We Used To Get On Line For Music

“In the 1980s and 90s it was not unusual for shops to arrange special midnight openings for the biggest album releases – Michael Jackson, U2, Madonna – and lines snaking around Piccadilly Circus in London, for entrance to the giant branch of Tower Records, were a commonplace on wryly amused TV coverage of those releases…. […]


Which Sam Smith Song Best Describes Your Relationship?

We all have to thank Sam Smith. He was ready to comfort our love-stricken souls when Adele was probably busy nursing either baby Angelo or her personal heartaches. Sam came into our lives with a slew of songs, peppered with cheesy lines sang in that rich baritone. His falsetto brought us to our beds to cry over ex-lovers, […]

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A Sunny Day In Glasgow, “Hey, You’re Mine”

This song is both pretty and catchy but there is a part in the middle where, if you are a habitual user of performative work application Slack, you will hear something that sounds exactly like you are receiving a direct message and you will suddenly be filled with resentment toward your neediest colleague. Now that […]


19 Exciting Events Happening This Weekend

Thank God it’s Friday! (But let’s just forget about the fact that it’s Friday the 13th, too.) It’s finally time to get the rest and relaxation you deserve. But that doesn’t always have to mean hiding out at home. If you really want a full weekend, party hard tonight, shop till you drop tomorrow, or watch a ballet on Sunday! Pick where you’ll be this weekend […]

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How Cali’s DIY dance clubs keep the spirit of salsa alive

In Cali, south Colombia, discotecas are treasure troves of old-school salsa and other Latino music, with vast collections of vinyl, turntables, posters, and, of course, dance floors

Santiago de Cali is the self-proclaimed capital of salsa, not because this musical genre was born there (that would be the Bronx), nor because it had the best bands (that would be Puerto Rico, Cuba or the Bronx again), but because the locals in this city in south-west Colombia have adopted it as their own, making the lyrics part of the local poetry and dancing it like no one else on the planet.

Salsa emerged in the 1970s from a conglomeration of many earlier Latino musical styles and rhythms. The appreciation of Latino music in Cali extends back to the 1940s when the first radio stations broadcast music from Havana; when musicals from Mexico’s golden era of cinema (with Cuban swing bands and singers) were broadcast on local TV in the 50s; and with the arrival, also around that time, of records from Cuba, Panama and Argentina.

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Cubenx, “Phase Rotation”

If you stayed off the Internet this weekend you deserve a Nobel Prize in the field of Being a Fucking Genius. What a nightmare the whole goddamn thing has become, right? Now, yes, I realize I have developed something of a reputation for being a bit of a downer, the kind of person who can […]