How to keep the resistance going in 2018, even when you’re impossibly tired


I was listening to The Read recently — it’s my favorite podcast — and I was struck by co-host Kid Fury’s observations about reaching the end of the year and feeling tired. 

I posted how I felt on Instagram: “Can’t add one more plan tired. Hard to get excited about exciting things tired. Can’t project, assume, or read minds tired. I’m letting myself be tired, be imperfect, be how I am. It is time to hibernate and make meaning of this year, understand the lessons.”

Five hundred people gave it a heart within a few hours. People reached out to me to say they are also tired — exhausted, really. Falling out in meetings, losing things, fighting with loved ones, letting hopelessness have our tongues.  Read more…

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#Breaktheinternet protest offers one last gasp for net neutrality


The internet is offering one last gasp in its fight for net neutrality. 

Various websites are putting up warnings or even limiting usability on Tuesday to make sure their users know that the Federal Communications Commission is voting on Thursday to essentially hand control of the internet over to massive corporations.

The protest, organized by nonprofit organization Fight for the Future, echoes similar actions of years past in which websites have gotten together to put the issue of net neutrality (and other internet-related topics) right in the faces of their users. 

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Trump’s new scandal proves Teflon Don can’t beat America’s hatred for air travel


Much like Donald Trump, the Trump administration seemed to be made of a cutting-edge, space-age substance to which nothing could stick. Teflon Don didn’t even start to capture it. 

Then, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was caught taking chartered flights on taxpayer money. The scandal peaked on Friday afternoon when Price unceremoniously resigned.

Of all the scandals that have erupted around Trump—and there have been plenty—Price’s is among the most mundane. Government officials are routinely enjoying the perks of their position and occasionally having to answer for it. The notion that a relatively minor part of the Trump administration did this would seem to be par for the Trump-branded course. Read more…

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Malala Yousafzai has officially sent her first tweets


Social media just got a little bit better after inspiring activist and Nobel Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, announced she will now be active on Twitter.

On Friday morning the 19-year-old sent her first seven tweets from her very own verified personal Twitter account to celebrate her high school graduation.

Yousafzai followed her first, simple “Hi, Twitter” message — which already had over 30,000 likes at time of writing — with a thread of six tweets explaining why she’s finally decided to share her voice on the social platform after all these years.  Read more…

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How modern witches are gathering online to stop Trump


Binding politicians, hexing fascists, looking out for humanity and causing trouble: All in a day’s work for modern, politically-organized witches. 

Witches and the witch-curious caught global attention after announcing they would come together online to cast “a spell to bind U.S. President Donald Trump and all those who abet him” last month. (Though that hasn’t stopped his flurry of controversial executive orders that have rocked the globe.) 

Still, for these internet-savvy witches, one little spell designed to stop someone from doing harm is just the beginning of their plans for political change. Anyone who watched The Craft in the ’90s will be familiar with the concept of a binding spell — you probably attempted one in high school after trying to make a friend levitate with light as a feather, stiff as a board. Ideally, the spell to bind Trump would have caused a magically-influenced change of heart and cosmic protection for the downtrodden — and the planet itself.  Read more…

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#ICantKeepQuiet: How an emotional song of empowerment went viral after the Women’s March


A little known song called “Quiet” has made a loud statement following a passionate a capella performance at the Women’s March in Washington.

In the midst of the millions marching on Saturday, a small collection of singers delivered a moving rendition of the song by LA singer MILCK. Its themes of strength and speaking up, and the riveting performance in a clip on Facebook, has drawn quite an audience online.

A flash mob organized by MILCK and dressed largely in pink ‘pussyhats’ sang the spirited rallying cry of a song during the event, bringing together a capella singers from all over the U.S., NPR reports. Read more…

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Tech petition seeking Trump tax returns flies past 100,000 signature goal

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 26: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is interviewed following the grand opening ceremony at the new Trump International Hotel October 26, 2016 in Washington, DC. The hotel, built inside the historic Old Post Office, has 263 luxury rooms, including the 6,300-square-foot 'Trump Townhouse' at $100,000 a night, with a five-night minimum. The Trump Organization was granted a 60-year lease to the historic building by the federal government before the billionaire New York real estate mogul announced his intent to run for president. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) A petition calling for President Donald Trump to immediately release his tax returns has surpassed the 100,000-signature threshold in under a day, garnering a Whitehouse response. It’s not clear that the current administration intends to follow the practice established under Former President Barack Obama, of accepting petitions online, reviewing and responding to… Read More


Michael Sheen quits acting to fight the far-right


Michael Sheen is leaving acting for activism. 

The Passengers actor is quitting his profession to fight far-right populism in the Trump era. 

“In the same way as the Nazis had to be stopped in Germany in the Thirties, this thing that is on the rise has to be stopped,” Sheen told British newspaper The Times

Sheen will move to his hometown in Wales to start organizing. The town, Port Talbot, voted to leave the European Union in the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote, according to The Telegraph

Many celebrities speak out or volunteer for political causes, but Sheen may be alone in leaving Hollywood entirely for grassroots activism.  Read more…

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Clever Kickstarter board game teaches activists the skills they need for victory


Building a successful social movement doesn’t just take passion and dedication. It requires strategy and organizing to turn a group of committed people into an unstoppable force for change.

A new board game, called Rise Up: The Game of People and Power, hopes to help activists learn the skills they need to challenge inequality and injustice.

The game is currently closing out a month of successful funding on Kickstarter, raising more than $50,000 — far surpassing the game’s $35,000 goal.

Rise Up is a fun, engaging game that explores social movements and what it takes to build people power — even when the cards are stacked against us,” the creators say on the game’s Kickstarter page. Read more…

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Shailene Woodley was just arrested while protesting Dakota Access Pipeline


Actress and outspoken activist Shailene Woodley was arrested Monday afternoon in Sioux County, North Dakota, while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, a controversial pipeline over 1,000 miles long that would transport crude oil through sacred lands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Woodley was one of many of activists and Indigenous peoples in the region protesting the construction of the pipeline, which was recently put on pause (though not halted completely) by the Obama administration. The actress streamed events from today’s protests on Facebook, and unexpectedly broadcast her arrest to thousands watching online.    Read more…

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How to be Jennylyn Mercado

Jennylyn Mercado started from the bottom, and now she’s here—in a place where she can be a successful, single mom who struts in a sparkling body suit and gets the best leading men. Most of us didn’t care about Jennylyn after she graduated from Starstruck and those 2003 side bangs. And then suddenly, she’s Derek Ramsay’s rosy-cheeked Filipino translator on English Only, […]

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