possible areas to make sure you have the best options to choose from. We will be posting gift […]

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These ‘Star Wars’ themed sex toys will make you feel a different kind of force


So that new Star Wars flick is coming out soon, which means plenty of cross-promotion.

But we have a hunch the marketing types behind the franchise would’ve approved Star Toys, a series of sex toys that will leave you feeling a different kind of force, we guess.

It’s a new collection from Geeky Sex Toys from Brisbane, Australia, who were also behind the innocence-destroying Pokémoan series from last year.

Of course, Star Toys takes a bit of a darker turn, with a six-piece Dark Side Bondage Kit, which includes a familiar-looking Laser Sword Flogger and a Space Station Ball Gag.  Read more…

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Get to Know the Designers Behind Your Favorite Celebrity Wedding Gowns

I haven’t dreamed about my wedding dress just yet. Maybe it’s because my prospects for a groom were like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar awards before The Revenant. Still, I bet that even if you are in my situation, you like looking at wedding gowns. Some take months to make and an army of sewers to put […]

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Google debuts Google Go, its lightweight search for slow connections


Google’s light search app for Android is here, called Google Go.

Like the Google app that you can already get on iOS and Google Play, Google Go will give you quick access to search, weather, and voice-activated functions.

But in order to stay light (at under 5MB per download), Google Go has opted to avoid the heavier Google app’s cards-based interface, and instead go with buttons that open into separate pages.

Google Go's interface

Google Go’s interface

Image: google

Google’s app may be targeted at slower connections in emerging markets, but that doesn’t mean users there need to go light on the multimedia.  Read more…

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