Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ storm Comic-Con with tons of action-packed footage


Marvel’s Inhumans are ready for action.

ABC’s new superhero show has been touted as the first television series to debut in IMAX before hitting the broadcast airwaves. Which, in turn, raises the question: is this really worth the IMAX treatment? 

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks for a definitive answer to that one (Inhumans hits IMAX Sep. 1). But in the meantime, ABC’s trying like hell to convince potential fans that it is. 

To that end, they treated the Comic-Con audience to four lengthy clips, three of which featured very different types of action. Read more…

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How to Make Ellen Adarna’s Cheesy All-Veggie Lasagna

Lasagna is well-loved for having al dente pasta, juicy beef, and gooey cheese layered in one dish. You get everything in one bite without having to twirl the pasta and possibly make a mess. It’s also easy to experiment with different variations of this pasta dish, like swapping the beef with vegetables. We’ve established before how cheese and […]

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Kit Kat with a cake in it is most luxe Kit Kat you’ll ever eat


Kit Kat is no stranger to variations on its classic wafer, but this one is fancy AF. 

After debuting a 24-karat gold covered Kit Kat, a sake-flavoured Kit Kat and Kit Kat sushi, the chocolate bar brand has come up with the Chocolatory Gateau Mignon, which has a piece of rich chocolate cake inside it.

Image: Nestlé Japan

The Gateau Mignon Kit Kat took Japanese pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi over a year to develop. Takagi used a lengthy process of trial and error to create a fondant cake with just the right texture to balance the sweetness of the bar’s other ingredients, according to SoraNews24Read more…

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Have a Boozey Breakfast With These Wine Infused Jellies

Adding a little booze to your meal always makes the experience more interesting. Whether you’re pairing you food with wine or indulging in something infused with alcohol, the flavors are a treat for your tastebuds. Now, you can have boozey breakfast with Drunk Jelly, which is mixed with different kinds of wine like merlot and rosé. […]

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We Got Drunk On Margaritas For Science

The margarita is one of those rare iconic cocktails that have a half-dozen recipes that can each lay claim to being the best, which poses some problems for your everyday margarita drinker. If you turn to the internet for help, you’ll find hundreds of recipes, and it can be tough to tell which ones are […]


Treat Yourself to These S’more Inspired Desserts

S’mores are one of the simplest desserts you can make. With almost zero preparation, you roast a marshmallow and sandwich it between graham crackers and chocolate. The heat from the marshmallow melts the chocolate so you’re left with a warm and gooey treat that’s ready to eat. As easy as they are to prepare, some […]

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Ivanka Trump Made a Very Filipino Snack at Her Daughter’s Party

It was the birthday of Ivanka Trump’s daughter yesterday and she served a familiar dish for the party, at least for us. By that, we mean hotdog and marshmallow skewers—yes, the ones served at every Filipino birthday party. did Ivanka Trump throw her kids a Filipino birthday party??? — Matt Ortile (@ortile) July 18, […]

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Whatsapp users in China report issues sending pictures and video, fearing censorship


Chinese Whatsapp users are fearing that the app is being blocked in the country.

On Tuesday, users found they weren’t able to send pictures or videos across. It only worked when they used a VPN server instead, possibly indicating that the issue wasn’t with Whatsapp, but with the government’s notorious firewall.

If true, the high-profile messaging app would be the latest casualty in China’s latest efforts to police online content.

Users took to Twitter to confirm the peculiar outage:

Has #China blocked #whatsapp, or is it just a glitch? Can only access thru vpn since yesterday

— Jeremy Koh (@JeremyKohCNA) July 18, 2017 Read more…

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Ed Sheeran deletes his Twitter within 24 hours of that ‘Game of Thrones’ cameo


Singer-turned-actor Ed Sheeran had assured us earlier this month that he was just reading a lot of Harry Potter and taking a break from the Twitter hate, not quitting the platform completely as reported. 

But on Monday afternoon — less than a full day after he appeared in the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season premiere — his Twitter account @edsheeran was deleted. Gone. Poof. Apparently opting for some Hogwarts counter-programming wasn’t enough as we’re now at the “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” level of seriousness.

Sheeran’s been an active Twitter user for years and has had the occasional break, but the timing here is a bit suspicious.  Read more…

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Olloclip Filmer’s Kit is your go-to bag o’ live-streaming tricks


Good smartphone photography and video requires a steady hand, a good eye and, just maybe, a bag of tricks.

That’s more or less the concept behind Olloclip’s and Incase’s limited-time mashup: The Filmer’s Kit. 

It’s a black, compression-molded, 9-inch-by-6-inch-by-3-inch case packed with the majority of Olloclip’s iPhone 7 add-on lenses (the Core Lens Set and Active Lens Set) and Pivot, a nifty, articulating hand-held mobile phone grip with a universal clamp that accommodates most smartphone sizes. There’s also a cold-shoe mount on the Pivot for a microphone and light source and an adapter so you can use Pivot with your favorite GoPro style camera. Read more…

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A ‘Star Wars’ resort is coming to Orlando because Disney doesn’t have enough of our money already


No, you can’t actually visit that galaxy far, far away, on account of it being fictional and all. But Disney being Disney, they’ve cooked up the next best thing.

At D23 today, Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts, announced a “100% immersive” Star Wars-themed resort to come to Walt Disney World.

Plans for the resort were first reported in April, but today’s D23 panel brought our first official announcement.

Described as Disney’s “most experiential concept ever,” the luxury hotel promises to be a “100% immersive” experience in “an authentic Star Wars environment.”  Read more…

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Arci Muñoz Has a Grilled Chicken Dish for Your Next Backyard Party

Weekends with family sometimes call for an old-fashioned grill party. There’s the usual pork barbecue, fish, vegetables, and chicken served on skewers. Meanwhile, singer-actress Arci Muñoz had a different approach to this. All she needed were a whole chicken and a beer can. Also known as “chicken on a throne,” the chicken is placed on top […]

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Trump hires a man with the most magnificent mustache to defend him against Russia accusations


I dare say, I won’t stand for all of you besmirching my client, Mr. Trump.

To get to him, you’ll have to get through me and my magnificent mustache. My name is Ty Cobb and winning runs in my veins. I’m a high-powered lawyer who represented people in the Clinton administration, and I’m a distant relative of The Georgia Peach himself, Ty Cobb, the baseball player. 

It’s unconscionable that you would accuse my client, Donald J. Trump, and his associates of inappropriate contact with the Russians just because of evidence. Why, I’d challenge you to a duel, but I’m enjoying a tasty mint julep on a riverboat. Read more…

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We’re frankly baffled that luxury smartphone maker Vertu is done for


Incredibly rich people lacking any sense of style let out a collective gasp today, as news broke that luxury smartphone maker Vertu will be liquidated. 

Despite having a target market of moneyed assholes, of which the world is in no short supply, the UK-based company apparently struggled to find a customer base for its $46,600 polished 18-carat red gold phones.

We’re just as shocked as you are. 

And what brought this visionary company down? According to the BBC, that would be an accounting deficit of £128 million (aka the cost of roughly 3,555 Clous de Paris Red Gold Vertu smartphones).  Read more…

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No need to worry, just hundreds of thousands of fire ants forming living towers

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Little girl’s reaction to the ‘Frozen’ ride is hilariously cute


Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on Earth. For one little girl, all that magic may have been too much to handle.

Imgur user Stingerj uploaded this album of his family riding Frozen Ever After at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort for the first time.

The camera at the end of the ride captured his daughter’s befuddled expression in all its glory.

Maybe she was just shocked that cartoon characters were dancing and singing in real life. Even in the movie Anna freaks out at first when Olaf comes to life. Read more…

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