This Ethiopian tribe turns trash into everyday jewellery

The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to the Daasanach tribe in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. This semi-nomadic tribe take things other people discard, turning them into extravagant headpieces. Everything from bottle caps and old watches to old hair clips and pieces of scrap metal […]

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8 Great Manila FAME Finds You Should Own Right Now

Upon entering this year’s Manila FAME, one cannot deny the creative energy that readily fills the air. The pulse of this season is more electric than usual: Every trader stepped up its game, and every one seemed to march in the same artistic beat. Call it a synergy. The 62nd biannual design and lifestyle event brought together every local manufacturer and producer with one goal in mind: to produce […]

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The US is going after a hacker they think assembled an ISIS ‘kill list’ of more than 1,000 US personnel

Guy Fawkes

Federal prosecutors are going after a man they say stole the personal information of more than 1,000 American federal employees and military personnel as part of a plot to hand that information over to people affiliated with the Islamic State terror group.

The suspect, Ardit Ferizi, allegedly hacked into the computer system of an unidentified US retailer, The Wall Street Journal reports


The FBI says Ferizi stole information pertaining to some 100,000 people and analyzed the data.

Roughly 1,300 people in that data pool were determined to be either US service members or federal employees.

The information was reportedly passed to an ISIS operative via social media.

Ferizi — who is a citizen of Kosovo, but was detained in Malaysia — is a well-known hacker. He’s believed to be affiliated with a collective that claims to have hacked tens of thousands of websites, include that of Interpol and the US computer hardware company, Intel. 

According to court documents cited by The Journal, an ISIS operative “used Twitter to post a link on Aug. 11 to a 30-page document listing those Americans.”

That ISIS operative was allegedly killed in an airstrike in late summer. It’s not clear who else may have received the information.

US officials are calling it an unprecedented case, since it appears to be the first time a hacker has partnered with a terror group to potentially harm Americans, according to The Journal.

Ferizi claims to be associated with a hacking group called, Kosova Hacker’s Security, and allegedly worked under the pseudonym, “@Th3Dir3ctorY” on Twitter.

Assistant Attorney General John Carlin with the National Security division of the Justice Department called Ferizi “a terrorist hacker” and accused him of specifically targeting US service members and federal employees, “and providing it to ISIL for use against those employees.”

“ISIL” is one of several names used to describe the Islamic State terror group. 

Ferizi is expected to be brought to the US to face charges.


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It’s Official: Katy Perry’s Got Her Own App, Too

Nowadays, it seems like you’re not a real star yet until an app named after you validates your status. Katy Perry should know as she formally announced the upcoming launch of her very own gaming app Katy Perry Pop via Instagram. Featuring a cartoon version of herself in, dare we say, a Jeremy Scott-inspired outfit, […]

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The #HMBALMAINATION Lookbook Is Finally Here

Try to stay as calm as possible. The full lookbook for the H&M x Balmain collaboration is now upon us. Featuring luxurious pieces with gold and diamond-inspired accents, sleek but daring cuts, and tons of black, the clothes featured from the much-hyped up collab scream of the designer Olivier Rousteing’s penchant for going-all out. Earlier today, […]

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‘Notice of Expiration of Child-Rearing Services’ letter given to son on his 20th birthday

On Yuma Hasegawa’s 20th birthday, his parents gave him a gift he’ll never forget. Inside the envelope he was handed was a letter titled: ‘Notice of Expiration of Child-Rearing Services’. This letter reminded Yuma that he needed to be a ‘proper and responsible member of society’ now and that he would have to start paying […]

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The Challenges Of Building AI Apps

rubiks Artificial intelligence has an intellectual lineage stretching back to the greats of computer theory: Turing and, ultimately, Babbage, inventor of the calculating machine. What we now see in London, where leading teams such as DeepMind are working on machine learning, is the movement from the realm of computer science to practical uses and business cases. Read More


New York City, October 14, 2015

★★★★ A pink glow marked the beginning. A worker swept dead leaves away from the bike-share rack. Dove-gray clouds, nothing serious, quelled the light for a while. By coffee time, full sun was on and white clouds reared above the building line. The young guy asking for money—not asking for money, of course, everyone acts like that, just demanding […]