Sunglasses Aren’t Just For the Beach, Take it From Bella Hadid and Rihanna

Sunglasses are versatile accessories. You can use them to protect your eyes or help you fall asleep while in transit. You can even opt to wear them when you feel like hiding from the world. Now that the sun is starting to shine a little bit more, we’ve put together a list of shades you […]

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How to groom your pubic hair without ending up in the ER


You would think pube-grooming would be an easy, breezy situation, but you would be absolutely wrong.

A new study has shown a rise in pubic hair grooming-related injuries for U.S. adults, some even resulting in emergency room visits. Who knew such a common primping practice could be so dangerous? 

From the results of this study, it seems like a lot of people need to brush up on their bush-maintenance safety. So if you’re worried about lacerations from razors and painful wax burns, take a look at these helpful tips and tricks.  Read more…

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How Kylie Verzosa Is Swinging Her Caped Dress

Superheroes aren’t the only ones who wear capes, sometimes ordinary people do too. But we don’t always go for the red ones that Superman is known for. These capes can be seen on outerwear or incorporated with our tops and dresses. Fall/winter 2017 runways showcased pieces with capes from Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, and Chanel. […]

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It’s a race against time to ensure people vote on marriage equality in Australia


In Australia, the deadline to enrol to vote for marriage equality is approaching fast.  

Australians will be sent a voluntary postal survey on the matter in September, after the country’s government failed to get its marriage equality plebiscite (a public vote on an issue which doesn’t affect the country’s constitution) through parliament twice.

The announcement of a postal vote has culminated in a campaign called Equality Weekender, a series of events, parties and barbecues between Aug. 17 to 20 around Sydney — and hopefully nationally — encouraging people to enrol or ensure they’re eligible to vote. Read more…

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ inadvertently joins the impeach Trump train


Here’s probably the best press that our favourite dating show spin-off, Bachelor In Paradise, will receive.

The show’s Twitter account, which was live-tweeting Tuesday’s episode, somehow mistakenly joined the impeach Trump brigade by including the hashtag “#Impeach45” in its tweet.

It was attached to a GIF of contestant Raven Gates cannonballing into a pool. We’re sure there’s an analogy somewhere.

Image: mashable screenshot

The tweet was up for an hour, before it was finally and sadly deleted. Not soon enough to prevent the internet from declaring The Bachelor got woke, though. Read more…

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Kendall Jenner Admits to Trying to Steal a Pair of Jeans on Set

Kendall Jenner’s closet is unsurprisingly two rooms big with shelves upon shelves dedicated to shoes and designer bags. In Vogue’ s “Supermodel Closets,” you’ll get a tour of the said space plus a few fun facts about Kendall’s style. Created with YouTube’s 360 feature, you can scroll your way around Kendall’s closet as she talks about […]

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How to Make a Statement With These Minimalist Jewelry Pieces

Adding jewelry pieces to an outfit is a great way to take your look to another level as it can dress up any ensemble. Chunky rings and necklaces are great but dainty jewelry gives you more variety. With these types of accessories you can layer different designs like mixing metals and stacking different sized rings. […]

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Samantha Bee interviews former neo-Nazi whose group fights extremism—then had funds cut by Trump


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee doesn’t come back until September.

But it couldn’t wait until then to air this clip about Life After Hate — a non-profit founded by former far-right extremists that works “with individuals who wish to leave a life of hate.”

The Obama administration awarded the group $400,000 to fight violent extremism, but that funding was pulled by the Trump White House. 

Now, the group is crowdfunding to “fight hate and racism.” It has raised nearly $37,000 of its $400,000 goal. (You can donate right here.) Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ episode 5 sets up a Westerosi Western that we want. Right. Now.


This recap is dark and full of spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 5, “Eastwatch.”

Two queens at war. Neither can see past each other to the far greater threat.

Each needs to be convinced, immediately, or this whole Westeros thing goes to hell. And so the many men beneath their heels must go forth and bring forth the evidence.

An adventure is required. A posse is formed. 

Next up: A Westerosi Western.

That’s pretty much the grand equation of “Eastwatch,” episode 5 of this seventh season of Game of Thrones, a scattershot clockwork of updates and minor machinations, paltry plot pivots and pirouettes that had our heads spinning. Nothing happened, yet somehow everything changed. Read more…

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Detroit Red Wings are not pleased their logo is now white nationalist propaganda


Many Detroit Red Wings fans were confused to see their favorite team’s logo waving among swastikas, confederate flags, and other symbols of hate at a massive white supremacist gathering in Virginia on Saturday.

One widely shared video shows a group of racists carrying homemade shields marked with the team’s insignia and chanting the Nazi slogan “blood and soil” as they poured into Charlottesville.

Lest you think that the Detroit hockey team has become a hate group, its front office said in a statement on Saturday that it “vehemently disagrees” with the Nazis who’ve repurposed its trademarks. The team said it’s “exploring every possible legal action.”   Read more…

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Young refugees launch digital magazine to tell powerful stories of struggle and triumph


The Ritsona Kingdom flag has a simple design, but it’s deep with meaning. A blue band at the top represents Greek territory, while a thicker swath of red below represents Turkish territory. Two yellow lines separate and intersect them both, symbolizing those who died on dangerous journeys across the Aegean Sea, as well as those who survived and are still trying, desperately, to reach Europe.

Ritsona isn’t really a kingdom, or a country. It’s a refugee camp in Greece. And this unofficial flag, designed and created by refugee youth, is a perfect example of how young people at Ritsona are taking control of their own stories — and sharing them with the world. Read more…

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What Is the ‘Ugly-Pretty’ Shoe and Why Is it Trending?

Spring ’17 runways saw the resurgence of “ugly-pretty” shoes. From Christopher Kane’s Crocs to Dolce & Gabbana’s flatforms, it’s like a throwback of the shoes you’d like to forget. But one shoe is still considered a practical staple today: Birkenstock sandals. Last June, the shoe brand staged their first show at Paris Fashion Week, making […]

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Dealing With Messy Hair? Cover It With A Turban-Style Headband

The way you style your hair can complete your overall look. Whether you spend time curling your locks or tying it in a ponytail, a lot of effort goes into the process. There are days, however, where you just don’t have the energy to fix your hair. Maybe you overslept and don’t have enough time […]

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Google Doodle celebrates hip hop by letting you DJ


Google is celebrating the history of hip hop with — what else — a seriously cool Google Doodle.

The interactive Doodle commemorates the 44th anniversary of the party where DJ Kool Herc is credited with creating hip hop in 1973.

The Doodle features art from graffiti artist Cey Adams and has interactive turntables that let you mix your own samples using famous songs right from Google’s homepage.

To get started, all you have to do is click the play button on the “O” in the graphic. It then takes you to a “record crate” where you can choose samples of classic songs from artists like George Clinton, The Isley Brothers, Billy Squire, and Betty Wright. When you’ve picked your songs, you can customize the mix using slider controls.  Read more…

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Pure joy is watching Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers watch ‘Game of Thrones’ together


You probably already know about Leslie Jones’ love for live-tweeting Game of Thrones, and how incredibly entertaining it is.

Now the next best thing, Game of Jones, is back. It features Seth Meyers and Jones watching the show together — in this case, episode 4 of Season 7.

What’s more, there’s a special guest who joins them. Please, let them do this for every episode until GoT finishes. Read more…

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Jennifer Lawrence Fronts the First Painted ‘Vogue’ September Cover

Jennifer Lawrence stars in her third Vogue cover shoot in a big way for three reasons. First, this is the all-important September issue. Second, it’s the 125th anniversary edition. Third, this issue features four covers, one of which is painted by artist John Currin. This is the first painted September cover of Vogue, the style […]

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Wear an Embroidered Jumpsuit and Studded Boots In Place of Bright Colors

Bright colors and patterns are a good way to keep your outfits interesting but not everyone is comfortable wearing color. There are some who stick to black and white clothing, keeping it more conservative. If you are one of these people, there are still ways for you to spruce up your outfit without stepping out […]

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Guy creates a super cool maze for his cats using 50 cardboard boxes


If there’s anything certain about cats, it’s their love for cardboard boxes.

So, in celebration of the made up holiday National Cat Day, Cole and Marmalade‘s human, Chris Poole, decided to created a cat maze using 50 small cardboard boxes. Poole has completely lost use of his living room but at least his cats are happy.

The best part about the cat maze is that it can be broken down and stored in a relatively small area, so hopefully Cole and Marmalade can enjoy the cat maze for years to come.  Read more…

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