2018 Is Bringing You the Last Season of ‘GOT’ and Another Stephen King Show

Binge-watchers would know the feeling of having to wait for the next season of their favorite show/s. Sometimes they’ll also get hyped by TV series that coming out next year. But with so many shows out there (even I can’t keep up anymore), we all want to know which one we should invest our time […]

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Jimmy Kimmel returns with his little son Billy, after his second heart surgery


Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy, who was born with congenital heart disease and who has been at the center of the talk show host’s arguments around U.S. healthcare, had his second open heart surgery last week. So, Kimmel brought him on Monday’s show.

Kimmel has taken time off during Billy’s surgery, instead inviting guest hosts Chris Pratt, Melissa McCarthy, Tracee Ellis Ross and Neil Patrick Harris to keep the seat warm.

Billy’s surgery was a roaring success, and Kimmel thanked the doctors and nurses at the Children’s Hospital LA for his son’s treatment. “Daddy cries on TV but Billy doesn’t,” said a tearful Kimmel during his opening monologue. Read more…

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Hey, look: A fingerprint scanner under a smartphone screen


Could the future of smartphone biometrics look a lot like a shinier version of the past? The answer is most definitely yes — that is, if Synaptics Incorporated has anything to say about it. 

The San Jose-based hardware manufacturer announced plans on Monday to mass produce an optical in-display fingerprint sensor, and, according to the company, it has a very big partner involved. 

The “Clear ID” scanner, which would reside under a phone’s screen, would theoretically allow for easy-to-use biometrics on bezel-less phones. While Synaptics is not the first company to develop such technology, that it claims to have a deal with an unnamed “top five [original equipment manufacturer]” suggests it’s ready for the big leagues.  Read more…

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New York City, December 10, 2017

★★★★ The snow, clean white in the sun, still crisply traced balcony rails and building tops. A lilac haze prettified New Jersey. Someone had built a decently orthodox three-ball snowman on the middle of one of the rooftop tables across the way. Downstairs the snow had held its place and its whiteness even down in […]


Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more are standing up for bullied kid Keaton Jones


By now, you’ve probably seen the name Keaton Jones or #StandWithKeaton, regarding the Tennessee boy whose video about his terrible bullying experience went pretty viral this weekend. 

The heartbreaking video, in which Jones describes how he’s bullied in school, created an instant outpouring of support and love from all corners of the internet. Many, many people shared their own stories, words of encouragement, and his video with others. Celebrities were definitely among them.

Celebrities have reached out on Twitter and Instagram showing Jones their own love and support with invitations to hang out, and simply spreading awareness of how serious and hurtful bullying really is. Read more…

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Former Facebook exec says network is ‘destroying how society works’


“You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” 

That was the tagline for The Social Network, the film about creating Facebook, and it’s only become more relevant as the social network has grown to more than 2 billion people. Those “few enemies” are former Facebook executives, people who helped build the tech giant. 

“The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works,” said Chamath Palihapitiya, who joined Facebook in 2007 and served as its vice president for user growth. He was referring to the iconic “like” button and other reactions we have while browsing News Feed.  Read more…

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Significant Digits For Monday, Dec. 11, 2017

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news. 1,052 deaths Officially, 64 people died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria. But The New York Times estimated that as many as 1,052 people died in the 42 days following the hurricane’s landfall because of the storm. They determined that […]


Fake News, Rape Jokes, and Victim Blaming Should Be Left in 2017

We know it’s still practically mid-December but we’re already thinking of how to prepare for the new year. The first on our to-do list: figuring out what to leave behind in 2017. This doesn’t just apply to physical objects though—that’s for another story. We’re also talking about some of the expressions, situations, and even people […]

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Do dividends matter? Yes… far more than you might think…

To some investors, dividends are for financial penny-pinchers… or for widows, orphans and retirees, for whom a few additional percentage points of return makes a lot of difference. If you’re a speculator who’s aiming for a 300 percent gain on a hot stock tip (after all, Uncle Kevin’s hairdresser’s cousin really knows stocks, right?), then […]

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All you wanted for your birthday is every ‘Street Fighter’ ever


Street Fighter is turning 30, so Capcom is releasing one heck of an anniversary collection.

Set for release in May 2018, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will feature 12 games, including the 1987 original Street Fighter. Time to annoy your parents.

Along with the OG, you’ll get 11 classic games from Street Fighter II, through to Street Fighter III: Third Strike

Image: capcom/screenshot

Capcom released a rather emotionally charged video announcement for the collection, which celebrates over 60 SF characters and 40 million units sold in the last 30 years: Read more…

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Where Do We Draw the Line When It Comes to Women’s Sexual Harassment Allegations?

This column may contain strong language, sexual content, adult humor, and other themes that may not be suitable for minors. Parental guidance is strongly advised. Recently, an extremely good-looking man put his arm around my waist. It was a completely innocuous gesture that lasted a few seconds, more of an organic reaction than anything else […]

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‘The Last Jedi’ first premiere reactions are here and – you guessed it – the Force is strong


Star Wars: The Last Jedi held its star-studded world premiere at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Saturday night, and the credits had barely finished rolling before attendees hit Twitter to share their first reactions to Rian Johnson’s take on the Skywalker saga.

While spoilers and plot details are under strict embargo until Dec. 12 at 9 a.m. PT, that didn’t stop fans from weighing in on the tone of the movie, which has drawn inevitable comparisons to the second (and most critically acclaimed) film in George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back.

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*Don’t Fall for These 7 Myths About Car Insurance

Buying car insurance can be a complex process. But if you want to get the best value for your money, it’s important to get off on the right foot by having as clear an understanding of how buying car insurance in Singapore works. That’s why our team at ValuePenguin has compiled this list of the […]

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