The 25 best movie supervillians of all time, ranked

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It took a surprisingly long time for the first superhero to meet the first supervillain.

In 1938, Action Comics No. 1 launched the superhero genre by introducing Superman and pitting him against … the abstract concept of malfeasance in the criminal justice system (he delivered a signed confession that exonerated a woman about to be executed for murder). For the next dozen issues, he faced petty criminals. Only in 1938 did Superman finally meet a foe truly worthy of his time: the mad scientist known as the Ultra-Humanite. Clad in a distinctive outfit (a white one-piece that evoked both a doctor’s coat and a ball gown), prone to arrogant monologuing, and bent on conquering the world, he began a proud tradition of over-the-top antagonism.

These days, superhero fiction still thrives in the four-color page, but far more people find their tales of costumed adventuring on the silver screen. The genre is unstoppable at the box office, and it wouldn’t have gotten as big as it is today without solid supervillainy. Marvel Studios’ Black Panther just introduced one of the best of the best in Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger, and we felt the time was ripe to see how where he fits in the ultra-baddie canon. We proudly present to you a definitive list of the 25 best movie supervillains of all time.

Our stipulations were as follows: Each character had to be one of the primary antagonists in a superhero movie (meaning we didn’t include larger-than-life villains in non-superhero movies, e.g., Hannibal Lecter) that had a theatrical release (sorry to all the straight-to-video releases and TV movies out there). In searching for our winners, we generally looked at three criteria that are essential to top-flight mega-nasties.

The great ones are visually interesting — that doesn’t necessarily mean a costume, just character design that leaves an impression and expresses what the person is all about. They also have to be remarkable in the screenplay — they usually reflect something relevant back at their respective heroes and have a clever (and at least somewhat intelligible, which is all too rare) master plan. And finally, they have to be played by actors who know how to light up the screen. There are quite a lot of generic Big Bads out there, but the finest ones are often even more exquisite than the folks we’re supposed to be rooting for. Let’s go into the secret lair, shall we?

25. Gwen Grayson / Royal Pain (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) — “Sky High”

Buena Vista Pictures

The charming teen flick Sky High is the most unjustly overlooked work of our two-decade-old superhero boom. If you’re one of the many who haven’t seen it, you should probably forget you even saw this entry, as it spoils the big twist. But it’s more important to praise the film than protect it from spoilers, so let us offer accolades to the great Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who turned in a great villain performance before she became the sought-after supporting actor she is today.

Gwen Grayson appears at first to be a stereotypical teenage love interest for the adolescent protagonist, and she does the best she can with that early material, but once she reveals herself as the film’s grudge-bearing antagonist, the magic begins. Winstead wears grievances with the best of them, growling and scowling her way into your heart, and it’s exciting to see the movie subvert your expectations about what an actress like her can do in a picture like this.

24. Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) — “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

Warner Bros.

When Warner Bros. announced that Jesse Eisenberg would be playing Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, one could’ve been forgiven for assuming it would just be a retread of his performance as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. After all, his Zuck had many of the classic elements of past Lex depictions: insatiable avarice, preternatural calm, eternal condescension, and smugness for days. But Eisenberg and director Zack Snyder chose a different path, one that veered more toward giddy insanity than cool imperiousness.

Lex’s plot is nonsensical and his character design lackluster (at least the wig is memorable), but his portrayal is one of the film’s highlights. Unlike your average Big Bad, he has virtually no charisma; indeed, his hornet’s nest of tics and grins is supremely off-putting. In a film that stumbles on so many other points (though not as many as its critics claim), Lex’s ability to provide discomfort is something of a virtue. You really want to see this guy go down, not because you fear a world where he’s in charge, but because you’ve met guys like him before and they drive you nuts.

23. Col. Stryker (Brian Cox) — “X2”

20th Century Fox

The X-Men have succeeded as a franchise in comics, television, and film in spite of the fact that their antagonists so routinely have the same gist as one another: They’re bigots. Lazy creators routinely give us little reason to be interested in specific anti-mutant crusaders, merely using them as mouthpieces for simplistic prejudice. And then there’s Col. Stryker. Brian Cox and the team behind X2 did as good a job as anyone ever has at crafting a mutant-hater. He’s a stout, plainspoken, Vuhjinyuh-accented black-ops spook, endowed with Cox’s talent for threatening whispers and unsettling half-smiles.

We certainly want him to lose, but he’s not motivated by dull bigotry: In a remarkable early scene, Stryker reveals that his son is a mutant with devastating mental abilities who drove poor Mrs. Stryker to a power-drill-induced suicide. Who wouldn’t get a little monomaniacal? Ultimately, we watch Stryker with fascination because he is a perfect, fleshed-out vessel for our suspicion about the biases and tactics of our own government. Mutant superheroes may be an implausible concept, but there is no worse real-life supervillainy than the use of state power against a minority population.

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What’s life going to be like for the Silicon Valley gang, sans Erlich Bachman?

Following last season’s departure of TJ Miller, who plays Bachman, fans have likely wondered what Season 5 will look like — especially without that priceless tension between him and Jian Yang.

HBO dropped a trailer for the upcoming season on Tuesday, and well, it’d certainly appear the rivalries are staying the same. Pied Piper is still butting heads with Hooli, and its founder Richard Hendricks, played by Thomas Middleditch, is still trying to prove himself as a competent leader.

Same old, maybe, but we shall see. Season 5 of Silicon Valley debuts on Mar. 25. Read more…

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These are the first cities to get AT&T’s mobile 5G


Internet speeds are about to get way faster in many U.S. cities.

AT&T announced on Wednesday the first locations that will receive its new mobile 5G network. The company says a dozen cities will receive the new, lightning-fast internet including parts of Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco, Texas. 

The company will announce additional cities in the coming months. 

Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless provider, plans to roll out 5G home internet by the end of the year, but  AT&T claims it will be the first to deliver standalone mobile 5G.

AT&T’s senior vice president of wireless network architecture and design Igal Elbaz told Mashable in a phone interview that the company hoped to begin the rollout in major metropolitan areas. “It has to do with how we think about the infrastructure,” he said. Elbaz declined to comment on the specific criteria that led AT&T to choose these cities.  Read more…

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iMessage and FaceTime goes down for users on Australian carrier


Well, this is odd.

Some customers of Australian carrier Telstra were unable to use iMessage and FaceTime on Wednesday morning, as technicians worked to fix the issue with the two Apple services.

The carrier’s outages page confirmed the problem. In a tweet, Telstra said customers could continue to send and receive SMS messages, but later stated those services were coming back to normal.

“Earlier today some customers experienced a disruption to Apple iMessage and FaceTime services. We worked with Apple to resolve this issue. Services are now being progressively being restored. We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” a Telstra spokesperson said via email. Read more…

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Kids who dab on Snapchat aren’t actually helping cure cancer


“Dab if you hate cancer” is the latest ~trend~ making it’s way around Snapchat, but the Bitmoji-loving kids sharing these chain snaps aren’t actually making a charitable impact.

Participating in Snapchat’s “screenshot and dab” trend is simple. Users screenshot an image, add their own dabbing Bitmoji, and forward it along to friends requesting they do the same. It’s essentially the modern-day version of those obnoxious spam chain emails that told you you’d die unless you forwarded them to 15 people in the next 10 minutes.

But now, young Snapchat users are using their dabbing Bitmoji’s to prove they hate cancer. Read more…

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Trump is dragging Obama for ‘failures’ in dealing with Russia’s election meddling and Putin

Donald Trump and Barack Obama

  • President Donald Trump is attacking Obama for his response to Russia’s meddling in the US’s 2016 presidential election.
  • Senior Obama administration officials reportedly admitted that they “choked” when dealing with Russia.
  • Trump has a spotty, often suspicious record with Russia, but has dealt decisively against them in a few key areas that Obama seemed unwilling to do.

President Donald Trump has responded to the news that the special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three entities for their role in meddling in the 2016 election by hammering former President Barack Obama’s handling of the attack.

“Obama was President up to, and beyond, the 2016 Election. So why didn’t he do something about Russian meddling?” Trump tweeted on Monday.

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Apple issued a fix to the bug that was crashing iPhones with a single character. 

On Monday, the company released several updates, including iOS 11.2.6. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, you should probably download it ASAP.

Last week, a bug was discovered that crashed systems with a single character from the Telugu language, which is used in parts of India. Mashable tested the bug and found that, yes, it was a real problem

PSA: Go download iOS 11.2.6 NOW. Do it now to prevent someone from crashing your iPhone

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There are too many ways to DM, and it’s stifling the way we communicate


At any given moment, I have, on average, five unread text messages, a couple unread Instagram messages, dozens of unseen Twitter DMs, and close to 1,000 unread emails along with a smattering of other messages on services like Facebook, Snapchat, and Slack. 

It’s too much, and it’s becoming too hard to keep up with all of it.

All of these inboxes to check and ways to talk to one another, in theory, make communication easier, more natural, and fluid. But in practice? This disjointed way of communicating in the modern world just makes everything more exhausting.  Read more…

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‘Black Panther’ has the best Marvel supervillain ever. Yes, even better than Loki.


Excited for Black Panther? So are we. Which is why we’re rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week.

Spoilers ahead for Black Panther.  

Black Panther just pulled off a Marvel Cinematic Universe first: A supervillain worth rooting for. 

Sure, other MCU baddies have been charming (hello, Hela) or surprising (hi, Mandarin) or sympathetic (we see you, Loki). A couple of them have even made good points – Zemo and Vulture’s grievances felt legitimate, even if their methods of rectifying them did not.

But Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger is all of those things, and something more besides. It’s a truism that every villain sees themselves as the hero in their own story; Killmonger is the first time this has actually felt true in a MCU movie.  Read more…

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Lindsey Vonn intentionally slowed down during her downhill training run because she didn’t want her opponents to know how fast she was going

Lindsey VonnAlexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

  • Lindsey Vonn completed her first two training runs for the downhill event on Sunday and Monday at the Winter Olympics.
  • After Vonn failed to medal in the Super-G, her training times suggest she will be in a good position to rebound in the downhill.
  • Despite Vonn intentionally slowing herself down, she still “won” the first training run and finished third in the second.
  • Vonn later admitted to playing mind games with her opponents.

Lindsey Vonn came up short in her first Olympics event, but early signs suggest that won’t happen in the ladies’ downhill event, despite her own attempts to hide how fast she was really going.

Towards the end of Vonn’s second training run on Monday, she came out of her crouch and raised her arms, slowing herself down before the finish line.

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Put your vital signs on show with this ultrathin, stick-on skin display


There’s a glut of devices out there designed to tell all sorts of things about your bodies, but few you’d want stuck to your body for very long.

Perhaps with that in mind, engineering researchers at the University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing have developed an ultrathin display which sticks to skin.

It’s made up of a 16×24 array of micro LEDs, stretchable wiring, all mounted onto a rubber sheet. Researchers say the display will last on your skin for a week without causing inflammation. 

Image: Takao Someya Research Group.

Of course, it isn’t the first stretchable display around. What researchers say makes this different is its durability on skin, claiming it can be expanded up to 45 percent more than its original length. Read more…

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‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman hands over mask to Victor Oladipo


It was a slam dunk for Wakanda on Saturday night, as Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman bestowed his own character’s mask on Indiana Pacers’ Victor Oladipo.

Black Panther co-stars Boseman and Michael B. Jordan sat courtside at the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk championship at Staples Center on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Aw. Chadwick Boseman, Victor Oladipo and Michael B. Jordan.

Aw. Chadwick Boseman, Victor Oladipo and Michael B. Jordan.

Image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

During the game, Boseman presented Pacers guard Oladipo with his own Black Panther mask, to the sheer delight of the crowd. Read more…

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