Man returns home to overjoyed mom after biking around the world for 7 years


Englishman Leigh Timmis set off on a wild adventure seven years ago.

And by wild we mean he was determined to ride his bike for two years around the world. That ambitious timeline quickly fell to the wayside as he realized how daunting the challenge would be to actually traverse the globe.

Timmis’ journey came to an emotional end Saturday when he arrived home in Derby, England, hopped off his bike, and jumped into a sweet embrace with his mom, who he hadn’t seen since 2014. 

Leigh Timmis and his mom embrace after Timmis' adventure finally ends.

Leigh Timmis and his mom embrace after Timmis’ adventure finally ends.

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Anne Hathaway reveals she’s a big pothead, dude


The list of celebrities coming out as cannabis users is growing like a weed.

Anne Hathaway appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, which just so happened to be the unofficial stoner holiday 420. While on the show, Hathaway played a game called “Plead The Fifth.” The game is simple, Cohen asks her three questions, she has to answer two of them, and one she can plead the fifth. 

In the very first question, Cohen brings up a rumor about Hathaway being a stoner, and asks her on a scale of one to ten, how big of a stoner is she? Anne smiles, and responds, “I’m not a little one.” Read more…

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Who Is Rebekka Bay and What Can She Do as Uniqlo’s New Creative Head?

The woman who helped launched Cos and formerly the creative head at GAP was just named as Uniqlo’s newest creative director. Meet: Rebekka Bay, the woman who might just cash us out at every Unqilo till. How will her entry help out the fast fashion brand? In the past, Rebekka enhanced the styles and aesthetics […]

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Intense video shows oblivious truck driver drag a car with someone in it


An intense video captured on a California freeway shows a large tractor trailer truck dragging a car, seemingly unaware the two vehicles had gotten into an accident.

Witness Brian Steimke was driving up the Cajon Pass when he pulled up on the truck dragging a maroon Nissan Maxima. 

“They’re dragging the car,” Steimke can be heard saying in the clip, amazed by what he’s seeing. “They don’t know what’s going on here.”

When Steimke pulls alongside the vehicles, the driver in the car being dragged unrolls the window and is waving at the truck driver to stop.  Read more…

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Would You Dare Wear These Unique and Odd Heels?

It’s mind-boggling to see fashion sites like WhoWhatWear calling the kitten heel a “weird shoe trend.” If that’s considered weird, they must’ve forgotten about Lady Gaga’s wild shoe choices in the past. Fast forward to now, high-fashion brands are still coming up with unique heels that’ll either surprise or confuse us. These range from shoes with […]

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Was There a Misunderstanding Over Marian Rivera’s D&G Shirt?

For some insane reason, Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera are constantly pitted against each other when it comes to their fashion choices. Both actresses have a penchant for Hermès and their form of indulgence is all about luxury brands. But why do people always point out similarities like it’s a bad thing? #louvre #lovemariegoestoparis #chizheart […]

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You’re gonna need some help recognizing this phishing scam


How do you spot a phishing scam when the URL looks perfectly legit? 

An old phishing technique has recently popped back up in the news, and it has the potential to fool some folks no matter how many times they inspect a URL for typos.

Phishing works like this: Some fool sends people an email that asks readers to please click on this link or download this thing. The person sends the link from a URL with a (theoretically) clever typo (think instead of But this other kind of phishing scheme — called a homograph attack — sends an email from a URL that looks nearly identical to the real thing, replacing some the letters with similar ones from other alphabets.  Read more…

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Victoria Beckham Received an OBE from Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

It’s an understatement to say that Victoria Beckham has a lot to celebrate this week—her 43rd birthday was quickly followed by an investiture ceremony to receive her OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the Duke of Cambridge. What is an OBE exactly? Well, it is a British order of chivalry awarded to those who have […]

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Chili gives Alex Jones amnesia and other odd things we learned at his custody trial


You ever eat something so goddamn delicious you momentarily lose your mind?

Neither have we. But apparently Infowars conspiracy-theorist-in-chief Alex Jones has. In a deposition during day two of his custody trial, an attorney working for his ex-wife Kelly insisted that Jones forgot what grade his kids were in after he consumed a bowl of chili.

Jones’s custody battle with Kelly over their three children started off strangely and went weirder from there.

On Monday, his lawyer argued that Alex Jones plays a character on Infowars called Alex Jones. That went down well. By Tuesday, however, we were learning some truly memorable things about him. Here are a few highlights from the second day of the trial gleaned from reporters watching along. Read more…

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First woman to run Boston Marathon returns, and this time she has another powerful message


Fifty years ago, a clever, determined woman named Kathrine Switzer crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon — but not before an official tried to drag her from the course. 

See, at the time, only men competed in the race. Switzer signed her registration as “K.V. Switzer,” was accepted and, despite efforts to remove her from the 26.2 mile competition, became the first woman to finish it as an official entrant. Her bib number, 261, remains famous. 

On Monday, Switzer, 70, revisited that rebellious, trail-blazing moment by crossing the finish line again. This time she didn’t have to dodge an angry course director, but was instead accompanied by 261 supporters who ran alongside her. Read more…

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This brilliant nonprofit helps women in eating disorder recovery get a free new wardrobe


A new nonprofit is helping women tackle one of the most common but often overlooked challenges during eating disorder recovery: building a new wardrobe. 

The Garment Project provides women in recovery with brand-new, tagless, sizeless clothing for free. The goal of the Pittsburgh-based organization, which launched in February, is to give clients a starter wardrobe of new clothing to get them through the first six months of the recovery process.

By removing sizing information, Garment helps women leaving recovery to focus on their health, rather than size labels that can be triggering and cause setbacks. It also removes the sizable financial burden that comes with completely replacing your closet. Read more…

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Chance The Rapper is having a very Stevie Wonder birthday


Rap superstar, joyful youngster, and national treasure Chance the Rapper turned 24 years old this weekend and, to no one’s surprise, had the kind of fun-filled birthday we all want.

He’s throwing a party, appropriately called “Chance The Birthday,” on Sunday night in his hometown of Chicago benefiting Social Works, his non-profit supporting Chicago Public Schools.


— Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) April 12, 2017

He also received toasts on Twitter from a wide-range of folks, from Ellen to Tumblr to the Chicago Public Library.  Read more…

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7 Brands That Offer Lifetime Warranty and Why You Should Start Buying Them

In this overly materialistic world, we consume and buy products that we think we need even if we actually don’t. Plastic pollution has become imminent to the marine life; items like water bottles, straws, and even flip-flops can drift for years across tens of thousands of miles. Bags and clothing fill up landmines that also […]

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There’s another United horror story, and it will break your heart


The United horror stories keep coming out of the woodwork. After the internet exploded over a viral video showing a man being forcibly dragged from his seat on a United flight last weekend, another passenger has taken to Medium to share his horrible experience with the airline.

Trey Harris’ tale of inhumane customer service and unreasonable responses left him frustrated and upset — enough so he wrote a lengthy post Thursday about the incident, which happened at the beginning of last month. 

Harris’ honeymoon was nearly ruined when United barred him from bringing his “previously-approved, DOT & TSA-allowed mobility device,” a Segway miniPro, on board his flight from Newark to San Diego, where the couple had planned to board a cruise. Harris says in the post he has spondylitis, a type of autoimmune spinal arthritis, which can make walking difficult. Read more…

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