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Trust us: You probably don’t actually want a real life hoverboard


Trust us: you don’t really want a real life hoverboard — at least not in the first few iterations of the future tech.

Sure, you’ve probably been impatiently waiting for the day you’d finally be able to zoom above the pavement from the moment you saw Marty McFly defy the laws of gravity in Back to the Future Part II — but there’s more than just a crew of angry bullies that could make the practice IRL a bad and dangerous idea. 

Your dream hoverboard would probably be a floating injury machine at first, with potentially sketchy internals, a super-high price tag, and a high level of skill needed just to take it for a spin.      Read more…

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‘Back to the Future’ gets remade as if it were a home movie


Back to the Future wasn’t an expensive film to begin with (although its profits reached the hundreds of millions). But what if it had a budget of nearly zero dollars? How would it look?

Our CineFix series, Homemade Movies, answered this question with a low-budget, shot-for-shot remake using no special effects or “realistic” props. Lots of action figures, though.

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Here’s a DIY Back to the Future golf cart to put all others to shame

‘Patience, late nights, caffeine, patience, and sweat’ are the ingredients behind this Delorean Golf Cart. Yes, Delorean golf cart, as in Back to the freaking Future golf cart. This exciting design was built as part of the Red Deer College 30th Annual Golf Classic, and the right to drive the cart was auctioned off recently […]

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