What the FUCT: Your Guide to the Cocktails at Manila’s Newest Speakeasy

I know what you’re thinking, “Why is this woman even writing about alcohol and cocktails when she doesn’t even drink herself?” Don’t worry, I asked myself the same thing when I found myself in Makati’s newest club-slash-speakeasy bar on a Friday afternoon. FUCT MNL is easy to miss without a signage in sight—all you have […]

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Nancy Pelosi trolled Trump with this offer to the Golden State Warriors


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi invited the Golden State Warriors to the U.S. Capitol the day after they beat Cleveland for the NBA championship

That might seem random at first blush, but it was actually a way for Pelosi to indirectly engage in one of her favorite pastimes: trolling President Donald Trump. 

The @Warriors‘ leadership is inspiring. I’d be honored to welcome the team to the U.S. Capitol#DubNation

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) June 13, 2017

Observers of both basketball and politics, you see, are watching to learn what happens next with Golden State. Championship teams are typically invited to visit the president at the White House — and universally accept said invitations — but with the Warriors there’s a wrinkleRead more…

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‘Detroit: Become Human’ lets you shape your story in an inhuman world


Detroit: Become Human imagines a future Earth in which androids are an everyday commodity. And then, those androids rebel.

This is the latest game from Quantic Dream, the French studio behind the likes of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Much like Detroit, those two previous games emphasize choice in a way that few others do. Characters die, subplots change, and all of it is your doing.

We don’t know much more about Detroit now than we did when Sony showed it off last year at E3. There’s still no release date, nor even a release window. The big takeaway from this trailer? Jesse Williams, of Grey’s Anatomy fame, appears to be in it. Read more…

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There’s Finally a Straw That Doubles as a Date Rape Drug Detector

We live in a time wherein high school students had to invent an easy-to-use date rape detector—because you know how our world is filled with filthy people who just don’t understand the concept of “No!” Susana Cappelo, Carolina Baigorri, and Victoria Roca of Gulliver Preparatory High School recently won the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge […]

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‘You will always be Batman’: Celebrities post tributes to Adam West


Adam West, the actor famous for his wry, dramatic portrayal of Batman, died Friday of complications related to leukemia. He was 88. 

After news of his death broke Saturday, fellow stars — including Mark Hamill, Conan O’Brien, and George Takei — shared tributes to West on Twitter.

“I’m so lucky to have worked w/ him & tell him how much he meant to me,” Hamill wrote.

Holy hell, Batman. We’ll miss you.

#AdamWest was such a wonderful actor & so kind, I’m so lucky to have worked w/ him & tell him how much he meant to me & millions of

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) June 10, 2017 Read more…

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Guy takes a photo with Seth Rogen every year for a good cause


For the past four years a man named Ted has attended Hilarity for Charity events where he takes a picture with comedian Seth Rogen.

The best part is that the two have somewhat of a meta tradition surrounding the picture. Rogen always holds the photo from the previous year in one hand while giving a thumbs up with the other.

Hilarity for Charity is a non-profit started by Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, that “aims to significantly improve outcomes for all family members contending with Alzheimer’s disease by 2020.”  Read more…

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Police dog too friendly for the force gets an adorable new job


If you want to be a police dog, you’ve gotta be a bit tough. Gavel, a German Shepherd from Queensland, Australia, isn’t.

He was ruled too sociable for the frontline by police trainers, and was let go from the training program while he was being fostered at the official residence of the Queensland governor.

Left wondering what to do with the pooch, staff decided to give him a new job as a vice-regal dog, which was made official in February this year.

“He has outgrown four ceremonial coats, undergone a career change (his official title is now Gavel VRD, ‘Vice-Regal Dog’), and brought untold joy to the lives of the governor, Mrs de Jersey, Government House staff, and the thousands of Queenslanders who have since visited the estate,” the office of Governor Paul de Jersey told the BBC. Read more…

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Why Anthony Bourdain Keeps Going Back to Filipino Food

Anthony Bourdain’s most recent trip to the Philippines further confirms how much he loves Filipino food. In an interview with CNN’s The Source, he lauds sisig as the dish that will help other people unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine to ” investigate further.” “It’s hot, sizzling, crispy, sticky delicious pieces of pork with many textures goes […]

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Clinton Palanca Calls Out Erroneous Feature on Filipino Food

In an article published on, Clinton Palanca points out the various mistakes made in’s “How Filipino Food Is Becoming the Next Great American Cuisine.” The story tries to prove how Filipino food is making its way into mainstream American conciousness and explains a few dishes but without much accuracy. He writes, “McNeilly hacks […]

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Smart glasses give legally blind man second chance to see his wife at their wedding


Andrew Airey married his wife almost 15 years ago, but recently he had a second wedding and this time he could see more of her face and even her wedding veil.

Airey lives with Stargardt’s disease, a form of macular degeneration, and his eyesight has deteriorated over the past 20 years. He’s legally blind, which has made life with his wife, Kelli, and their three daughters challenging in some ways. He said one of the biggest challenges is “not being able to see my wife’s facial expressions.” But a new device has changed that. Read more…

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Bianca Guidotti, Jodilly Pendre, and Hye Won Jang Share their Ultimate Cheat Day Snacks

I pursued this story with this idea: Models often follow strict diets, especially on days leading to a show or a shoot so whatever they break their diet for better be worth it. It better be worth that extra 30 minutes running or the other sacrifices they have to give up. When your paycheck relies […]

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Frappuccinos Now Come With a Cake on Top

Starbucks Japan continues to capture our hearts (and sweet tooth) with their creations. This time, they’re serving limited-edition Frappuccinos with cakes on top. According to PopSugar, the frap and cake combo has two flavors: Matcha Shot and Coffee Shot. The former is blended with almonds and topped with a chocolate cake disk, matcha green tea sauce, […]

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The leaked NSA report shows 2-factor authentication has a critical weakness: You


So you’ve created a strong password, kept an eye out for sketchy links, and enabled two-factor authentication — what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it turns out the answer is “you.” 

As the leaked NSA report on Russian efforts to hack the computers of U.S. election officials before the 2016 presidential election demonstrates, we are all often our own biggest security weakness. The document, published by The Intercept, shows that hackers found a way around the protections offered by two-factor authentication that is striking in its simplicity: They asked the targets for their verification codes.  Read more…

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Tiny baby kangaroo having a yawn after eating is just like you

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Why Fitness Coach and Doctor Ian Banzon Says that Carbs Are Good for You

Still at a loss for what to eat for lunch in the office? Sick of having the same bowl of yogurt and granola every day for breakfast? We hear you. In Preen Food Diaries, we take a closer look at the eating habits that keep people fit, healthy, and satisfied, while taking note of the […]

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Russell Westbrook goes back to where it all started in new Samsung ad


Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook has had quite the season with his triple-double average in 2016-17. Although it wasn’t quite enough, as his team fell short against the Houston Rockets in the playoffs. 

In a new ad for Samsung titled Driven, Westbrook takes it back to where it all began, where he grew up in Los Angeles. The ad is of course littered with shots of Samsung products, but also heartfelt tidbits about the point guard’s life — like how much getting back to his roots matters. Read more…

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Relive SpaceX’s historic rocket launch and landing with this video


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Self-driving cars could create a massive new $7 trillion economy


The race to create self-driving cars is on—but what happens when they’re everywhere and nobody has to drive?   

That could lead to a “passenger economy” worth $7 trillion by 2050, according to a new report by Intel and analyst firm Strategy Analytics.

While the name of the potential new market is lame, the amount of cash it’s estimated to drive is not: the study predicts self-driving cars will free up 250 million hours of commuting time per year, providing the backbone for a thriving $800 billion industry by 2035, when the study predicts fully autonomous vehicles will begin to proliferate globally.  Read more…

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The tech world is becoming more political, and not everyone likes it


“Seventeen agencies, all in agreement… they concluded with high confidence that the Russians ran an extensive information war campaign against my campaign to influence voters in the election.”

This is Hillary Clinton uncensored, speaking on a stage, railing against Russia and the Trump administration, playing to her base, and generally urging the world to #resist.

This wasn’t a political rally or event, though. Clinton was headlining the Code Conference, an annual tech event where leaders from Silicon Valley and the greater tech world congregate, typically to talk about the latest innovations, ideas, and gadgets. Read more…

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