Ted Cruz just liked a super NSFW tweet and people are cringing so hard


You know some intern’s going to cop the blame for this.

A very NSFW video is going viral on Twitter, (no) thanks to Ted Cruz’s official Twitter account. The Texas senator and former U.S. presidential hopeful liked a pretty graphic two-minute long video from @SexuallPosts.

With over 3 million followers, the like from Cruz’s verified account would have pushed the video to the news feeds of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of his followers’ timelines.

Image: twitter/mashable screenshot

As Tuesday morning, the like was still prominently atop Cruz’s account. Read more…

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Dogs go rainbow for marriage equality in Sydney


Love is love, even doggos know it.

A casual 30,000 people (and a handful of progressive dogs) marched for marriage equality in Sydney on Sunday, to show their support for same-sex marriage in Australia, ahead of a national postal vote on the matter. 

Rally organisers have said the Sept. 10 event now sits as the largest LGBTQ demonstration in Australian history, a declaration reported by ABC

And nothing sells a positive social message like a dog in rainbow, a strong truism not overlooked by rally attendees. Many a doggo donned the spectrum on Sunday, sparking just as many Instagram posts: Read more…

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Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t seem to know which way framed photos of your children should face


Donald Trump Jr. loves his children so much that he doesn’t actually look at them all day. 

The father of five was pictured sitting at his desk in Trump Tower, contemplating his fate in a New York Times article earlier this week about his meeting with Senate investigators over his ties to Russia. 

On Saturday, however, Twitter noticed something odd about the photo, taken in February. 

I, too, casually arrange photographs of my 100 children to face outwards so I can only see the backs of frames

— Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) September 8, 2017

Ah, yes. Trump Jr. doesn’t actually seem to look at the photos of his brood all day. Or, more likely, he turned them around for his New York Times photoshoot. Which is weird.  Read more…

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Obama surprising these excited teens at school will give you so much joy


There’s a lot of terrifying stuff going on right now. 

So if you need a ray of sunshine, just watch these students absolutely lose it when former President Barack Obama walks into the room. 

I mean, these teenagers at McKinley Technological High School in Washington are FREAKING OUT.  Read more…

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Why the latest Google rumor makes total sense


Here’s a rumor that will blow your mind: Google is apparently “in the final stage of negotiations” to acquire HTC’s smartphone division.

The rumor comes from the Chinese-language site Commercial Times and suggests that Google will acquire only the mobile arm of HTC, not the entire company. The financial news outlet based in Taiwan doesn’t specify how much the deal would be worth.

The possible acquisition — although shocking — makes quite a lot of sense when you consider all that’s happened in the in past few years. Google is desperate to challenge Apple’s dominance in the mobile industry with its own premium phone built from scratch.  Read more…

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30+ “Adventures Of God” Comics That We’re Definitely Going To Hell For Laughing At

Whether you prefer to follow, discuss, or ignore religion, you can’t deny that ‘God’ is one of the most mysterious and controversial figures to ever enter the human conscience. Brussels-based illustrators Matteo Ferrazzi and Corey Jay decided to take an alternative look at the ‘big man upstairs,’ and turned him into a brilliant comic series called Adventures of God.


Australia’s High Court website crashes minutes before marriage equality postal vote decision


One of the biggest current debates in Australia — around marriage equality — caused a government website to crash on Thursday.

The website for Australia’s High Court was out of operation just minutes before the court handed down a decision over the legality of the federal government’s same-sex marriage postal vote. And it’s currently still out of action:

The outage came just moments before the High Court found that the government’s postal vote is lawful, a green light which will enable the Australian Bureau of Statistics to send out a non-compulsory survey to enrolled Australians, asking the question: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”  Read more…

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9 Rare Photos Of Peter Dinklage Reveal His Unseen Side During His Punk Rock Band Days

As anybody who’s seen Peter Dinklage singing Space Pants on Saturday Night Live will know, the younger, smarter, and frequently more inebriated brother of Jaime and Cersei Lannister is no stranger when it comes to letting rip on the vocals, regardless of the consequences. But did you know that Peter Dinklage/Tyrion Lannister/Space Pants Guy was actually in a punk/rap/funk band called Whizzy way back in the mid-nineties?


Netflix thinks Netflix is a joke, apparently


If you can’t laugh at yourself, maybe everyone else… can?

Giant black and white billboards have popped up over New York and Los Angeles this week, emblazoned with one sentence: “Netflix is a joke.”

Who’s behind this billboard???

— Claudia Eller (@Variety_Claudia) September 5, 2017

The whole thing appears to be a Netflix-led marketing campaign to promote a string of new comedies coming to the platform, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter, citing confirmation from anonymous sources. 

It makes sense, seeing as Netflix has become the go-to streaming platform for stand-up comedy, with the likes of Dave Chapelle, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer and Louis C.K. securing Netflix specials this yearChris Rock‘s specials saw Netflix reportedly outbid HBO by dishing out a casual $40 million.  Read more…

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Who knew ‘Despacito’ played on 2 calculators could sound this good?


You’ve never heard Despacito like this before.

A video of a Japanese user playing Despacito using calculators has gone pretty viral, and it’s not hard to see why.

In a two minute video, the user who goes by the handle “It’s a small world” plays the hit song using just two musical calculators.

The video has since been viewed almost 200,000 times.

According to the YouTube user, the musical calculators are made in China, and they weren’t too difficult to find online:

Image: taobao/screenshot

Retailing for just $5 on Taobao, China’s answer to Amazon, the AR-7778 calculator which is produced by a Chinese company called Jia Ling Tong, is advertised as being able to play various songs and up to 20 different tunes. Read more…

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