Larry Flynt offers $10 million if you have information that’ll impeach Trump


Need some cash and have some dirt on Donald Trump?

You might want to talk to Hustler founder Larry Flynt. The adult magazine mogul is offering $10 million “for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office” of the president.

The full-page ad was published in the Washington Post on Sunday, complete with a toll-free hotline and an email address for readers to send their tips to.

So I decided to do this…let’s see what

— Larry Flynt (@ImLarryFlynt) October 15, 2017 Read more…

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‘SNL’s’ response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal proves that they probably shouldn’t have bothered


Saturday Night Live was roundly criticized last week for pulling punches on the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal that has rocked Hollywood, allegedly cutting jokes regarding the producer during dress rehearsal because they “fell flat,” according to the New York Times.

Tonight’s weak effort, featuring a roundtable of actresses including Kate McKinnon’s doddering old Debette Goldry, missed the mark, illustrating exactly why it’s so awkward and problematic for an industry to make light of its own dark secrets.

The sketch co-starred Leslie Jones as Viola Davis – “Happy to be here; well, not happy, but, you know, I’m here” – and Cecily Strong as Marion Cotillard – “I’m tiny, French, and pissed off” – and engendered an uncomfortable chuckle from the audience as soon as roundtable host Aidy Bryant announced the subject of sexual harassment in Hollywood. Read more…

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What Do Models Wear When They Dress Themselves?

Why would a bunch of models shrug off a crazy payday Friday night that was cursed with strong rains? Simple: It was the 30th anniversary celebration of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP). The event brought together the different generations of models, from the pioneers who we still recognize and believe in today […]

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Striking images reveal wineries devastated by wildfires


Remarkable photos reveal how badly California’s wineries have been damaged in wildfires that have burned tens of thousands of acres of wine country since Sunday.

Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, California is just one of the dozens of wineries that was ravaged by the massive fires. 

In the midst of the blaze, a large plastic wine container melted, releasing a boiling pool of wine, according to SF Gate.

“I saw a pool of wine, and it was flowing lightly down the hill, and as I got close to it, I noticed that it was bubbling,” photographer Josh Edelson told the news outlet. “At first, I didn’t understand it, but then it dawned on me that the ground was hot, and the wine was boiling with all that stuff smoldering around it.” Read more…

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The Top that Coleen Garcia and Bella Hadid Both Wore in New York

For this episode of ’90s to early ’00s throwback, celebrities and influencers seem to be loving the long sleeved crop top. It’s the same top that Britney Spears wore in the “Sometimes” music video. The top is proving to be a comfy favorite for traveling. Both Coleen Garcia and Bella Hadid sported it in New […]

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How to Show Off Your Boobs without Showing Skin

What’s in a breast? All throughout history, it has elicited both censorship and celebration. We all remember how #freethenipple questioned the connotation and double standards we attached to female body parts. That idea has evolved to corsets made to be worn as outerwear and now to T-shirts that choose to remind you of the boobs […]

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Razer’s upcoming smartphone’s specs leak, revealing a gaming powerhouse


Razer’s new smartphone is only expected to launch on Nov. 1, but the leaks have already begun.

According to Phone Radar, a listing has already appeared on GFXBench titled “Razer Phone“, that could just very well be the phone we’re set to see in a little over two weeks.

According to the listing, the phone will have a 5.7 inch screen with a 2650 x 1440 resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 64 GB of internal storage — all pretty standard stuff for a smartphone, except for one standout. It’ll also come with 8GB of RAM.

Image: gfxbench/screenshot Read more…

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Fashion Equation: How Much Will an H&M x Erdem Look Cost?

It’s an exciting Thursday afternoon at the Preen headquarters as H&M finally released the look book for their upcoming designer collaboration with Erdem. The best part? It also came with the prices allowing us to steady our hearts and think of what we want to purchase on the day of the launch (Nov. 2, don’t […]

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Show Your Support For Breast Cancer Awareness by Shopping for a Cause

October marks breast cancer awareness month, a time where we support those who have it while also making it known. Throughout the month, there are events that highlight breast cancer like Fashion Can Serve. There are also brands that sell limited edition products wherein 100 percent or part of the proceeds go to cancer research […]

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Sam Smith pledges thousands of dollars to Australia’s pro-marriage equality campaign


Now that’s putting money where your mouth is.

UK singer Sam Smith has made a considerable donation to the Australian pro-marriage equality campaign, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. 

The Grammy-winning artist has pledged a third of the expected profits from his January 2018 show at the Sydney Opera House to lobby group Australian Marriage Equality.

Australians are smack bang in the middle of a non-binding, non-compulsory nationwide postal survey asking the question: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” Read more…

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Australia, where people pick sharks out of pools


Australia might have a lot of sharks, but we try not to mess with them.

Not so for Melissa Hatheier from Sydney, Australia, who picked up a one-metre shark from a rock pool and placed it back into the ocean.

The video was posted to the Cronulla Real Estate Facebook page on Tuesday, which is a kind of a weird way to promote houses, but you know what, this is Australia after all.

“Our in house Shark Wrangler Melissa Hatheier wrestling a shark out of Oak Park Rock Pool yesterday morning! Nice work Mel,” reads the Facebook caption. Read more…

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Cop These Paris Fashion Week-Inspired Chain Belts and Sunglasses

I’m sure scrolling through all the Paris Fashion Week posts and photos made you feel FOMO. I bet you’ve been lusting over some pieces as well. From printed dresses to pastel coats, Fashion Week presents the best of the best in clothing today. That includes accessories. Looking at the different shows we spotted hats, belts, […]

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‘Rick and Morty’ fans: Szechuan sauce turned us into a ‘Rick and Morty’ joke


We started out wanting to do nothing more than in-depth taste test of Rick and Morty‘s infamous, discontinued McDonald’s Sezchuan sauce

And, to paraphrase Pickle Rick’s therapist Dr. Wong, we got the impression that Rick and Morty fans valued science. So we conducted the most scientifically rigorous experiment possible.

Our comparative analysis of all the other McNugget sauces came complete with test subjects — courtesy of McDonald’s — and palette cleansers, ensuring the purity of our findings. We sought to answer the question: is a Teriyaki knockoff really worth the 9-season character arc that Rick ranted about in the show’s Season 3 premiere?  Read more…

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When Solenn Heussaff, Maureen Wroblewitz, and Pia Wurtzbach Walked for Breast Cancer Awareness

Every year, people raise awareness for breast cancer and empower the women who are afflicted by it. But for the latest edition of Fashion Can Serve, the I Can Serve Foundation wanted to emphasize that having a companion during the journey to health is just as important. The slogan “Why We Fight” spoke of love […]

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How to Create OOTD Videos Like Beyoncé

With the use of social media, we are constantly consuming content from photos to videos and even GIFs. I’m sure there are Instagram accounts that you follow that are pure feed goals. From carefully designed flat lays to creative shoefies, these accounts might be your pegs. If you follow Beyoncé on Instagram, you’ll know that […]

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Stern little Stormtrooper robot uses AR and facial recognition to help you deal with rebel scum


Want to uphold the First Order and deal with some rebel scum from your own room?

In the same week we’ve seen the new trailer for The Last Jedi, AI and humanoid robotic company UBTECH has released a new Star Wars Stormtrooper robot. It’ll come with an augmented reality app, and can take voice commands, do facial recognition and even sentry patrolling.

The First Order Stormtrooper Robot’s AR app mode is supported by a voice activated command feature so you can issue direct verbal orders to your robot, launch “attacks” and tackle those pesky rebels through the app interface. Read more…

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Will the Big Return of This Ugly Shoe Change Your Mind About It?

In case you haven’t learned by now, some fashion trends just won’t die. We thought the scrunchie would stay in the ’90s and yet it’s making a comeback. You know another trend that’s here to stay? Crocs. Dubbed as “the world’s ugliest shoe,” Crocs launched on 2002 and instantly received good and bad reviews. Each […]

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‘The Walking Dead’ will finally cross over with ‘Fear,’ says Robert Kirkman


Ever since The Walking Dead got its spinoff (aka prequel) series, Fear the Walking Dead, fans and reporters alike have been badgering the producers behind the two shows about the possibility of a crossover — and apparently said badgering has finally paid off.

“There are two Walking Dead shows, I’m not gonna name them… There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name… and appear in the other show, which I will not name,” series creator Robert Kirkman revealed at the show’s New York Comic Con panel. “So what does that mean, because these timelines, how does that work? Are we going to see an interesting backstory of a Walking Dead character showing up in Fear the Walking Dead, or are we going to see a Fear the Walking Dead character show up in The Walking Dead, and see a future version of a character? What’s gonna happen? Is it going to be something completely different than that? Who knows?” Read more…

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Cindy Crawford and Dita Von Teese Mourn the Death of Hervé Léger

Fashion designer Hervé Leroux, formerly Hervé Léger, died on Oct. 6 as confirmed by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. He was 60 years old. He was the man behind the famous skin-tight bandage dress which was in vogue among supermodels and celebrities in the ’90s. A post shared by PE✪PLETALK.RU (@peopletalkru) on […]

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