Significant Digits For Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news. We need your help figuring out the best Trick-or-Treating candy! Several extremely distressed turkeys The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the Yellville Turkey Trot to see whether it complied with federal regulations after objects were launched from low-flying aircraft during the […]


5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Manila FAME

Before Christmas hits, one must definitely go to Manila FAME. This huge event is unique to the country as it gathers hundreds of small to medium enterprises, your favorite space and lifestyle designers, along with international names to make your life better. Not kidding. Click through their website and you’ll see how the list of […]

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Celebrity Covers: The Gibbs Sisters and Gabbi Garcia Show Off Their Singing Chops

While celebrities and influencers are becoming YouTube personalities, we also noticed that many of them are showcasing their singing talent. From covering songs to releasing their own tracks and music videos online, they are sharing a different side of them that we don’t see on-screen or social media. We listed some videos below so you […]

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Firefighters capture video of ‘fire tornado’ in Portugal


Both wildfires and tornadoes are pretty terrifying things by themselves, but together? Next level.

During the most recent deadly wildfire that broke out in central Portugal on Oct. 6, local firefighters managed to capture the natural phenomenon known as a “fire tornado” or “fire whirl.”

The fires, which started near Pampilhosa da Serra and spread to the city of Arganil, have killed at least 41 people. More than a hundred have now been killed in fires in the country over the last four months. Read more…

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There’s a mockumentary about that baseball episode of ‘The Simpsons’


The Simpsons has its fair share of classic episodes, and surely “Homer At The Bat” would be up there with the most memorable.

With its enviable list of baseball royalty and highly quotable moments, it’s the perfect subject for a mockumentary, which has been titled Springfield of Dreams: The Legend of Homer Simpson.

The hour-long special set to air on Sunday is produced by Fox Sports and Major League Baseball, featuring Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame as the director, according to EW.

It’ll be a satirical take on Ken Burns’ 1994 miniseries Baseball, with the mockumentary featuring sportscasters like Joe Buck, as well as the players who appear in the episode such as Wade Boggs, Steve Sox and Jose Canseco. Read more…

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Top 5 Tips for Using Credit Cards Overseas

Before jetting off to tour Asia or backpack through Europe for your next adventure, you may find yourself caught in a dilemma on how to pay for your travel expenses incurred through transactions with merchants at the holiday destinations that you are heading to. You may ask yourself, what is the best way to pay all of these merchants? Would it be cash, cheque or a credit card? Here are five tips that you can follow to fully maximise credit overseas. 1. Choose The Right Card Before you start using your credit card all day every day abroad, understand how your credit card company may apply foreign transaction fees. Stop to read the fine print. Does your credit card charge any fees that you did not know about? Watch out for the hidden fees and train yourself to avoid those pesky charges. Many credit card companies charge a fee for transactions performed abroad, usually 2%-3% of your total purchase. It may not sound like a hefty charge but why spend more when you don’t have to? Take, for example, a total sum of $5,000 was charged to your credit card on hotels, taxis, restaurants, and other expenses as you tour

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Obsessively checking social media during a crisis might harm your mental health


Survivors of three recent disasters — the northern California fires, the Las Vegas mass shooting, and Hurricane Maria — used social media and texting as lifelines to connect with loved ones, seek aid, and search for the latest developments. 

A new study, however, suggests that people who get updates during a major crisis from unofficial channels like random social media accounts are most exposed to conflicting information and experience the most psychological distress. 

The study, published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, surveyed 3,890 students whose campus was locked down after a shooter fired on people. Since it’s difficult, if not impossible, to begin a scientific study during a life-threatening disaster or crisis, the researchers asked students about their experience a week after the incident and analyzed five hours of Twitter data about the shooting. (Details about what happened were anonymized at the university’s request.)  Read more…

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If you use a non-Gmail email account, you can finally use the Gmail app


Does anyone out there still use an email other than Gmail? 

Google announced today that it’s testing a new feature that will allow select users to check their emails on the Gmail iOS app. It’s compatible with email addresses from services such as Yahoo, Live, and Outlook (yes, that’s still a thing). 

Anyone who has a non-Google email can apply to join the beta program: You just need to have an iPhone, and to make sure you’re using iOS 10 or later. 

It’s an exciting opportunity, but remember that as with any beta feature, there’s a chance it won’t work as well as you’d like.  Read more…

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New York City, October 17, 2017

★★★★ The sun and the reflected sun sparkled together relentlessly, lighting up individual strands of hair. The exertion of hurrying from the school to the apartment to fetch the forgotten viola music served to take the edge off the chill. A ray of light did a trick shot off a high window of the Lincoln […]


Significant Digits For Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news. 2 countries On Tuesday a federal judge in Hawaii blocked the Trump administration from implementing a ban on travelers from the countries of Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Chad and Somalia that was set to go into effect today. The granting of […]