We’re frankly baffled that luxury smartphone maker Vertu is done for


Incredibly rich people lacking any sense of style let out a collective gasp today, as news broke that luxury smartphone maker Vertu will be liquidated. 

Despite having a target market of moneyed assholes, of which the world is in no short supply, the UK-based company apparently struggled to find a customer base for its $46,600 polished 18-carat red gold phones.

We’re just as shocked as you are. 

And what brought this visionary company down? According to the BBC, that would be an accounting deficit of £128 million (aka the cost of roughly 3,555 Clous de Paris Red Gold Vertu smartphones).  Read more…

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No need to worry, just hundreds of thousands of fire ants forming living towers

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Strangers Who’ve Kept Hilarious Tinder Conversation For 3 Years Go Viral, So Tinder Itself Decides To Step In

When 22-year-old Josh Avsec matched with 21-year-old Michelle Arendas on Tinder back in 2014, he did what most people would do in such a situation. He sent her a message. And then he waited. And waited. Until finally Michelle responded…two months later! “Hey sorry my phone died!” she wrote, and after a brief exchange, the two never spoke again. Then another two months later, Josh decided to write her back with his own tongue-in-cheek excuse. “Hey sorry was in the shower,” he wrote, which prompted Michelle to respond…another month later.


Little girl’s reaction to the ‘Frozen’ ride is hilariously cute


Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on Earth. For one little girl, all that magic may have been too much to handle.

Imgur user Stingerj uploaded this album of his family riding Frozen Ever After at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort for the first time.

The camera at the end of the ride captured his daughter’s befuddled expression in all its glory.

Maybe she was just shocked that cartoon characters were dancing and singing in real life. Even in the movie Anna freaks out at first when Olaf comes to life. Read more…

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But his emails! The internet roasts Donald Trump Jr. over Russia report.


Now it’s time for Donald Trump to worry about emails. 

Back in 2016, Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, met with a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin. 

On Monday, the New York Times reported that the man who brokered the meeting, Rob Goldstone, stated in an email to Trump Jr. that the lawyer had information that could hurt the Hillary Clinton campaign and explicitly stated that the information came from the Russian government, who was trying to help Trump win the election. 

Why is this bad for Donald Trump? Well, it’s a sign that members of his campaign welcomed support from Russia. (Jared Kushner and Paul J. Manafort, then the chairman of the Trump campaign, also attended the meeting.) Read more…

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