Please enjoy this dramatic reading of the nonsense Harry Potter book written by a bot


In December, some truly magical minds at Botnik created a predictive keyboard versed in Harry Potter. The bot wrote an entire book chapter composed entirely of predictive text, and it was glorious. Now there’s a dramatic reading – complete with delightfully deranged visuals from Jamie Loftus – to bring that story to life.

Image: screenshot

Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash opens on Hogwarts at night, and then things start to get weird. Ron does a tap dance and eat’s Hermione’s family while Hermione – actually talking sense – wants to go after the Death Eaters attacking the castle. The distinctive illustrations are also extremely literal, which is pretty entertaining for a chapter in which “several long pumpkins fell out of McGonagall.” Read more…

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