Honda’s all-new Civic Hatchback looks like a concept car


When Honda revealed its stunning and grandparent-scaring Civic Hatchback Prototype earlier this year, I presumed the production version would never be as sharp, angular and downright extreme.

That’s because the Japanese brand has skewed toward conservatism with its exterior designs since, well, forever. There must be something wild in the Tokyo water supply, though, because this all-new Civic Hatchback is absolutely mental looking… in the best possible way.

The Civic Hatchback is more than just a sheep in wolf’s clothing (that’s a saying, right?); it’s performance matches its exterior styling. Read more…

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Here’s a Monday Evening Playlist You’ll Love Driving Home To

We here at Preen want to give you a high five for surviving this Monday. The rains might still be in town, but we know there’s still a sunny disposition in you to help you out through the week. To further motivate you, here’s a playlist we prepared for the drive home and to help […]

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Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte robbed at gunpoint in Rio


The USOC has confirmed that Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte was robbed at gunpoint after attending a party in Rio on Sunday morning.

Patrick Sandusky, a spokesperson for the USOC (United States Olympic Committee), released the following statement on Sunday, identifying swimmers Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen as the other victims of the robbery. According to the USOC, the the crime was committed by individuals who posed as armed police.

Initially, the IOC denied the reports. However, Lochte’s mother, Ileana Lochte, told both USA Today and Fox Sports Australia that her son had been robbed.  Read more…

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Why Snapchat and smartphone beauty filters need a culturally inclusive update


The controversial Snapchat filter called out as “yellowface” by many earlier this week has thrust the popular app’s face morphing filters into the spotlight again, with some wondering if the app may be impacting how we see ourselves and others. 

Aside from racially insensitive filters, there’s also the matter of Snapchat’s “beauty” filter and how it may reveal a bias toward a certain kind of look. Specifically, a look that hews more toward western mainstream social norms as opposed to accentuating the true, diverse beauty of the many different kinds of faces seen around the world. 

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Thomas Gibson fired from ‘Criminal Minds’


Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds following an earlier incident in which he kicked one of the show’s writer, Mashable has confirmed.

“Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds,”explained a statement from ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios. “Creative details for how the character’s exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date.” 

Production sources told TMZ that the incident took place a few weeks ago. Gibson, who has portrayed Special Agent Aaron Hotchner since 2005, was reportedly “directing and acting in a scene when he got in a creative dispute with one of the writers. We’re told the argument escalated and Thomas exploded in anger, kicking the writer in the leg.” Read more…

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Watch Christina Grimmie’s posthumous ‘Snow White’ video


Christina Grimmie’s family has released the first music video from The Ballad of Jessica Blue, a four-part music video that accompanies music from the late singer’s Side A EP. 

In “Snow White,” we find Grimmie assuming the role of Jessica Blue, who’s stuck in a relationship she’s not entirely happy with and is waiting for her “prince” to come. The clip premiered on Billboard

The Voice finalist and YouTube star was fatally shot after her concert in Orlando, Florida, in June, prompting fans worldwide to mourn her death using the hashtag #RIPChristina. Read more…

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Green Day didn’t already have an album called ‘Revolution Radio’ so they fixed that


Green Day‘s latest single is a fully functioning pop punk Mad Lib. 

Guns, war, anti-authoritarian sentiment, Romeo and Juliet references that don’t really make much sense, condemnation of current celebrity culture — the “Bang Bang” lyric video has it all. The song is the first single off the band’s new album, Revolution Radio, out October 7. 

“I got my photo bomb, I got my Vietnam!” howls Billie Joe Armstrong. You’re probably confused, but so is he. 

“Of course the world has lost its collective mind… and me, Mike and Tré are lost souls too,” Armstrong said in a press release. “Revolution Radio is a movement for lost souls to come together… dance together… sing together… and most of all, find each other. That’s what the spirit of Green Day has been about since day one.” Read more…

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An alt musical tour of Scotland

Some of Scotland’s biggest gigs happen well away from Glasgow and Edinburgh, in communities as far flung as Stornoway and Ullapool, places for which there is no alternative but to take the scenic route

It’s a popular Scottish myth that the country’s entire music scene can be found in Glasgow, with the wider central belt offering occasional diversions during the Edinburgh festivals. In reality, fantastic acts can be found in the remotest corners, with village venues often attracting crowds as large as the cities, helping to create harmonious communities in far flung places.

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Please enjoy these photos of Boomer Phelps wearing earmuffs


Forget, for a moment, about Michael Phelps. 

Forget about his 21 Olympic golds, his punishing #PhelpsFace, his rivalry with Chad le Clos and instead turn your attention to his true greatest accomplishment: Boomer Phelps.

Phelps and his fiancée Nicole Johnson have already begun to groom Boomer for a lifetime of stardom. Despite the fact that he is 4-months-old, his personal Instagram account has 200,000 followers and counting. 

But Boomer’s career highlight — sartorially speaking — came this week as he sat poolside at the 2016 Rio Olympics wearing a pair of exceptionally large protective earmuffs. Expect to see these on all the babies this fall. Read more…

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Kylie Jenner’s ramen add-ins drive the internet wild


When you make ramen, your microwave beeps. 

When Kylie Jenner makes ramen, the internet explodes and everyone becomes a critic. 

The eighteen-year-old reality television star and makeup mogul made waves when, on Aug. 5, she snapchatted her favorite instant ramen additions of butter, garlic powder and an egg.

Image: Snapchat

The snap seems innocuous. An egg is a classic way to upgrade instant ramen and traditional Kumamoto-style ramen is layered with garlicky flavor. Sure, Kylie’s version is more “quick and dirty,” but the flavor combination isn’t anything either revolutionary or gauche.  Read more…

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The alt city guide to Cardiff

Much of the Welsh capital’s indie scene is beyond the city centre. But there are some real gems when it comes to music, nightlife and food – if you know where to look

Cardiff may be talked-up as one of the UK’s fastest growing cities with a global outlook in film and TV (the BBC and Pinewood have large bases here), but locals extol Cardiff’s sense of camaraderie. Grassroots cultural activity is increasing but often with assistance from established arts centres, such as the excellent Chapter.

“It’s collegiate,” says Kate Wasserberg, artistic director at pub theatre, the Other Room. “There wasn’t an organisation in Wales that didn’t lend us something.”

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