Instagram is testing another killer feature that could crush Snapchat even more


Instagram is not slowing down in 2018.

After Instagram crushed Snapchat — seriously, pounded the app into the ground — last year with its own disappearing Stories feature, the Facebook-owned app is now secretly testing a new “Type” feature that’ll let users share text-based clips instead of photos or videos.

The Next Web first spotted the feature back in December when it rolled out to a select group of private users in Japan, and now it appears Instagram is testing it on some users in Europe as well.

Mashable reached out Instagram and received the following statement from a company spokesperson: Read more…

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Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — is leading a $25 million mission to fix food in schools across the US

learning garden 2Courtesy of The Kitchen

For nearly a decade, Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — has been on a mission to bring fresh produce to cities across the United States. 

In 2011, Musk launched a nonprofit program, called Learning Gardens, in 300 public schools in American cities. Part-playground, part-outdoor classroom, the learning gardens serve as spaces where students learn about the science of growing fruits and veggies — and that they can taste great, too.

Now Musk is taking his nonprofit national and renaming it “Big Green.” In April, 100 schools in Detroit, Michigan will break ground on learning gardens. The Detroit project is backed by $5 million in funding from donors including Gordon Food Service, Pathways Foundation, and philanthropist Carole Ilitch.

Musk’s team also plans to expand Big Green to four other cities, including Colorado Springs, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky; Long Beach, California; and San Antonio, Texas. The $25 million effort could see 100 more gardens built in each location by the end of 2020.

In an interview with Business Insider, Musk explained the genesis of the nonprofit’s new vision.

“As we started to grow, we realized we needed a name that talked to the importance of scale, the importance of reaching all kids of America,” he said.

“And then on the ‘green’ side, we wanted to teach kids about food, but also to pay homage to the fact that we’re getting them outside; we’re getting them connected to nature and to understand the way the Earth and climate works — and really give them an education beyond food. We didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves in food. We do so much more than that.”

Learning Garden Fave ViewCourtesy of Kimbal Musk

In high school learning gardens, students have the option to run their own small food businesses. They grow their own produce, sell it to local restaurants and companies — as well as at farmer’s markets — and then keep their profits. (In Chicago, a Google cafeteria is a buyer.) On average, participating students make $400 a year, Musk said.

Big Green now also has a national board, which includes Valor Equity Partners founder Antonio Gracias, Planet Heritage cofounder Cindy Mercer, and Memphis Superintendent Dorsey Hopson. Since 2011, the initiative has received funding from mega-corporations like Wells Fargo, Walmart, and Chipotle, which Musk believes will help the nonprofit scale. He added that Big Green is open to working with independent or local businesses as well. 

Musk hopes that Big Green will help fix the way American kids eat. Since junk food is often inexpensive and “funneled to low-income communities,” he believes that inaccessible fresh produce is a socioeconomic and human rights issue.

“Kids today are totally disconnected from real food. The industrial food that we create is high-calorie, low in nutrients, doesn’t taste good, and shipped from thousands of miles away. And we’ve been creating a massive amount of obesity and diabetes,” he said.

“In some low-income communities, nearly 40% of kids will go into kindergarten [overweight or] obese. That’s just unforgivable. That’s not something they did to themselves — it’s something we did to them. It’s time that we realize that it’s a human right to understand what we are putting in our bodies.”

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You Don’t Need to Be a Mind Reader to Know What Consent Is

I’d be lying if I said that the Aziz Ansari scandal didn’t keep me up at night, thinking about whether what he did was sexual assault or not. Ever since “Grace” (not her real name) opened up about her experience with the Master of None actor, noting how he allegedly pressured her to have sex, people have […]

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How to Give Your Home a Gen Z Yellow Makeover

Looks like people are slowly embracing the fact that Gen Z yellow is the new It-color. Some may already be shopping for new pieces, probably replacing all the millennial pink in their closets. Now, we’re looking at yellow items to brighten up our homes. If you’re thinking of doing the same, go shop our picks […]

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Put Down Your Classic Frames and Try Something Futuristic

Chucking on a pair of sunglasses is an easy way to accessorize any outfit. Whether off to the beach or lunch break, having a pair of sunglasses handy is a lifesaver. However, it might be time to switch up your classic frames. Although aviators will always be in style, celebrities have been trying something new […]

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David Harbour from ‘Stranger Things’ makes another big fan promise for lots of retweets


Good guy David Harbour is back with his big promises.

The Stranger Things star has pledged to become ordained and preside over the wedding ceremony of Twitter user @ErickaElizabth, but only if he gets 125,000 retweets.

There’s a bit of time though, the wedding is slated for September.

What would it take to get @DavidKHarbour to be the Officiant at my wedding in September?!

— Ericka (@ErickaElizabth) January 15, 2018

Of course, the wedding date will have to work with the shooting schedule of Season 3 of Stranger Things.  Read more…

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TV channel Spike is no longer, so its social media manager had a field day


Better to go out with a bang than a whimper, we guess.

TV channel Spike is going to be rebranded as the Paramount Network on Thursday, as owner Viacom looks to general entertainment programming on the 34-year old basic cable network.

So, as the days become numbered, Spike’s social media presence has decided to well, not really care anymore. 

Viacom is killing off Spike TV & their social media person is having a fun type of meltdown

— Kate (@kate_m_C) January 17, 2018

We don’t know if this Twitter-led meltdown is all Viacom-approved (look, we’re sure it is), but it’s not everyday a TV channel ceases to exist for good. Read more…

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Koh Chang to Koh Kood: island-hopping around eastern Thailand

Thailand’s eastern islands offer the beauty, unspoilt beaches and personal touch missing from more touristy areas and, with accommodation from £28 a night, they’re affordable, too

The island of Koh Chang and its satellites – which include Koh Mak and Koh Kood – are the eastern-most islands in Thailand and, while they can’t really be referred to as undiscovered, they do lack the brand-name recognition of Phuket. The contrast with their better-known cousin is obvious: outside the built-up beaches on the west coast of Koh Chang, hotels and guest houses are mostly small and family-run. Infrastructure has been slow to follow demand and the islands have no commercial airport (though there are up to three flights daily from Bangkok to Trat on the mainland).

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Anna Kendrick was confused for another Anna K. Oh, she noticed.


Anna Kendrick didn’t just welcome twins with Enrique Iglesias. But a news story using the wrong image has the Pitch Perfect star taking to Twitter with a hilarious thread about the mistake.

Yahoo News ran a story about the “Hero” singer reportedly sharing photos of his new babies with tennis star Anna Kournikova — but it used the wrong Anna K’s picture.

Kendrick called the error out on Twitter, with a wry post:

Dear Yahoo: how do I get to this timeline where I’ve slept with Enrique Iqlesias please and thank

— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) January 17, 2018 Read more…

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The Bitcoin community reacts to crash


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies crashed hard, and many people aren’t taking it well.  

Down from the near-$20,000 highs of early December, Bitcoin plummeted 25 percent on Tuesday to as low as $10,194. This hasn’t gone over so well with those who poured their life savings into cryptocurrency. 

Just how bad is it? Well, at the time of this writing, a post providing the phone number of the U.S. National Suicide Hotline sat at the top of the cryptocurrency Reddit

Image: reddit

Importantly, it’s not just Bitcoin that’s down. Everything from Ether, to Ripple, to Bitcoin Cash, to Litecoin is presently taking a bath. Read more…

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Bitconnect, which has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme, shuts down

 Bitconnect, the lending and exchange platform that was long suspected by many in the crypto community of being a Ponzi scheme, has announced it’s shutting down. In a release on its website the platform said the shutdown is attributed to “continuous bad press” surrounding the platform, two cease and desist letters from both Texas and North Carolina’s securities boards,… Read More


Apple forgot the greatest lesson of the MacBook Air


Ten years ago, Steve Jobs hopped on stage at Macworld 2008 and did another one of his seemingly impossible magic tricks: He undid the string on a manila envelope, pulled out the MacBook Air, and forever changed laptops forever.

On Monday, the MacBook Air turned 10 (time flies!), and while it’s incredible how much the thin, light and tapered computer has influenced all laptops, it also serves as a lesson on how Apple can make its family of MacBooks great again.

The MacBook Air wasn’t an instant hit at first. Sure, it was the thinnest and lightest laptop the world had ever seen, but it was ultimately such an underpowered machine that it was better to just buy a bigger, bulkier MacBook or MacBook Pro instead. Read more…

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