Apple’s rumored new iPhone color probably isn’t copper. It’s something better.


The Apple iPhone rumor mill always adds a hefty amount of confusion just before any new iPhone launch, and the latest, focused on what may be a new color option, is no different.  

On Monday, a somewhat low-resolution photo of a supposed iPhone 8 from a post on China’s MyDrivers, via Weibo, showed a casing described by some as copper. 

However, because the photos aren’t high resolution, and we know that lighting can affect the way an object’s true color is represented in a poor photograph, we can’t be certain that this isn’t just a color-distorted casing.  Read more…

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Stubborn dog really, really, really doesn’t want to leave the park


Well, at least it’s an effective way to protest.

A golden retriever thought it’d be cool to play dead while its human tried to leave with it at a park in Burleigh Hill, Australia, as per a video uploaded to the 9 News Gold Coast Facebook page.

And hey, it worked, with plenty of people watching the battle between dog and man, who tried his best to tug the pup’s leash. 

Eventually it gets up and leaves, but without making a point, of course. Read more…

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This French Fashion Scion Skips Gown, Opts for Jumpsuit for Her Wedding

“I always talked about that day with her,” said Lola Rykiel as she vividly recalls the day she introduced her fiancé to her grandmother, designer Sonia Rykiel. Sonia was then suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and passed away a few weeks later. Sonia’s excitement for her granddaughter’s wedding was apparent as she repeatedly asked, “When am […]

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See How Janine Gutierrez and Kourtney Kardashian Incorporate Red and Yellow Into Their Wardrobe

As the sun begins to shine again, it might be time to start adding color into your life, specifically bright warm colors. Red, yellow, and orange is a color palette that you can start wearing again to match the weather we’ve been having lately. Many celebrities are turning to warm colors too, wearing red tops […]

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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announce separation, we announce a lot of sadness


Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are separating, the couple announced in a joint statement published on Pratt and Faris’ various social media accounts at 11 pm ET Sunday night. 

“Anna and I are sad to announce we are legally separating,” a message on Pratt’s Facebook reads. “We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another.” Read more…

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Yes, Vladimir Putin has gone shirtless again to remind you of his dad bod power


You already know that the golfing, TV watching, Twitter-obsessed U.S. president is on vacation, but you might not have known that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is on vacation, too. 

Luckily for you, we just got our hands on Putin’s vacay photos, and they’re full of spymaster-in-the-Siberian-tundra cheesecake. 

In photos released by the Kremlin on Saturday, Putin is shown going on a fishing trip with a few friends. 

The first photo (above) is innocent enough, showing the Russian leader steering a boat through the Siberian waters. And look at all those layers. Since it’s not that cold in the Republic of Tuva (where the fishing trip occurred) this time of year, things probably got steamy pretty fast.  Read more…

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This Genius Invention Is Meant to Get Rid of Boob Sweat

On some days, the 21st century has its shining moments. The invention the Ta-Ta Towel is one of those moments, a piece of garment designed to avoid boob sweat and your boobs sticking together after a shower or during hot days. With the tagline, “Keep ’em high. Keep ’em dry,” the Ta-Ta Towel cups one […]

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That incredibly well-preserved armored dinosaur is actually a new species


The discovery itself was amazing.

A dinosaur was found in Canada around 110 million years after it diedNational Geographic covered the accidental discovery in its June issue and created a 3-D rendering to show how well-preserved the dinosaur fossils were in an ancient river bank. 

The discovery was back in 2011. Since then, researchers have determined the armored beast that weighed almost 3,000 pounds is a new species of nodosaur. 

It’s called Borealopelta markmitchelli, according to a study released Thursday in the journal Current Biology. Read more…

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Woman claims she found something strange in her kangaroo meat


Yes, Australians eat kangaroos — despite it being on their coat of arms and much loved by all. 

That includes 39-year-old Brisbane woman ‎Kath Milroy Pattingale‎, who was about to have dinner with her husband on Thursday when she apparently noticed a bullet lodged in their meal.

The couple had been on a three-and-half month trip in their caravan, and for their last night they barbecued some kangaroo meat, which was purchased from the Woolworths supermarket in Bargara, Queensland.

Pattingale’s husband brought it inside on a chopping board, ready to serve up. Read more…

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You Can Now Own Selena Gomez’s Favorite Handbag

After being the face of Coach’s recent campaigns, Selena Gomez debuts an 11-piece collection with the label. The Coach x Selena Gomez collaboration boasts of different details refelctive of Selena’s personality. The star of the collection is called the Selena Grace, it’s a handbag that has a hangtag bearing Selena’s signature plus a patch sewn […]

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The Slingbacks Liz Uy and Georgina Wilson Prefer for Work and Play

If the Chanel Slingback Two-Toned Pumps were the favored shoe of 2016, it looks like the Dior J’Adior Slingbacks are taking its place for this year. Hint is how Georgina Wilson said these were her dream pair, copping them straight from Paris. A post shared by Georgina Wilson🍑 (@ilovegeorgina) on Jul 27, 2017 at 4:46am […]

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August is an awesome month for skywatching: Here’s how to make the most of it


Get out your comfy blankets and red light flashlights: August is going to be quite a month for skywatchers. 

 Usually this month is a great time to watch the skies — it’s warm and home to one of best meteor showers of the year — but August 2017 in particular will be jam-packed with some particularly great events, including not one but two eclipses. 

The spacey festivities kick off on August 7 with a partial lunar eclipse gracing skies above much of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. 

Lunar eclipses happen when the moon dips partially or fully into Earth’s shadow.  Read more…

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The Classic Sneakers that Will Never Get Old

Classic sneakers have a nostalgic feel to them. One look and you’ll know that it’s from a specific brand. They basically cemented the brand’s identity even before they got neon upgrades and numbers on their names. Just like designer bags, these sneakers continue to be relevant today. They’re also considered as collector’s items for avid […]

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Little girl rides her pony through a corner store to pick up treats


You’ll probably get turned away from your local drive-thru riding on your horse.

But it’s not a problem at this corner store (or dairy, as they like to call it), located in Opotiki, a small town on New Zealand’s North Island. Well, if you can both fit in the store, obviously.

Here a little girl, 3-year-old Paris Smith, rides on her pony through the Tirohanga Beach Store to pick up some candy, in a video posted on the shop’s Facebook page on Friday. 

“Look, only in Opotiki,” a man can be heard saying on camera.

Riding through the store is apparently a long-running tradition, owner Ray Williams told the New Zealand Herald. Read more…

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One of Heart Evangelista’s Parisian Looks Was Featured on ‘Look Magazine’

Trust Heart Evangelista to pull-off dressing high and low especially during Paris Fashion Week. We wrote about a few tips and tricks we learned, at least during that trip, and I guess we’re not the only ones who took notice. Earlier this morning, Heart shared one of her PFW outfits featured on Look Magazine, a […]

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Kid draws a hilarious family portrait, featuring his mother on her period


Periods are normal, but kids pointing them out in their sketches is something else.

Australian woman Penny Rohleder shared a photo of her son’s drawing on the Facebook page of blogger Constance Hall on Jul. 25, which well, says it all.

“I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed that my 5 year old son knows this,” Rohleder wrote. 

“Julian drew a family portrait. I said ‘What’s that red bit on me?’ And he replied, real casual, ‘That’s your period.'” 

Well, at least he knows.

To give further context, Rohleder revealed she had pulmonary embolism in October 2016, and was put on blood thinning treatment which makes her periods “very, very bad,” she explained to the Daily Mail. Read more…

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Watch ‘Atomic Blonde’ for Charlize Theron and Her Iconic Costumes

“‘Cool’ was our mantra on this film, and it became very empowering,”  said Atomic Blonde’s costume designer Cindy Evans about the movie’s wardrobe theme. What came about were killer looks that include red patent Dior pumps, Burberry trench coats, pieces from Max Mara and Massimo Dutti, along with John Galliano’s designs for Margiela. The movie […]

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