Government Twitter accounts are debating ‘Star Wars’ politics and it’s great


Not familiar with Australia’s parliamentary system? That’s fine, for now. All you need to know is that the people running its Twitter accounts seem to be massive Star Wars geeks.

Just look at the duelling between the House of Representatives account and the Senate account, that took place on May the 4th (be with you.)

In contrast to the vague Star Wars references brands roll out annually, the Houses provided a rather in-depth and robust discussion about the Galactic Senate on the special day. 

Keep up if you can:

It’s a shame there isn’t a Galactic House of Representatives @AboutTheHouse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #StarWarsDay

— Australian Senate (@AuSenate) May 3, 2017 Read more…

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Why Did Marc Jacobs Lay Off Majority of Its European Team?

Marc Jacobs recently let go majority of its European staff in Paris. The move is a huge shakeup in the industry, so why did the brand do it? A spokeswoman from LVMH told WWD that this was done to “leverage the power of the Marc Jacobs brand and position the company to enhance growth and improve […]

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Verizon pays more than $20 million to stream a single NFL game


Verizon is paying big money to stream a single NFL game this season.

The telecom spent $21 million for the rights to stream a week-three match-up in London between the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The game will be aired across several of Verizon’s media properties, including AOL, its mobile video platform go90, and the online men’s culture magazine Complex, which the carrier owns along with Hearst.

Yahoo may also carry the game if its sale to Verizon closes in time for the September date. Read more…

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Going on a Hike? Cop These 8 Pieces Before Going to the Mountains

Summer vacation isn’t just all about the sandy beaches. More often than not, people also opt to go hiking up mountains. They would attest it’s cooler once you reach the peak—it makes for a great photo too—or they do it for the adrenaline rush. “Soul-searching” can also be a plausible reason, at least according to Angelica […]

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See the Engagement Ring of Bee Shaffer aka Anna Wintour’s Daughter

A few months back we reported on the infinite wedding gown possibilities of Bee Shaffer when she weds her fiancée Francesco Carozzini. Why are we making all the fuss? Well, these two are the children of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and the late Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani. So yeah, the style stakes are pretty […]

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In one quick video, this guy captures space lightning, meteors and Aurora Australis


Photographing the southern (or northern) lights can be a tiresome eventful, involving hours of standing around late at night, hoping to land yourself the perfect shot of cosmic activity.

Hence, we’re pretty jealous of Australian photographer David Finlay, who in one night captured the Aurora Australis, a type of space lightning called “lightning sprites,” plus meteors and regular lightning. 

Finlay told ABC News he was trying to capture the Lyrids meteor shower, and didn’t realise at the time he had also caught some rare sprites over the south coast of New South Wales. It was only when the Kiama local reviewed the footage in slow motion that he saw the instance of space lightning, which happens high over thunderstorm clouds. Read more…

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The MET Gala Is a Gauge of Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

Today, all eyes are focused on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute annual gala or the MET Gala. It’s fashion’s biggest night, being compared to the Oscars in terms of aplomb and preparation. The guest list, brokered by the Gala’s chair, Vogue editor-in-chief, and most recently, Gwyneth Paltrow’s collaborator Anna Wintour is one of […]

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First ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ add-on is huge, brings back Tingle


Nintendo promised two downloadable content packs for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild post-release. Now we know what the first of them will bring.

We also know when it’s coming, roughly: this summer.

The DLC is called The Master Trials, and it’s massive. The centerpiece is something committed Zelda fans already knew about. Trials of the Sword — previously called the “Cave of Trials Challenge” — is a combat gauntlet with a twist: you start with nothing.

All your weapons and armor are stripped away in Trials of the Sword, leaving you to improvise as some formation of enemies moves in to attack. There are “around 45” rooms included in Trials of the Sword; complete them all and your Master Sword will never lose power again. Read more…

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WTF just happened on ‘American Gods’?


This recap contains spoilers for American Gods Season 1, episode 1, titled “The Bone Orchard.”

Shadow Moon had a hard week in the first installment of American Gods.

After being released from prison and learning that his beloved wife Laura had died (while performing a particularly ill-advised sex act on Shadow’s best friend Robbie in a moving car, as he later discovered), our brooding ex-con reluctantly agreed to work for the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday, a canny grifter with a false eye and a flair for the dramatic.

What followed was a disorienting trip into a world of myth and symbolism for Shadow and the audience. We witnessed the seductive goddess Bilquis devour a man with her lady-parts in a sex scene unlike anything else on TV; an epic bar fight between Shadow and a gigantic “leprechaun”; a talking buffalo with burning eyes haunting Shadow’s dreams; and a virtual reality beatdown that was all too real.  Read more…

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Leonardo DiCaprio used a standard, office file folder for his climate march sign, lol


Look, let me start by saying Leonardo DiCaprio has done a lot to combat climate change. 

He produced a climate change documentary titled Before the Flood that dropped in 2016. He has a foundation “dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants.” The foundation has given $61 million to causes that align with that mission statement. He talks about climate change all the time. And, also, he was among the ~200,000 people in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to protest a White House that very much does not share his (scientifically valid) concern for the damage people are doing to the climate. Read more…

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How Echo Look could feed Amazon’s big data fueled fashion ambitions

 This week Amazon took the wraps off a new incarnation of its Alexa voice assistant, giving the AI an eye so it can see as well as speak and hear. The Echo Look also contains a depth sensor that’s being used, in the first instance, to create a bokeh effect for a hands-free style selfies feature that Amazon is hoping will sell the device to fashion lovers, by making their outfits pop… Read More


Streetwear Brands Have Made Their Way Into Coffee Mugs

There are two things taking over our IG feed and even discover page: people wearing head-to-toe streetwear outfits and flatlays that include coffee. An Instagram account turned website has merged these to give us the lattes we didn’t know we needed.   Coffee N’ Clothes, founded by Ryan Glick, started out as an account wherein […]

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Hit Subscribe: Anna Wintour and Gwyneth Paltrow Will Create a New Magazine

It all started with a casual conversation between Goop founder and CEO Gwyneth Paltrow and Condé Nast artistic director and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Now there’s a new magazine in the works. The magazine, also dubbed as Goop, is conceptualized as a collectible and will be released quarterly. The first issue will hit newsstands this September and as expected it will cover […]

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The NSA’s massive surveillance operation is now just a little less massive


The NSA’s spying program is still vast, but it’s now a touch more restricted.

The agency has long collected texts and emails sent to and by Americans if those electronic communications contained the names of folks whom the NSA was conducting surveillance on, but that’s no longer the case. 

This, as the New York Times reported Friday, is a significant rollback of a surveillance program that privacy advocates have railed against since a series of NSA spying programs and mechanisms were revealed in 2013. 

The main issue many privacy advocates had: The spying didn’t require a warrant and was based on the content of the message rather than the people having the digital conversation.  Read more…

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Filipina Model Charlene Almarvez at Marchesa’s S/S 2018 Bridal Presentation

It’s been seven years since Charlene Almarvez won the title of Ford Supermodel of the World and to this very day, she continues to make waves in the fashion industry—far from the Philippines and all the way in New York, but who cares? Her latest project was Marchesa’s spring/summer 2018 bridal presentation that took place […]

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Instagram’s fixed the glitch that had you spamming everyone you’ve ever tagged


Instagram has fixed a glitch that re-notified everyone you’ve ever tagged in a photo, when you re-activate a disabled account.

The company said it got rid of the issue via email on Thursday, a day after the bug was identified. And after reproducing the issue, we can confirm that the fix worked for us.

Mashable reached out to Instagram on Tuesday, when the company confirmed that this was a known issue. The bug has been noticed by users on social media since at least January 2016. 

The glitch affected users who had temporarily disabled their Instagram accounts, immediately after re-enabling an account, and would spam everyone previously tagged.  Read more…

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The Latest Uniqlo UT x KAWS x ‘Peanuts’ Collab Drops Today

What does it feel like when you are able to see and touch the clothes but can’t purchase them just yet? Well, whatever it is, I felt it last Wednesday during the preview of Uniqlo’s newest UT section at SM Megamall—their biggest store yet. And the merch that I can’t purchase is KAWS’ second collaboration with the […]

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Beyoncé Is Gracing Your Life with Some More ‘Lemonade’ Merch

Just because the Queen Beyoncé is preparing for twins, cancelling her Coachella appearance, and looking into a new house, doesn’t mean she has fogotten about her loyal Beyhive. The singer dropped some Lemonade merch on the anniversary of her album. Pieces include varsity jackets that declare total allegiance to the Beyhive, “Boy, Bye” mugs and cropped tops […]

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This creepy face hiding in a lamppost is freaking the internet out


The town of Salem, Massachusetts is infamous for spooky happenings, so when the mayor shares a creepy photo of a face hidden in a lamppost, people are going to take note. 

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll tweeted out an eerie photo of a lamppost on Wednesday that appeared to have a ghostly face trapped inside.  

Anybody else see a face in this light?…Totally eerie, eh

— Kim Driscoll (@MayorDriscoll) April 26, 2017

@MayorDriscoll It’s there. And you’re in Salem. Nuff said.

— kimberley mckinnon (@kimbelaya) April 26, 2017 Read more…

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Watch: Powerful Maori haka spreads support for veteran’s mental health


The haka is always a powerful show of Maōri culture and identity, but you can really feel the force in this one. 

Tuesday marked ANZAC Day, a day to commemorate Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in armed conflicts around the world. In recent years, it’s also been a day to recognise the impact that war has on the mental health of veterans.

It’s culminated in the Haka For Life, a show of support for men’s mental health. 

200 men, women and children performed the traditional war cry at Kings Park in Perth, Australia, according to The West Australian. And boy, it’s quite the show of passion. Read more…

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