We finally know what the inside of Tesla’s Model 3 looks like, and it’s stunning


The wait is finally over.

After months of hype and anticipation, Tesla has finally given us our first peek at the interior of the Model 3 and, well, it was worth the wait.

The interior is every bit as sleek and minimalist as we expected. The most prominent feature is the 15-inch digital display, which has more of a landscape orientation than Tesla’s other cars. Note that, as Musk confirmed to a disappointed Tesla fan earlier this year, there is no speedometer (or any kind of gauge, for that matter) behind the wheel.

Close observers will notice that there are very few buttons or controls of any kind, which makes sense considering Tesla’s autopilot ambitions. Read more…

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One of the world’s longest electric car highways will be built in Australia


Flush with long stretches of road, Australia is now set to be home to one of the world’s longest electric highways.

Queensland has unveiled plans for the Electric Super Highway, a series of fast-charging stations in 18 cities and towns it hopes will encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.

“This project is ambitious, but we want as many people as possible on board the electric vehicle revolution, as part of our transition to a low emissions future,” the state’s acting roads minister, Steven Miles, said in a statement. Read more…

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Wear Wide Leg Pants to the Beach or Your Next Coffee Date Like Erich Gonzales and Bea Marin

Wide leg pants give you the best of both worlds; they shield your legs from the rain but are also breezy and comfortable. You can dress it up with a pair of heels or make it a casual outfit with sneakers and a sweater. They also come in different types and designs like cropped or […]

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Transgender comedian speaks out about Trump’s ban on ‘The Tonight Show’


In the wake of Trump’s plan to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon invited transgender comedian Patti Harrison to say a few words. 

Harrison said that while she didn’t want to serve in the military, she wants the right to serve.

“It’s like, I don’t want to go to your baby shower, but I want the invite,” she said. 

“But you know, I don’t even think Trump knows what transgender means. He probably thinks transgender people are those cars that turn into robots.” Read more…

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Are You All For Princess Diana-Inspired Streetwear?

Princess Diana is an inspiration to many, including Off-White founder and designer Virgil Abloh. We might even see a Diana-inspired streetwear line later this year. Virgil teased his upcoming collection for September by posting a photo of his inspiration board. He simply wrote that Off-White will be releasing 40 looks paying homage to the late […]

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What Pendant Should You Wear Over Your Collared Shirts?

I have a newfound appreciation for necklaces recently, particularly ones with pendants. There’s always one that goes well with whatever top I’m wearing. Statement pendants also add that oomph to plain clothing. (Just look at how Gladys Villanueva styled her all-black pantsuit during SONA 2017.) Like any piece of jewelry, pendants come in different shapes, sizes, and […]

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If Aliens Invaded Earth, They’d Probably Wear Gucci

We don’t have flying cars in 2017 yet, but Gucci did give us the Star Trek-inspired fashion editorial that we never knew we needed. Complete with green aliens, rocky spaceships, and silver robots. A post shared by Gucci (@gucci) on Jul 25, 2017 at 5:46am PDT The fall/winter 2017 campaign, directed by Glen Luchford, featured Alesandro […]

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Queen fans, say this to Siri right now


Love Queen? Or Wayne’s World

Then you need to say this to Siri right now: “I see a little silhouette of a man.”

OK, we’re waiting. Yeah, she really goes on for awhile. 

Pretty cool right? 

But it appears the easter egg only works on Siri set to U.S. English. We tested the feature on other English editions such as British, and it didn’t work.

Still, the internet got pretty excited about it, including Vanity Fair writer Nick Bilton, who CCed the new White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, aka “Mooch.” Read more…

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Veteran scoutmaster scolds Trump in scathing tweetstorm


“Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” Donald Trump said Monday.

Funny he should ask that, because Trump talked a lot about politics during his speech Monday at the National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

That angered a veteran scout leader, who said Trump made his appearance in front of about 30,000 Boy Scouts all about himself.

Ted Genoways‏, a scoutmaster whose family has had close ties to the Boy Scouts of America for decades, delivered a scathing tweetstorm after Trump used the occasion to once again to take aim at the press, political rivals, and Obamacare in his speech. Read more…

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Roundup: See Heart Evangelista and Sen. Legarda’s Muslim-Inspired SONA 2017 Outfits

Who’s scrolling through the #SONA2017 threads right now for fashion updates? We are and we’re rounding up all the looks for your viewing pleasure. Like last year’s SONA, everyone’s wondering how designers will incorporate the dress theme. This year it’s Muslim-inspired. Let us know if you think the women dressed up for the occasion and make sure […]

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Finally, an empowering, consensual sex scene on ‘Game of Thrones’


It took seven seasons but it finally happened: a sweet, consensual sex scene on Game of Thrones.

The second episode of Season 7, “Stormborn,” took a quick break from war plotting to give the audience the long-awaited consummation (pun unintended, how dare you) of Grey Worm and Missandei’s flirting. That’s right, the two most loyal members of Dany’s Queensgaurd finally got together!

Game of Thrones is a show infamous for its gratuitous sex scenes, rampant sexual assault, and countless scenes of female nudity. But for once, this scene felt not only earned, but empowering. These two characters have been gazing longingly at each other for years, but their duty to their queen always came first. (Not to mention Grey Worm’s insecurities about his body as a eunuch.) Read more…

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Miley Cyrus’ Favorite Platforms Are Made By a Filipino Designer

  Every once in a while, we see Hollywood celebrities wearing pieces made by Filipino designers. Favorites often include red carpet dresses from Mark Bumgarner and Michael Cinco. Aside from them, of course, these stars also love donning items from other brands and designers. Further proof that Filipino fashion is slowly gaining traction in the […]

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‘Black Panther’ just debuted some new footage at Comic-Con and it looks friggin’ epic


Unlike his buddy Thor, Black Panther didn’t release any new footage online during Marvel’s Comic-Con panel. But luckily for you, we were in the room where it happens – and let’s just say this thing looks friggin’ epic

Like, “worth standing in the Hall H line for” epic.

We were treated to both a longer clip and a trailer-style sizzle reel. The former looks, basically, like Marvel’s take on James Bond. T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Okoye (Danai Gurira), and Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) are all dressed to the nines as they enter a South Korean luxury casino that looks like something out of SkyfallRead more…

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Find Out How This Local Brand Prepared for NYFW

After their success at last year’s New York Fashion Week, local brand Bench Body jetted off once more to present their spring/summer 2018 collection last week. Inspired by the tropics, streetwear, and skate culture, the pieces in the collection blurred the line between underwear and ready-to-wear clothing that you can mix and match. With the […]

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Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ trailer unites all your favorite street-level superheroes and also Iron Fist


Move over, Avengers – there’s a new superhero gang in town. 

Marvel’s The Defenders brings together all four “street-level” superheroes introduced on Netflix so far: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Not that they seem all that thrilled about it. All four are more or less what you’d describe as the “lone wolf type” – but to quote another one of our favorite TV properties, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. And Lord knows they’re gonna need all they can get to survive this next battle. 

Because, you see, they’ll be teaming up to fight the most intimidating pop culture persona of all. Lady’s already survived xenomorphs and ghosts – you know she’s not gonna go down easy. Read more…

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These Duffle Bags Will Make Packing for Your Weekend Trip a Breeze

The best thing about an out of town trip (aside from the actual trip) is planning for it. Choosing the destination, booking accommodations, and being in transit builds so much excitement for the vacation. The not so fun part is packing for it. As much as we try to pack a week in advance, a […]

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Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ storm Comic-Con with tons of action-packed footage


Marvel’s Inhumans are ready for action.

ABC’s new superhero show has been touted as the first television series to debut in IMAX before hitting the broadcast airwaves. Which, in turn, raises the question: is this really worth the IMAX treatment? 

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks for a definitive answer to that one (Inhumans hits IMAX Sep. 1). But in the meantime, ABC’s trying like hell to convince potential fans that it is. 

To that end, they treated the Comic-Con audience to four lengthy clips, three of which featured very different types of action. Read more…

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