Can You Fake The Academy To Predict The Oscars?

Welcome back to our series highlighting the dedicated amateur modelers trying to use data to predict the Oscars. We’ve previously talked to folks trying to pick the winners by looking at what people are talking about on Twitter and Google News, and also folks who use a big model with lots of variables and a […]


Significant Digits For Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news. Less than 1 percent The big story of Monday evening was the Iowa caucuses, an event where a crucial portion of the American political process is delegated to Iowa, the state responsible for such luminaries as… Hawkeye, the Avenger? Yeah, […]


4 Practical Design Tips to Make Your Home Look Fresh and Bright

It’s been a couple of months since the holidays ended, which means that we sadly had to bid good-bye to the occasional cold breeze and are now saying hello to the bright hot sun once more—at least on this side of the world. And with the warm weather back to welcome us until the summer […]

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10 of the best jazz clubs in Europe

Get in the groove at swingin’ jazz clubs from Berlin and Brighton to Paris and Madrid. Whether you want laid-back or out-there, you will find good vibes

Europe’s westernmost capital city has one of Europe’s oldest jazz clubs: Hot Clube, founded in 1948, has hosted legends such as Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Dexter Gordon. And on 22 and 24 February this 140-capacity club will host another elder statesman of jazz: 89-year-old Lou Donaldson, a soulful alto sax player influenced by Charlie Parker. So … old, old, old. Not so. Jazz reinvents itself and so has Hot Clube – literally, after its original premises went up in smoke in 2009. Happily, it reopened three years later two doors away thanks to the support of Lisbon residents and businesses and the work of the association that founded it.

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What You Need To Know About a Market Meltdown

How did you fare during the Chinese market correction? Hundreds of billions of dollars were wiped out in market value, and no doubt your portfolio took a beating too. Is your investment portfolio still down, even? Up? After a volatile week that shaved 10% off the Dow Jones Industrial Average, investors are considering what they should do differently next time. Financial advisors told investors to hold on for the long term because it is normal for markets to have pullbacks, corrections and crashes. In August, nothing felt normal. Your portfolio’s value was dropping and your net worth evaporating. A few months on, in hindsight, your investment advisors advice to take a long-term perspective and hold on is starting to make sense. Many stocks and indexes are still registering double digit declines but are steadily regaining their pre-correction values. There are steps you can take to be better prepared and even predict the next downturn. Market Meltdown Tip #1: Do Not Panic If you have made smart investments in good stocks with strong fundamentals, the price will come back. Some of the hardest hit stocks are now leading the rebound. Facebook lost 12.1% and Apple 10%. Google fell 6.5% while Microsoft […]

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Derek Zoolander Takes Over ‘VMan’

Whoever said that models don’t work hard or that fashion isn’t a serious business needs a one-on-one conversation with Derek Zoolander, err, I mean, Ben Stiller. The 50-year-old actor stars on the cover of the latest issue of VMan. This comes right after starting the year off as the cover of Vogue and featuring in their “73 Questions” series as the hilariously clueless but ridiculously […]

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