Google needs to give the AirPods better competition

 In the race for in-ear AI, Apple has the clear advantage despite the fact that their intelligent assistant is one of the dumbest of the bunch. Yesterday, reports emerged that Apple was working on a pair of follow-ups to its Airpods headphones that could bring them always-on Siri functionality as well as a splash-proof design. As we think about all the things that Apple could do right with… Read More


Teachers say #ArmMeWith classroom resources instead of guns


In the wake of yet another tragic school shooting, teachers have started an eye-opening movement on social media to let the world know what preventative measures really need to be taken seriously to protect students.

In response to the recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, President Trump suggested that some teachers receive gun training so they can be armed in their classrooms. But rather than adding more guns to educational environments, teachers are using the hashtag #ArmMeWith to share far more peaceful resources they wish to be armed with, such as school supplies, mental health resources and funding, impactful changes in curriculum, and stronger gun control legislation. Read more…

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Apple may release AirPower wireless charging pad next month


Apple will launch its own wireless charger that can charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods in their case — all at the same time — next month, reports Macotakara.

Although Apple’s Phil Schiller unveiled the device, called AirPower, at the company’s September 2017 iPhone event, he also said it would launch “next year.” So in theory it’s right on schedule.

“It’s a mat that you place your iPhone 8 or iPhone X down and it just starts to charge,” Schiller said of AirPower at the Apple Event. “You can place your Series 3 Apple Watch down on it and it starts to charge as well. And you can place your AirPods with the optional new wireless charging case on it and it starts to charge as well.”  Read more…

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16 ‘Shark Tank’ home products that are actually useful

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rapid ramen cooker $7.99

Nine seasons in and hundreds of products later, the show “Shark Tank” continues to entertain us as well as the panel of celebrity investors with creative pitches. However, that doesn’t always mean the products are actually good. Some end up being a little too creative or out-there and border on plain gimmicky or “Who would even use that?”

We looked through all the “Shark Tank” products available for purchase and came away with a selection of star products for the home that made us curse and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t we think of this earlier?”

Many solve for the wasteful design of many common products you already use, while others address the annoying inconveniences that everyone experiences. 

Check out the “Shark Tank” home products that are worth buying below.

A spring-loaded laundry hamper


This hamper drops down as you add clothes and rises as you remove them, meaning doing laundry will no longer be that uncomfortable chore you never look forward to. It eases the strain on your lower back, so it’s especially great for expecting mothers, people with bad backs, and the elderly. 

Household Essentials Lifter Hamper, $29.99, available at Amazon

A self-cleaning dog potty


If you’ve already tried many indoor potty training systems, your search ends here with the world’s first self-cleaning dog potty. You can adjust the timer to automatically change a dirty pad one, two, or three times a day, or manually change it with a push of a button. The machine will wrap and seal the waste, keeping your home clean and odor-free. It’s best for dogs under 25 pounds. 

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning & Automatic Indoor Dog Potty + 1 Roll, $149.99, available at Amazon

A rapid ramen cooker


Granted ramen is already a pretty convenient meal to make, this tool makes the process even easier. The water line stops you from overfilling the bowl, the bowl doesn’t get overly hot, and you don’t need to use a pot and stove. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t have access to a kitchen, including students living in dorms and office workers. 

Rapid Ramen Cooker (Red), $8.99, available at Amazon


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Significant Digits For Friday, Feb. 23, 2018

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news. 28 holidays As of Tuesday, that’s the number of public holidays that Cambodia has, which some consider a tad high for a country trying to compete in the global economy. The average number of holidays in a G20 nation is 12. […]


20+ Brutally Honest Reactions To The Gun Situation In America That Will Make You Think

The horrific mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, has reignited protests for meaningful political action in the United States. According to Quinnipiac Poll, an independent, non-partisan public opinion poll, currently 66% of American voters support stricter gun laws, and it’s the highest level ever measured. People are expressing their thoughts about these issues all over the internet, and some are resonating with the public so much, Bored Panda has decided to compile them into a list.


Anthony Taberna Apologized For Victim-Blaming, But Should He Keep His Job?

Anthony Taberna became a topic of discussion this week because of a victim-blaming comment he made on Umagang Kay Ganda. He stated that a 19-year-old woman was at fault for meeting up with someone she’d met on social media. That if she hadn’t done that, she wouldn’t have been gang-raped. Amid all the backlash, several netizens […]

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14 Stephen King quotes about writing you totally need to hang on your wall


The first Stephen King book I ever read was The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I was still in my teens, and my gran — a huge King fan herself — thought it was the one I’d have the best chance of reading without getting too scared.

She was wrong about that (I scare pretty easily), but she was right to introduce me to King. He’s been my favourite author ever since.

It’s not just his stories that keep me coming back, either. He’s also a brilliant writer. From his gloriously grisly descriptions to his on point dialogue and character portrayals, I’ve always thought the horror master doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit as he should for his impressive command of language. Read more…

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Is Uber selling its Southeast Asia business to Grab?

 If you read the tech press, you might have seen reports that Uber is pursuing a sale in Southeast Asia that would see Grab, its Singapore-headquartered rival valued at $6 billion, acquire Uber’s business in the region. Rumors of such a tie-in have been rife for a while. Uber sold its China business in exactly such an arrangement in 2016, and it made a similar exit from Russia last year.… Read More


Seven, Southend-on-Sea, Essex: hotel review

Southend is famous for its 19th-century pier and old-fashioned seaside fun. The opening of the town’s first boutique hotel might start to change that perception

The 10-minute walk from Southend Central railway station to Seven, the town’s newest – and first boutique – hotel takes in its prosaic High Street but, on a crisp, sunny afternoon, also delivers lovely views of the Thames estuary. Nearby is the funicular cliff lift and on the esplanade below are fairground rides, though the scene is dominated by Southend’s pier – the longest in the world – which takes my gaze out across the water.

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