What 9 Women’s Health Editors Eat for Breakfast Each Morning

Get a glimpse of the go-to foods we chew to fuel our day.

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What 9 Women’s Health Editors Eat for Breakfast Each Morning

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9 Genius Tips for Making the Most of Thanksgiving Leftovers

65 percent of Americans look forward to it as much as they do the main feast

Sure, dinner may be the main event on Thanskgiving. But everyone knows that leftovers are just as delicious—and part of the holiday’s allure. Whether you want to reimagine yours or help use them to feed someone else, we’ve got tons of leftover ideas you probably haven’t considered before.

1. Make a Turkey Bahn Mi sandwich.
Love Your Leftovers author Nick Evans shakes up turkey on white with this recipe:

1 cup shredded turkey, warmed
Dash of soy sauce
Pinch of brown sugar
Spicy mayo
Toasted baguette
Any crunchy veggies you have, shredded

Combine the first three ingredients. Spread mayo on baguette; add meat and veggies to bread.

2. You have three to four days to safely gobble up refrigerated leftovers. Freeze ’em, and they should be safe indefinitely.

3. Keep your fridge temperature at a max of 40°F. This will keep edibles out of the temps at which bacteria grow most rapidly.

4. Do not let hot food sit out on the counter for more than two hours. Any longer and it could attract a potentially harmful mass of microbes.

5. Heat your leftovers at 156°F. Reheat them to at least this point (if not higher) to ensure you don’t get sick.

6. Store your pies safely. Keep fruit slices out of the fridge to maintain flakiness; meringues and custards need chilling.

7. Save your bird. Before curling up for a nap, says Evans, place the bird carcass in a large pot along with a halved onion, a few stalks of celery, one or two carrots, half a head of garlic, and a handful of peppercorns. Cover it with cold water, let simmer for four to five hours, then strain for a delicious stock.

8. Stock up on to-go containers. Having guests over? Start picking up cheap storage containers, and wash and save takeout boxes. That way, you can show friends leftover love without saying good-bye forever to that family-heirloom pie plate.

9. Donate what you can’t eat. A sobering stat: Americans waste 40 percent of the food available to them. But these new apps have come to the rescue: Just snap a pic of your leftovers to alert locals that they can head over to collect your bounty (pick a public spot for safety).
Ratatouille: Help a neighbor out: This app can search for people within 12 miles of you.
Leftoverswap: No iPhone? The app is coming soon to Android and the Web.

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7 Fruits and Veggies You Can Stop Peeling

Save time—and nutrition and flavor.

“Eat more fruits and vegetables” is the nutritional advice we all know leads to better health and fewer pounds. But even if you’re crazy about salads, the fact is that washing, peeling, and preparing produce can be a big time suck. That’s why we’re so thrilled to find out that you can actually cut out the peeling step in many cases, saving time while scoring more nutrients and a flavor upgrade. Below, Philadelphia-based nutritionist Katie Cavuto, R.D., lays out a cheat sheet of eight super-healthy pieces of produce you should never take a knife to.

1. Potatoes
Traditionally, mashed potatoes, potato salad, and even a boiled or roasted potato side dish means the skin has to come off. Bad idea. Twenty percent of the nutrients, like B vitamins and trace minerals, are found in the skin. That’s where all of the fiber is too, says Cavuto. Just make sure to scrub the tuber well to ensure it’s clean.

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2. Eggplant
The skin of this plump, meaty favorite contains a phytonutrient called nasunin, a potent antioxidant that helps counter cell damage brought on by aging or disease, says Cavuto.

3. Sweet Potatoes
The skin of this holiday favorite is where most of its nutrients are located, says Cavuto; it contains vitamin C, potassium, and betacarotene.

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4. Cucumber
It can be a little rough, but dark green cucumber peel is loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants and fiber, which prevents constipation and supports GI health, says Cavuto.

5. Carrots
As long as you give these grown-in-the-earth veggies a good washing, there’s no reason to shave the outer layer. Says Cavuto: “All the antioxidants are concentrated in or directly under the skin.”

6. Parsnips
Often called white carrots, parsnips are less sweet, with a winter-spice flavor. But like their orange cousins, they also contain lots of nutrients just under the skin—so keep it on when you cook with the veggie.

7. Apples
Many people remove the skin because it can be tough to digest, but that just means it’s rich in fiber, which fills you up and aids digestion. “Apple skin is rich in quercitin, vitamin C, and triterpenoids, which are cancer fighters,” says Cavuto.

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You’ve Been Slicing a Banana WRONG

This simple trick will have you slicing your banana <em>before</em> you peel it.

Get ready to have your banana-loving mind blown: You can slice a banana without a knife and without even peeling it!

It’s a pretty cool technique, courtesy of Basically, you push a needle into the banana through the peel and move it from side to side so that it makes one clean slice. Do that all the way down the length of the banana and then, when you peel it, it’s already in handy bite-sized segments. Who would have thought?

As the video points out, it makes for a pretty cool party trick, but what really gets us psyched is that it’s an easy way to pre-slice your bananas when packing a meal or snack. No mess or banana mush all over your hands!

Think that was nifty? You’ll also want to check out the best way to cut mangos and the incredibly easy way to cut a bunch of grapes in half in mere seconds.

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8 Weight-Loss Hacks for People Who Don’t Cook

You don’t have to be a chef to make healthy choices.

The most common (and effective) weight-loss strategy is to eat less and work out more. Unfortunately for those who can’t cook, the tips for eating less tend to focus on cooking healthier meals, avoiding prepared foods, making recipe swaps, and so on. If the only appliance you use is your microwave, then that advice may not be realistic for you. Luckily, there are plenty of other smart choices you can make that’ll help kickstart your weight loss. Kim Larson, R.D., shares some her faves.

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Put Fruit on Your Counter
The easiest change you can make to your diet, with the biggest effect, is to build your meal around fruits and vegetables, says Larson. If that seems complicated (or hard) to you, it doesn’t have to be: Fruit can be eaten raw, anywhere, and anytime—and it’s easy to pack ahead. “Just buy fruit and have it on hand,” says Larson. “Having it visible in your kitchen makes you more likely to grab it.

Choose the Right Carbs
No, you don’t have to dump all carbs to lose weight. But you can pick better ones. “Focus on whole-grain carbs,” says Larson. Fortunately, this has never been easier in restaurants and sandwich shops. Pick brown rice instead of white with Asian dishes, or ask for a whole-wheat roll for your sammy. If all else fails, consider making your sandwich open-faced—you’ll still get the starchy satisfaction without the calories.

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Snack Better
It’s around the 3 p.m. mark at work, and you have a hankering for…something. Before you head to the vending machine, first figure out if what you’re craving is a break, not a snack. But if you are feeling hungry, choose a better little bite. Here are some high-protein snack products, and of course there’s the aforementioned fruit option.

Ask for a Half-Portion
Going out to eat can be an excuse to go all out and eat every bite of pasta on your plate (even though it’s the size of your head). Prevent temptation before your plate even arrives, and ask your waiter to box half of the meal. “We know from studies that if the food is placed in front of us, we eat it all,” says Larson—so remove that option. Alternatively, you could also split an entree with a friend or just have an appetizer and salad. You’ll still enjoy the experience, and you won’t feel sick afterward.

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Don’t Set Yourself Up for Bad Eating
Making healthy choices elsewhere in your life can help your eating habits. You’re more likely to choose unhealthy foods when you’re exhausted, hungover, or wildly stressed out. Some of those temptations are biological, and some are psychological, so learn how to deal with your emotional eating.

Add a Healthy Side Dish
If you can’t cook, you’re probably eating out a lot or ordering in. But a steady diet of sugary sweet and/or heavily battered Chinese food isn’t going to help you lose weight. Customize your order by including your own sides. “I love things like adding a side of cottage cheese or a salad or a soup,” says Larson. “If you eat a salad and soup ahead of time, you’ll consume fewer calories during the meal.”

Make Tiny Swaps
As in, so tiny you won’t even notice you’re cutting calories. Choose thin-crust pizza instead of the typical thick. Splash some vinegar on your salad instead of a creamy, store-bought dressing. Don’t add the slice of cheese to your sandwich—or if you do, make it a sharp, flavorful kind so you don’t need as much. There are so many ideas, and you could be eliminating hundreds of calories with almost no effort.

Learn What a Proper Portion Actually Looks Like
So you know that the restaurant gives you way too much pasta. But how much is a normal amount, anyway? Not exactly. Check out this guide to proper portions, and set aside the food you don’t need at each meal (for later enjoyment!).

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5 Ways to Stay on Track for Weight Loss When You’re an Out-of-Town Guest

A.K.A. how not to O.D. on your aunt’s butter-soaked side dishes

You may have your food habits locked down at home, but chances are they go right out the window when you’re a guest in someone else’s house. After all, they’re putting you up and feeding you, so it seems super-rude to push food around your plate like a little kid. Still, there are steps you can take so you stay comfortable with what you’re eating, say Krista Yoder Latortue, M.P.H., R.D., executive director of FamilyFood LLC. Try her tips to eat healthfully and be a gracious house guest.

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Accommodate Your Own Dietary Restrictions
It’s a good thing to let your hosts know about food allergies, but it can be hard to explain gluten-free or vegetarian eating to your old-school granny. “You have to adapt based on who you’re staying with,” says Yoder Latortue. “The best thing is to bring your own stuff if possible, or purchase things when you arrive. Accommodate yourself instead of making them accommodate you.”

Assess the Spread Before digging In
It can be easy to grab the first things you glimpse at a buffet, but pause to get the lay of the land first. “See what’s available, then divide into three categories: the foods that you want that aren’t healthy; the foods that are healthy; and the foods you don’t care about,” says Yoder Latortue. Fill your plate with the healthy dishes, but be sure to leave a little space for the richer foods. “Don’t deny yourself completely. Then you wind up binging. Have the indulgences, but in small amounts.”

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Bring Healthy Dishes When Possible
If possible, and polite in the circumstances, offer to bring a dish that you know you’ll be happy to dig into. “If it’s a potluck, bring something healthy,” says Yoder Latortue. “Then at the very least, you know you have your dish.” Here are some ideas!

Accept That the Holidays are a Time to Indulge
You know that aunt whose favorite ingredient is butter? One fat-laden meal at her place won’t kill you or your otherwise healthy diet. “Keep in mind that it can’t be the rule for all holiday parties and events,” says Yoder Latortue. “Try to be healthy at most of them.”

Remember That Food Equals Love to Many People
“Keep it in the back of your mind,” says Yoder Latortue. “The person who’s hosting you is really trying to show their love to you through food.” Your family members aren’t trying to sabotage your diet—even your brother who loves to mock your vegetarianism. If you remember that your mom might actually like toiling away in the kitchen for you, it makes it much easier to stomach what she’s serving—in a portion size that you feel comfortable with, of course.

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You’re Spraying Whipped Cream Totally Wrong

Need-to-know info before Thanksgiving hits

Sure, whipped cream that comes out of an aerosol can might be a rare indulgence—but it’s also in the running for one of the most convenient food inventions ever. Who doesn’t get a kick out of pressing the nozzle and watching the cream squirt out over a cup of hot chocolate, an ice cream sundae, or, um, other things? But if you typically hold the can in a horizontal line or spray it on from directly overhead, you should know: You’re committing a serious crime against all desserts.

There’s actually a right way to hold the can so you get the fluffiest cream without wasting the gas that powers the aerosol, according to the site Cockeyed, which is run by a Sacramento-based dad named Rob Cockerham. He and his children tested five different angles before determining that holding the can at a 60-degree angle resulted in the most light-as-air whipped cream. Watch the videos for yourself:

Remember this next time you’re spraying some whipped cream on your pumpkin pie, into your hot chocolate mug…or, you know, just into your mouth.

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6 Brilliant Rice Krispies Treat Hacks for Fall

You NEED these in your life…and in your stomach.

There’s something about Rice Krispies treats that just says fall (maybe it’s the warm-and-gooey thing they have going on). But as it turns out, Rice Krispies treats can get even more snuggly with a few little tweaks to the mix-ins. Scroll down to start salivating. These yummy, fall-themed hacks are perfect for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dessert, or Monday mornings—and they’re all a cinch to make.

Courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats

1. S’More Rice Krispies Treats
This easy graham cracker-chocolate-marshmallow fluff hack is everything you love about camping. And nothing you don’t (like, you know, actually camping).

Get the recipe at Iowa Girl Eats.

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Courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction

2. Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treats
Pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves give these treats the epitome of fall flavors. And you thought pumpkin spice lattes were good.

Get the hack at Sally’s Baking Addiction

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Courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker

3. Chubby Hubby Treats
Named after Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream, these treats combine semisweet chocolate chips, peanut butter, and pretzels. Your taste buds might explode.  

Get the hack at Brown Eyed Baker. 


Courtesy of I Am a Food Blog

4. Toasted Coconut Almond Rice Krispie Treats
These treats are filled with toasted coconut, giving it a subtle macaroon-y flavor. The sliced almonds and caramel combine for an awesomely gooey, crunchy bite.

Get the recipe at I Am a Food Blog.


Courtesy of Sweet Treats & More

5. Cinnamon Roll Rice Krispy Treats
There’s little better than curling up with a warm cinnamon roll on a cold day. Well, unless you’re curling up with these treats. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and a cream cheese glaze make these the perfect fall treat.

Get the hack at Sweet Treats & More.

Courtesy of Country Cleaver

6. Nutella Krispie Treats
Because Nutella makes everything better.

Get the hack at Country Cleaver.

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