Relive SpaceX’s historic rocket launch and landing with this video


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Self-driving cars could create a massive new $7 trillion economy


The race to create self-driving cars is on—but what happens when they’re everywhere and nobody has to drive?   

That could lead to a “passenger economy” worth $7 trillion by 2050, according to a new report by Intel and analyst firm Strategy Analytics.

While the name of the potential new market is lame, the amount of cash it’s estimated to drive is not: the study predicts self-driving cars will free up 250 million hours of commuting time per year, providing the backbone for a thriving $800 billion industry by 2035, when the study predicts fully autonomous vehicles will begin to proliferate globally.  Read more…

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Shopping Online Tonight? You Can Cop Kathryn Bernardo’s Back-to-Basics Look

Keeping up with the latest in fashion can be tiring. Even for one who loves to shop and spend hours in clothing stores, looking for “The One.” There are days I want to be whisked off to simpler times when a shirt and a pair of jeans would do. I scrolled through Instagram and spotted […]

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The tech world is becoming more political, and not everyone likes it


“Seventeen agencies, all in agreement… they concluded with high confidence that the Russians ran an extensive information war campaign against my campaign to influence voters in the election.”

This is Hillary Clinton uncensored, speaking on a stage, railing against Russia and the Trump administration, playing to her base, and generally urging the world to #resist.

This wasn’t a political rally or event, though. Clinton was headlining the Code Conference, an annual tech event where leaders from Silicon Valley and the greater tech world congregate, typically to talk about the latest innovations, ideas, and gadgets. Read more…

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La Croix got its very own song, because seltzer is the new champagne


If you have an unhealthy obsession with La Croix, you’re about to fall in love. Rapper, Big Dipper has created the perfect love song for fans of the flavored seltzer aka “water juice.”

The “LaCroix Boi” music video has slow-mo bottle popping, sexy water pouring, 2000’s R&B vibes, and bubbles. Basically, it has everything you could want in a seductive music video dedicated to sparkling water.

Grab a cold one, crack it open with the bois, and enjoy.

[h/t: AV Club] Read more…

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Kick Off Pride Month With This Collection From Urban Outfitters

For those of you who don’t know, June is Pride Month and if you’re looking to further show your support for the LGBTQ community, Urban Outfitters has got you covered. They have just launched a seven-piece Pride collection, which includes T-shirts and caps with rainbow and heart illustrations. The collection also features a baseball cap […]

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Scammer calls a guy to ‘fix’ his computer, doesn’t realise it’s the police


Ah, delicious schadenfreude.

A scammer purporting to be from Microsoft technical support accidentally called New Zealand Police, trying to get access to the officer’s computer via remote access program TeamViewer — a unfortunately common PC support scam.

Sadly for this scammer though, he’s called the wrong people. And police posted the results on Facebook. Read more…

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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2017: ‘In The Beginning’ by Amir Sali

For the final show of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2017, Amir Sali dedicated In The Beginning to the greater glory of God. Inspired by the creation in the book of Genesis and the Garden of Eden, Amir’s collection featured sheer pieces embellished with figures of birds, flower, insects, and other animals. The other garments were […]

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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2017: ‘Golden Rule’ by Pat Santos

A mix of gold and florals make up Pat Santos’ latest collection. This shows how femininity and power work hand in hand via ruffled tops and dresses, and metallic skirts. See Pat Santos’ full holiday collection in the slideshow above!   Photos by Chola Tolentino Follow Preen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Viber

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Here’s a snake regurgitating a living snake, because nature is disgusting

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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2017: ‘Dreamy Peacock Misaligns with Suspicious Pluto’ by Sidney Perez Sio

Sidney Perez Sio creates his rendition of the barong and adds a laidback feel to formalwear in his latest Philippine Fashion Week collection. He pairs sneakers with glittery green dresses and flowy pieces with peacock feather embroidery, giving new meaning to off-duty athleisure. For the full collection, click through the slideshow above!   Photos by Chola […]

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Architecture just got a $30 million investment to expand petitions into real social movements

TwitterFacebook is getting some major support from tech billionaires to create real social movements. 

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is leading a $30 million funding round for the site in what he said in a post on LinkedIn was his largest personal impact investment to date. 

Bill Gates and Y Combinator’s Sam Altman are also investing in in this round, CEO Ben Rattray said in a blog post

“As a society, we should be doing everything we can to build powerful, easy-to-use civic spaces where upstarts and idealists can effectively challenge entrenched interests. Where people believe their participation makes a real difference. Where every day, in transparent fashion, individual citizens can join forces in highly democratic efforts to make the world a better place,” Hoffman wrote in his LinkedIn post. “That’s why I’m making this investment in”  Read more…

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Dad pranks his son at school in the most embarrassing way possible


Some parents are embarrassing. Then there’s Justin Beadles.

Justin’s 15-year-old son, Jack, had his last day of junior high recently, so to make it very memorable, Justin decided to pull a super embarrassing prank on his kid.

Dressed in a Speedo, a swimming cap, and medals hanging around his neck, Justin ran barefoot towards his son who was hanging outside of his school, screaming Jack’s name. Yep, his dad decided to dress up as swimmer Michael Phelps while his mother filmed it. 

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DARPA reveals design of its space plane for faster, cheaper satellite launches


Launching satellites into orbit could get a lot cheaper thanks to an experimental space plane. 

This week, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) revealed the design for the XS-1, which is set to be built by Boeing. The hypersonic aircraft would launch vertically, deploy a second stage to carry a satellite into orbit, and then land like a normal airplane. 

Although the aircraft is still in the concept phase, DARPA believes the final result will be a vehicle that will provide “short-notice, low-cost access to space” for both military and commercial use. Initial tests of the XS-1 technology will attempt 10 flights over the course of 10 days with the ultimate goal being routine low-Earth orbit flights for around $5 million or less per launch. (Currently, it costs SpaceX about $62 million to launch its Falcon 9 rocket into orbit.) Read more…

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5 Hidden Fashion Shops to Visit When You’re Tired of the Usual Spots

  I look forward to traveling because of the shopping. Despite the ease of online hauls, the satisfaction you get while in a store, soaking up its ambiance, going through the racks for a piece that’s right for you, and getting it immediately cannot be matched. My boss often shares stories of haggling in local […]

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