Why I refuse to delete old, unused apps from my iPhone


When it comes to apps on my iPhone, I’m guilty as charged: I’m a hoarder.

There’s nothing wrong with being a digital hoarder so long as you don’t let it destroy your sanity. You just need to know how to manage your digital garbage and know when to just give up (like stop flagging emails and embrace search).

It’s not like I don’t have enough storage. Far from it, I always buy the largest-capacity iPhone possible (in my case, I’ve got 256GB iPhone 7). Running out of storage to sustain my app stash is the least of my worries.

My problem also isn’t that I haven’t accepted the fact that I have 179 apps on my iPhone — most of which I haven’t opened in years and probably won’t in the near future — but that I can’t bring myself to delete them because of fear. Read more…

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Volcano and earthquake museum to open in Iceland

The Lava Centre, a new interactive attraction in the shadow of the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, will bring to life the ‘fiery heart of Iceland’

A new attraction exploring Iceland’s unique and volatile geology is to launch next month. Lava, the Iceland Volcano & Earthquake Centre, is an interactive museum that examines the natural forces that led to the creation of Iceland over millions of years. It opens on 1 June.

Located in the town of Hvolsvöllur, one hour’s drive east of Reykjavik, the centre is in the shadow of three of the country’s most prominent volcanoes, Katla, Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull. The latter became a household name in 2010 when it released an ash cloud that shut down European air space.

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Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon mapped out to perfection by cyclist


GPS drawings have been a relatively uh, genital-heavy affair so far.

So it’s nice to see the not-so-crude efforts of cyclist Andrew Collins from Canberra, Australia, who sketched out the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars with the Strava app, especially for May the Fourth.

Collins told the Canberra Times that he originally wanted to map out the Death Star, but noticed the roads around Capital Hill in Canberra are circular — perfect for the rounded edges of the famed spaceship.

“I saw the goat that someone had drawn on Strava in Perth a couple of months ago and thought ‘something needs to be done in Canberra,'” he told the news outlet.  Read more…

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You can now post your pics on Instagram without the app


Instagram is following in its parent Facebook’s footsteps and making its service much more accessible to those left out of its app-centric, data-heavy sharing experience. 

The photo platform will now give users new functionality via the mobile website, most notably the all-important ability to actually share pics outside the IG app. 

The new mobile utility could help in the effort to foster even more growth in developing markets with less robust mobile networks, which could be the key to pushing the Instagram past the billion user mark. The service recently rolled out offline functionality for Android users in a similar move. Facebook famously expanded its own massive user base by offering lower-data options for users, like Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.      Read more…

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The iPhone 8 may actually come with Apple’s best accessory


The latest rumor about the iPhone 8 could make audiophiles very happy and one-up its biggest rival — even if it raises the cost of the already potentially super-expensive flagship.

The deluxe 10th anniversary model of the iPhone might ship complete with Apple’s latest, most-beloved iPhone accessory: AirPods. The current 7 and 7 Plus phones are packaged with basic wired EarPods with a Lightning connector, so having true wireless buds right out of the box would be another major upgrade. 

The news comes to us via a JP Morgan investors note, obtained by 9to5Mac. The firm recently made us question its validity with bold claims about the iPhone 8 based around sketchy sourcing and guesswork — but this leak appears to have some more beef to back up its claims in the form of some new device schematics. It’s unclear when this investor note went out based off 9to5Mac’s report.  Read more…

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10 of the best wild camping sites in Scotland

Scotland offers idyllic wild camping, with spaces beside some of the UK’s loveliest beaches, lochs and mountains. We pick 10 of the best from Wild Guide Scotland

Scotland is famous for its scenic wild places and uplifting sense of remoteness. With the exception of the recent bylaws banning wild camping in certain areas of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs (check before you go), it is still completely legal to camp on most of Scotland’s unenclosed land.

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Mother duck and her chicks dodge cars in a nail-biting highway mission


Catching animals *actually* crossing the road isn’t something you see much in highly-urbanised cities. Except maybe Australian cities, where the country’s wildlife often pop into people’s homes and out of their vehicles

But rather than dealing with snakes or spiders, motorists on a busy highway in Sydney on Sunday had to contend with a group of ducks crossing the road. And as a video shared by 7 News shows, it was a heart-stopping thriller.

Look out, ducks! 

While some cars screamed past the mother duck and her babies, narrowly avoiding them, other drivers were kind enough to slow down as the ducks made their way across the road. Read more…

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Art from the Alps: a journey to Giacometti’s homeland

Switzerland’s mountains are stunning but the art of the Giacometti family enriches the cultural landscape, too. With a retrospective of sculptor Alberto opening at Tate Modern next week, our writer tours the area that inspired him

Chugging to the Landwasser Viaduct through the village of Filisur on the Glacier Express, it’s hard not to laugh at the views. Switzerland is unbelievably good-looking. The vistas almost look fake – the lakes too scenic, the villages too chocolate-box. Even the goats look like they should have agents.

A country this beautiful is always going to be about the outdoors, but if you visit the region of Graubünden this summer (and more than 1 million people will, for the hiking, the biking, to swim in the lakes or dance at the festivals), make sure you don’t just stare at the mountains – Graubünden has a surprising art heritage, too.

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Free Comic Book Day is now a geek family affair and here’s the proof


Zounds! ‘Tis Free Comic Book Day, when younglings and olds alike descend upon their local comic book merchants in search of the only nourishment that will slake their savage geek thirst: MOAR COMIC BOOKS. 

But despite the feeding frenzy focused on the wonder secreted in the pages of these paper treasures, Free Comic Book Day is actually a sweet moment for many families when friends and family get to unapologetically share their collective guilty pleasure. 

No, this isn’t the day to haggle over a rare issue of an obscure superhero series, or eye the comic book shop owner suspiciously as she darts into the back room where they keep “the good stuff.”  Read more…

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Microsoft HoloLens inventor says the ‘phone is already dead’


Hey, did you hear? Smartphones are dead.

That’s according to Microsoft’s Alan Kipman, better known as the inventor of the company’s HoloLens augmented reality headset.

“The phone is already dead,” Kipman told Bloomberg. “People just haven’t realized.”

If the phone is dead, then, what will replace it? Kipman believes a device capable of “mixed reality” could be its replacement.

It’s a bold claim that was sorta shared by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earlier this week when he said phones will look very different in the future. “I’m sure we’ll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today.” Read more…

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Giro d’Italia: 10 great restaurants en route, and places to watch the race

The 100th Giro, which started this week, races from Sardinia to the Dolomites. For cycling correspondent Colin O’Brien, the journey is also a gastronomic pilgrimage

Following a grand cycling tour as part of the press pack can be a gruelling task. You spend lots of time in cars, and most of your nights in cheap and not so cheerful hotels. But to make up for that, there’s always dinner. Lunch is usually a rushed affair, but once the action is finished and the day’s chores have been taken care of, there’s little to do other than find a restaurant and sit over a good meal and a couple of glasses of wine.

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‘American Idol’ is back from the dead, fulfilling the Ryan Seacrest prophecy


*Cue theme music* Thisss … is a day Ryan Seacrest knew would come.

It was just over a year ago when the American Idol host, signing off the “final” (ahem) episode of the show after a 15-season run on Fox, said: “And one more time — this is so tough — we say to you from Hollywood, goodnight America.” Then he added cryptically, “for now.”

Well it looks like “for now” is over.

Thirteen months after Seacrest’s sign off, ABC has a deal in principle with producer FremantleMedia to bring back American Idol, Mashable has confirmedIdol could return as soon as March for a Sunday night slot, according to Variety, which first reported the revival deal on Friday afternoon. Read more…

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The successor to the best phone you’ve never heard comes this summer


The smartphone you should be talking about is coming.

The OnePlus 5, the successor to the OnePlus 3T, the best phone most people have never heard of, but hopefully have because you read Mashable obsessively, will launch this summer.

OnePlus confirmed to Mashable the OnePlus 5 exists. The company told The Verge it’s skipping the “OnePlus 4” because the number four is considered unlucky (tetraphobia). In Chinese, four is pronounced very similarly to the word death.

This superstition is the same reason why many buildings in Asia skip the fourth floor. For example, if you hop into an elevator in China you probably won’t find a fourth floor button.  Read more…

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Taj Mahal gets a facelift – and slaps on a mudpack

Pollution means India’s most famous monument is in urgent need of a thorough clean, but tour operators fear that the work may put off visitors

The Taj Mahal, Agra’s near four-century-old monument to love, is beginning to show its age. Air pollution is turning its ivory-white surface yellow. The heavily contaminated river Yamuna, on the banks of which the Taj sits, is a breeding ground for insects that leave green patches on its marble domes.

The past two years have seen a flurry of restoration work to the monument, built in 1631 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, as a tomb for his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Scaffolding around the outer minarets was prominent in the background of photographs when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited India in April 2016. Less clear from a distance is the precise treatment being used to clean the modern wonder: mud packs, similar to those slapped on faces around the world, and in pursuit of the same youthful effect.

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Government Twitter accounts are debating ‘Star Wars’ politics and it’s great


Not familiar with Australia’s parliamentary system? That’s fine, for now. All you need to know is that the people running its Twitter accounts seem to be massive Star Wars geeks.

Just look at the duelling between the House of Representatives account and the Senate account, that took place on May the 4th (be with you.)

In contrast to the vague Star Wars references brands roll out annually, the Houses provided a rather in-depth and robust discussion about the Galactic Senate on the special day. 

Keep up if you can:

It’s a shame there isn’t a Galactic House of Representatives @AboutTheHouse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #StarWarsDay

— Australian Senate (@AuSenate) May 3, 2017 Read more…

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Google brings the Force to Android Pay


In honor of this the most holy of holidays, May the Fourth (aka Star Wars Day), Google’s Android Pay is transporting customers to a galaxy far, far away every time they make a purchase. 

Google’s mobile purchasing app will play a Star Wars-themed animation after every purchase this week, making it even more tempting to go pick up some extra intergalactic goodies on your shopping run.

Android’s official Twitter handle tweeted about the promotion this morning, teasing seven different Force-ified versions of its green mascot, the Bugdroid. Right off the bat, we got a good look at the Stormtrooper and Jedi versions of the little bot.  Read more…

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Stunning concept shows what iPhone 8 would look like with a touch bar


The iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s biggest update to the device ever.

Slated for launch this year, the new phone is rumored to have a new OLED display that covers the entire front. For that to happen, Apple will need to remove the iconic home button/Touch ID sensor. But what’ll replace it?

Nobody besides the folks at Apple really know, but a gorgeous new iPhone concept demonstrates one very helpful possibility.

The people at iDropNews imagined what an iPhone 8 would look like with a “function area” or “touch bar” at the bottom of the display instead of a home button. Read more…

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Winchester wander: a stroll through England’s ancient past

One of Europe’s largest cathedrals, beguiling old buildings and reminders of a mythical past all feature in this walk around King Alfred’s capital
More city walks in Manchester and Norwich

Start this two-mile saunter where English royal history began; with Alfred, the only English monarch (so far) whose name is routinely followed by the Great. There he is, utterly unmissable at the eastern end of Broadway, all 17 feet of him from his base to his uplifted sword hilt. Fair enough – when he reigned, Winchester was the capital of England. And if he gives the impression of thinking it still is, he isn’t the only one round here.

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Verizon pays more than $20 million to stream a single NFL game


Verizon is paying big money to stream a single NFL game this season.

The telecom spent $21 million for the rights to stream a week-three match-up in London between the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The game will be aired across several of Verizon’s media properties, including AOL, its mobile video platform go90, and the online men’s culture magazine Complex, which the carrier owns along with Hearst.

Yahoo may also carry the game if its sale to Verizon closes in time for the September date. Read more…

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The world’s smallest 4G phone has longer battery life than the iPhone 7

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