This Modelling Agency Is Hiring Only Older Models, And They Look Unbelievable

In our young-and-sexy obsessed society, it has become all too easy to overlook the beauty and glamour of those who are aging gracefully. So while Hollywood is busy air-brushing, botoxing and face-lifting in a vain attempt to hold back the inevitable march of time, this Russian modelling agency has decided instead to embrace the beauty of ageing in a series of gorgeous photos.


Show Your Support For Breast Cancer Awareness by Shopping for a Cause

October marks breast cancer awareness month, a time where we support those who have it while also making it known. Throughout the month, there are events that highlight breast cancer like Fashion Can Serve. There are also brands that sell limited edition products wherein 100 percent or part of the proceeds go to cancer research […]

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Meet Sarah Lahbati, Mother, Actress, and Now Book Author

Sarah Lahbati’s beauty book, True Beauty: How to Glam Your Life Inside and Out is now available. Don’t tell us you won’t be secretly snagging a copy. The celebrity first teased the book when we interviewed her last year. She also kept us hanging as she gave a sneak peek on her social media earlier […]

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Here’s how OLAY’s skin analysis platform opened my eyes to AI innovation in beauty


Editor’s Note: A representative from Mashable’s Branded Content team attended the Olay panel on a Global Skin Analysis Program at Mobile World Congress and gave a firsthand account of the event. This is where Olay premiered their Skin Advisor, which is a platform powered by artificial intelligence. Mashable’s Chief Data Scientist, Haile Owusu, sat on this panel.

I’d never really considered the myriad applications of artificial intelligence (AI) until I took my seat at the OLAY panel at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The subtle ways that AI is disrupting our lives are many and varied – and often in places you’d least expect. OLAY – and the broader beauty space – is one of these places. Do we all really understand what our skin needs? Here’s where AI is really changing the game.  Read more…

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