Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more are standing up for bullied kid Keaton Jones


By now, you’ve probably seen the name Keaton Jones or #StandWithKeaton, regarding the Tennessee boy whose video about his terrible bullying experience went pretty viral this weekend. 

The heartbreaking video, in which Jones describes how he’s bullied in school, created an instant outpouring of support and love from all corners of the internet. Many, many people shared their own stories, words of encouragement, and his video with others. Celebrities were definitely among them.

Celebrities have reached out on Twitter and Instagram showing Jones their own love and support with invitations to hang out, and simply spreading awareness of how serious and hurtful bullying really is. Read more…

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Balenciaga Lets Go of Casting Agents After Accusations of Model Bullying

Balenciaga’s former casting agents are hitting back after accusations that they were abusing models during screenings. Earlier this week, casting director James Scully called out agents Maida Gregori Boina and Rami Fernandes for making 150 models “wait in a stairwell, told them they would have to stay over 3 hours to be seen, and not […]

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Melania Trump rails against the social media bullying her husband, his fans love



For someone who apparently hates social media bullying, it doesn’t appear Melania Trump knows Twitter as well as her husband. 

Melania on Thursday spoke out against social media bullying in her first campaign speech since the Republican National Convention. And though the context of her speech was mostly geared toward protecting children and teenagers from online abuse, her words could just as easily have been directed at some of her husband’s most outspoken supporters. 

“As we know now, social media is a centerpiece of our lives. It can be a useful tool” she said in Pennsylvania. “But like anything that is powerful, it can have a bad side.”  Read more…

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Facebook renews efforts to fight bullying with Safety Center relaunch



It just got a little safer to be a Facebook user, no matter where you are in the world.

A relaunch of Facebook’s Safety Center now brings comprehensive tools to address bullying and promote safe sharing for all Facebook users. The toolkit is available in more than 50 languages, expanding the Safety Center’s reach since its initial launch in 2010. 

Facebook is also partnering with more than 60 nonprofit organizations to help get the word out to its 1.7 billion users across the globe, hoping to address how the social network can sometimes be conducive to harmful and hurtful behaviors. The relaunched platform provides in-depth resources — including videos and tips — to encourage “safe and secure sharing.” Read more…

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Win this contest by making your own anti-bullying emoji



Most young people know how they’d like to respond to teasing, harassment and abuse as a victim or bystander, but it’s not always possible to act on those intentions.

That’s why the I Am A Witness campaign debuted an anti-bullying emoji last year to help adolescents and teenager silently communicate that they won’t tolerate cruel behavior. 

Now the campaign has created a contest so people can take that signature emoji — an eye surrounded by a conversation bubble — and invent their own version of the graphic.

The “Witness Creativity” challenge launched Wednesday with simple instructions: transform the campaign’s symbol into something “beautiful” that calls out bullying. The contest also highlighted more than a dozen examples of emoji and artwork that demonstrate what judges are seeking in submissions.  Read more…

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Model Cara Delevingne Thinks a ‘Dislike’ Button Will Promote Cyberbullying

With Facebook recently adding reactions to the “Like” button aside from the same old thumbs up, people are still wondering when they’ll finally get that “Dislike” button. If the social media site added new emojis to the mix, a thumbs down option is bound to happen soon, right? Mark Zuckerberg certainly thought about doing it once. […]

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Did This Australian Model Bully Kendall Jenner Backstage at NYFW?

It appears that even the young, beautiful, rich, and famous aren’t immune to the hurt caused by bullying. In this retelling, however, it’s Kendall Jenner on the receiving end. Amid reports of girls stubbing their cigarettes in her drink and trash-talking her on Instagram, the blame hasn’t fallen on a particular model’s shoulders—until now. But […]

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