Spectacles newest surprise Snapbot pops up in Florida


Finding new a Snapbot to buy Spectacles is becoming almost as popular as searching for Pokémon, which is why you’ll be happy to know that we have the newest Snapbot location: Florida. 

Specifically, Tallahassee, Florida, near the campus of Florida State University. 

The latest location for Snap’s Snapbot was revealed Saturday afternoon, just as many Americans were finally recovering from their turkey feast hangovers.

— Spectacles (@Spectacles) November 26, 2016

In case you’ve been out of the loop, Snapbots are vending machines that sell Spectacles for $129 a pop. The Bluetooth-enabled camera glasses, which work with the Snapchat app, have quickly become a popular addition to the Snapchat ecosystem and sell out almost as fast as Snap can come up with new locations for its Snapbots.  Read more…

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Hermés unveils ’80s fashion inspired Apple Watch band


While many were focused on Black Friday deals on electronics, one of Apple’s biggest partners, Hermés, released a special holiday treat: a new Apple Watch band. 

The new band, called the Equateur tatouage, joins the brand’s Single Tour line of Apple Watch bands and is offered in 38mm ($410) and 42mm ($340) sizes. 

The mostly black and white band is covered in a jungle foliage design and features a dash of color in the form of a stalking leopard. The design, which is the first Apple Watch band from Hermés offering graphics instead of a solid color, is printed on calfskin.  Read more…

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Social media captures Miami celebrating after Fidel Castro’s death


For many Cuban Americans, the news of Fidel Castro’s death brings closure to a long and troubled history.

The revolutionary guerrilla and former president died aged 90, as announced by his brother on state television late Friday. 

Shortly after the news, Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood came alive. 

Videos and pictures on social media showed people cheering, waving American and Cuban flags, honking car horns and banging pots and pans in the early hours of Saturday morning.

“Fidel! Tyrant! Take your brother with you!” some chanted, according to journalist Danny Rivero. Read more…

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Cards Against Humanity are digging a giant hole for no good reason


While shoppers tussle over cheap TVs on Black Friday, the good people of Cards Against Humanity are doing something (arguably) much more constructive.

For no real reason, they are digging a big old “Holiday Hole” in a patch of dirt somewhere and asking people to donate money if they want the hole to get bigger. That’s it.

You can check out the hole being dug live on YouTube, as a ticker shows how much people are donating in real-time. Isn’t technology great?

For those wondering if the hole has some deep and meaningful purpose, the Holiday Hole FAQ covers it pretty well: “No.” Read more…

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Amazon’s Black Friday deals aren’t even close to finished — these are the ones you should care about

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

unnamed 3The biggest shopping week of the year is here!

As usual, Amazon is leading the charge for the online e-commerce space with thousands of expected “lightning” deals. Not far behind are stores like Walmart and Target. They’re ramping up their online deals in the hopes of giving The Everything Store a run for its money this holiday season.

That said, it’s still difficult to compete with Amazon. The company has a seemingly endless stream of Black Friday deals being released on a staggered schedule from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, with new offers appearing as often as every five minutes.

Since not all of these deals are created equal, the Insider Picks team is doing its best to separate the duds from the big-ticket items actually worth buying — so you don’t have to.

If you need some general holiday shopping help, we’ve put together a lot of holiday gift guides for specific products and categories. So if you’re thinking about picking up a drone, a Bluetooth speakersomething for your favorite geek or iPhone lover, or music lover, you’re in luck.

We also have guides specifically to hit certain budgets, so if you’re looking for a great tech gift for under $100, or a great gift from any category for under $50, we have you covered. 

Our guides even cover some good do’s and don’ts for holiday shopping and some good gift ideas for people who might be harder to shop for, like your coworkers or your father-in-law

If you’re looking for the best deals right now, keep refreshing this page, we’ll be making sure those deals are on this list.

This story is developing. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for Insider Pick’s Black Friday coverage on November 25, 2016.

Amazon Echo


Consider Amazon’s Echo your smart personal assistant: It’s Alexa enabled, so it can do everything from relaying the weather forecast to playing your favorite tunes. Now, you can score $50 off this smart home essential.

– List price: $179.99

– Deal price: $139.99

– You save: $40


Amazon Echo Dot


The Echo Dot can be considered a miniature version of the Echo — capable of much of the same functionality that its big brother can handle at a significantly lower price point. The biggest difference is that you’ll have to hook up your own speaker to it. That said, if you already have a solid speaker set up with Bluetooth connectivity, this is a no-brainer.

– List price: $49.99

– Deal price: $39.99

– You save: $10


Fire Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB


This tablet sets the standard for low-priced tablets — and its price hasn’t been this low since Prime Day. It also now comes with Alexa support. 

– List price: $49.99

– Deal price: $33.33

– You save: 33%


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‘Gilmore Girls’ episode 2 recap: ‘Spring’ sees Rory spiraling


This recap contains spoilers for episode 2 of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, titled “Winter.” Check out our recap of episode 1.

If the first episode of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival was designed to show Emily in turmoil, episode 2 is all about Rory’s descent into madness. 

As Lorelai points out late in the episode, life has been pretty good to Rory so far; she’s had a privileged life with a supportive family, enviable education and an eclectic array of men literally fighting over her through the years, so she hasn’t really had to try hard at anything. 

Indeed, as “Spring” proves, whenever the going gets tough, Rory’s default setting is to throw a tantrum and quit — just as she did when Logan’s father, Mitchum, told her she wasn’t cut out to be a journalist in Season 5, which prompted her to drop out of Yale and move in with her grandparents.  Read more…

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PSA: Instagram notifies your friend when you screenshot their DMs


Instagram’s latest Snapchat plagiarism update lets you send self-destructing messages to your friends — an excellent feature for sexy time. Just know that your friend will be notified if you take a screenshot of their message.

Buzzfeed remarked Friday that people are “freaking out” over the notifications, which work exactly as you’d expect them to. If you send a “disappearing message” to a friend and they take a screenshot, you’ll get a message on your phone saying so — just like you would on Snapchat. 

Note that the notifications are only for the new disappearing message feature, which, if you’re anything like me, you probably can’t figure out how to use anyway.  Read more…

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Online shoppers gobbled up $1.9 billion in bargains on Thanksgiving


Before anyone could even help themselves to the cold Thanksgiving leftovers, U.S. shoppers had spent a whopping $1 billion online. 

The turkey was less interesting than drones this year and people across the country dropped cash like it was going out of fashion. By 5 p.m. on Thursday, bargain hunters had spent $1.15 billion, according to Adobe Digital Insights. By the end of Thursday, that figure had hit $1.93 billion.

Once upon a time shoppers would patiently wait for the chaos of Black Friday to score a bargain but times are changing. Black Friday now lasts for months and shopping online between Thanksgiving courses is now common practice. This year’s online sales were up by 11.5 percent on last year, with 40 percent of sales happening on mobile devices.  Read more…

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5 ways to do good if you hate Black Friday


LONDON — Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. But, for many people it’s a day of pandaemonium that’s enough to put you off shopping for life.

Luckily, there are ways to step away from the mayhem to do something a little bit different — something that doesn’t involve getting elbowed in the ribs to buy a cut price TV. 

Here are five ways to do good this Black Friday. 

1. Support digital activism 

This Black Friday, Lush Cosmetics has released a charitable bath bomb, named Error 404. All the proceeds from the vanilla-scented product will go to the Digital Fund to support Access Now, an initiative fighting against internet shutdowns.  Read more…

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Apple’s Black Friday event: Gift cards up to $150


Apple’s Black Friday event is live, and the rules are simple: Buy an Apple gadget, get a gift card. 

Gift cards are given for nearly every purchase in the store, be it a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Apple TV or an accessory

For example, if you buy a (select) SIM-free iPhone model — iPhone SE, 6S, and 6S Plus are included — you’ll get a gift card worth up to $50. 

For iPad purchases — again, only some models are included in the promotion — you’ll get a gift card with a value of up to $100. If you buy an Apple Watch or an Apple TV, you’ll get a $25 gift card. Read more…

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10 sad, sad facts about your Thanksgiving turkey

Top imageBusiness Insider

Each Thanksgiving, we cut, tear, and rip apart roasted, glistening turkeys like it will be our last meal on Earth. And we love doing it.

For those of you eating turkey this Thanksgiving, there are some facts you should know, first. Facts about flying turkeys, frozen turkeys, and the sad secret of the lucky pardoned turkey that might not be so lucky.

Skye Gould/Business Insider


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