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Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Doc Searls, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, April 21, 2017. Big Media meets the Big Algorithm as we reach subscription saturation. B=V/T: Self-service Bundling based on Value prioritized by Trust erases the distinction between short and long form. + G3: Denise Howell, Elisa Camahort Page, Kristie Wells, Maria Ogneva, and Tina… Read More


Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey resurfaces, refutes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak comments


The founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, quietly slipped back onto the public stage this week after a tumultuous year that ended with his departure from Facebook in March. 

First, Luckey appeared on Twitter on Wednesday, after months of silence, using a telling new bio image instead of his own face: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the mysterious, sometimes misunderstood Jedi in Star Wars who fights for the good side of The Force.  

It was his first Twitter post since the one back in September, in which he apologized for his actions related to a political action group producing anti-Hillary Clinton pro-Donald Trump content.  Read more…

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Apple adds Earth Day fitness badge to Apple Watch


Just a couple of days after releasing its new NikeLab version of the Apple Watch, Apple is leveraging the device’s reputation as a fitness tool to join in the Earth Day festivities. 

Early Saturday, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a photo of a new special edition achievement badge on the Apple Watch designed to get people outside and active. 

“Get outside, enjoy our planet and complete a 30-minute workout today,” said Cook on Twitter

If you open the Apple Watch-associated Activity app, you’ll now see a badge that comes with a message dedicated to Earth Day.  Read more…

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Uber and Lyft sued for patent infringement by ‘Hailo,’ but not Daimler’s Hailo

 A company called “Hailo Technologies, LLC”, has sued both Uber and Lyft over alleged infringement of U.S. patent 5,973,619, which describes an “automated vehicle dispatch and payment honoring system.” The patent, filed by Alexis Paredes in 1997 and granted in 1999, describes a software system that allows a user to pick a means of transportation from a menu, enter in… Read More


Meet the woman who created a Google doc on how to tactical vote


The resistance is alive in Britain, and it’s armed with a spreadsheet.

A super detailed, exquisitely crafted Google spreadsheet called “How to Vote to Stop the Tories” started doing the rounds on social media almost immediately after a snap election was called last Tuesday. 

It’s a detailed guide on how to vote tactically for the best chances of ousting the Conservative Party in each individual seat. It’s basically a spreadsheet nerd’s dream come true. 

It went viral straight away. Safe to say, its creator, Becky Snowden, was floored. Read more…

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10 of Canada’s best lesser-known national parks

To mark its 150th anniversary, Canada is offering free entry to its stunning national parks. But which to pick? We select 10 lesser-known wildernesses

Canada has vast swathes of unspoiled nature, from coasts to mountains to tundra and frozen Arctic deserts. While some of these spectacular landscapes are in legendary national parks, such as the Rocky Mountains’ Banff and Jasper, the Pacific coast’s Gwaii Haanas and the remote whitewater paddling heaven of the Northwest Territories’ Nahanni, a host of less famous gems await the adventurous.

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Should We Give Customize Financial Advice for Women?

These day, if you want to get to the top of your career, hard work will not do; you need to plan well and strategize. For busy young women professionals or those who do not know much about financial management and planning, hiring a financial advisor or representative might seem like a good option. However, some financial advice may not turn out the same way to women of different demographics. It is for this reason that research is done on this exactly, and Fidelity, who provides employer-based retirement accounts, took part in this project by liberating financial advice from the traditional ones tailored to fit everyone to more specific advice, this time depending on each woman client’s demographic. According to the consulting firm’s representative, a significant number of companies and organizations offering financial advisor and planning services are beginning to see that financial advice is not “one-size-fits-all”; the number continues to grow up steadily as well. They have started changing the format of the planning and information they provide to their clients based on several factors — for example, women’s nationality, income groups, career direction, and amount of credit/debt. The challenges women face The customized way of advising and planning […]

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eSports is on the brink of becoming a billion-dollar industry

league of legends tournamentYouTube/Riot

Despite eSports’ swift audience growth, when it comes to brand sponsorships, the industry is lagging behind and investment is largely driven by partnerships with other sports properties and leagues.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in order for the market to really mature, it needs to look beyond sport.

If you look at the current state of play, teams as varied as the Miami Heat, Manchester United, West Ham and the Philadelphia 76ers – who recently purchased eSports franchise Team Dignitas – are investing heavily in players and teams in this space. For them, it’s a chance to grow and develop fan bases, while also creating new and appealing assets to sell to current and future corporate partners.

The NBA also recently announced a major partnership with Take-Two Interactive, a multinational publisher and distributor of video games, to launch the eSports Basketball League for the NBA 2K game. And you can expect to see the similar roll-outs among the other major leagues like the Premier League, NFL and MLB.

This approach presents significant revenue potential in merchandise sales and the ability to sell team branded eSports merchandise, as well as the ability to grow into and develop new fan bases. But for the market to really mature, the various games and leagues within the eSports umbrella need more brand partnership opportunities.

Currently, brand sponsorships are largely made up of endemic brands such as gaming accessory manufacturers Razer, Hyper and Turtle Beach. While other brands are slowly joining in – Coca-Cola, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bud Light and Gillette have struck some deals in this space – eSports remains largely untapped.

So why is this the case?

Partly, this is because the industry is still in its infancy, meaning it’s hard to prove its value to those not well versed and knowledgeable about eSports. While savvy marketers and brands will know of this space, key stakeholders who control budgets at big brands are far more likely to favour safer investments in traditional sports than venture into video games.

league of legendsArtubr/Flickr

Without being at the arenas or tournaments, it can be hard to grasp for CMOs and CEOs of big, traditional brands that the industry really exists and that people will genuinely spend their whole day at a venue watching other people play a video game.

It takes a brave marketer to take the plunge into eSports brand sponsorships, but the benefits speak for themselves. The ROI for brands is huge; the industry commands an eager base of young people who are willing to spend hour after hour at venues and online providing plenty of opportunities for brands to engage with them. And, due to the fact the sport has yet to mature, its sponsorship costs are favourable when compared to sports with similar viewing figures.

However, this sector does need to be approached carefully. The fan base is made up of young millennial males, who are even more fickle and savvy to marketing than most people. Authenticity is important. You have to make sure the way that you activate your brand as part of a sponsorship or partnership fits with the tournament, game and/or venue of choice.

The first impression matters and if you mess it up, you won’t get another chance. But for those brands and marketers willing to invest in this new area, there are huge opportunities to build new fan bases and engage with this audience. Assets such as naming rights, branded content, experiential activation, tech integration, jersey branding and so forth are available for brands willing to invest in this space. As the market matures, further opportunities in co-branded merchandise will grow, as too will direct selling to fans while viewing livestreams of games.

The opportunities for marketers willing to take the plunge are obvious. But it will take brave marketers – and the correct insights – to ensure that eSports continues on its upward trajectory.

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