17+ Funny Halloween Pinterest Fails

Pinterest is always full of perfectly delicious recipes that seem impossible to pull off for those of us not blessed by the baking gods. Plenty of spooky recipes have been floating around now that it’s the right season, but judging by these Pinterest fail photos, not everyone has had an easy time following directions!


Equity Crowdfunding: 4 Steps To Success

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and early-stage startups, accessing capital is crucial. Whether the funding comes from a bank, an angel investor, a ridiculously wealthy family member, or less conventional methods, most businesses will need access to capital during various stages of their development. The problem is that banks really don’t lend funds to SMEs anymore, angel investors are tough to find, and not everyone has that wealthy uncle either.  So how can you grow your startup or scale your SME to new markets?

The answer could be in equity crowdfunding. This financing model has begun to change the landscape for how smaller private businesses can find the money they need. As the name suggests, with equity crowdfunding, companies raise capital through a web-based platform and access to “the crowd,” who offer money in exchange for equity.  This type of transaction comes within the legal purview of a private placement offering under the new JOBS Act Title II exemption.

Of course, just like any other solution for financing, there are strategies to follow and steps to take if you want to achieve the best results. Following are just some of the steps to consider when conducting your own equity crowdfunding campaign.

1) Make Sure That You’re Ready

Before you leap head-first into your equity crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to ensure that your business or offering is ready to take the plunge. Problems can quickly arise if an entrepreneur is not laser-focused and dedicated to his crowdfunding campaign, so make sure that you have more than just  confidence in your ability to succeed before you get started. Start by thinking about whether you already have customers lined up, or positive reviews to show off to the public. The aim should be to make yourself as attractive as possible to investors who likely have many other deals to look at in addition to yours.

You may want to invest in an accounting firm to help you work through financial statements in preparation for your private placement memorandum (PPM), and speak to your team about the kinds of steps you want to take during your crowdfunding journey. Rushing into a campaign before your business is ready can be a significant threat to your fundraising, especially if you decide to run another round at a later date. Rather than approaching the idea with impatience, spend some time evaluating yourself, and working out any issues that might arise.

2) Complete a PPM Document

It may not be the most exciting part of starting a new business venture, but having the right documentation in place can do wonders for the future of your company. A PPM discloses everything an investor may need to know about your business, so that they can make an informed decision about their involvement with your company. PPMs are important because they offer up all of the prescribed data for an investor in a single, professional package, ensuring that you and your company aren’t exposed to legal trauma in the future. In other words, […]

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Dear Reader: Goodbye

Dear Reader, I’m always looking for you — on my train ride to work, in cafes, in waiting rooms — but I don’t see you rustling a big colorful print version of FiveThirtyEight. If I did, I’d lean in close to examine your face or accidentally elbow you to strike up a conversation. I want […]


Significant Digits For Friday, Oct. 23, 2015

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news. 3 free suits Jos. A. Bank’s famous “buy one suit, get three suits free” sale will end for the final time this coming Sunday. Men’s Wearhouse bought the company in March of 2014. [CNN Money] 6 percentage points In an […]


Australians want their currency to be named ‘Dollarydoos’

A petition is going around asking Australians to rename their currency to a ‘The Simpsons’ reference – the ‘Dollarydoos’ – to help boost their economy. It’s a plan so crazy it just might work. The term ‘Dollarydoos’ was first used in a 1995 episode of ‘The Simpsons’, called ‘Bart vs. Australia’, wherein an Aussie boy […]

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This Bag Brand Wants You to Snap More Travel Shots

On a pilgrimage to save the human race from lackluster Snaps and IG posts, Herschel’s resident bro (at least one of them—the other being Herschel co-founder and sibling Jamie Cormack) Lyndon Cormack flew to Manila, and flew around the metro on a helicopter all trigger-happy to help introduce a new hashtag: #CityLimitless. Designed to showcase different cities, celebrate good design and architecture, […]

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