Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby drops dance track and well, it’s terrible


Convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby spent 13 years in Bali after being found guilty of bringing, oh, 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Indonesia.

And now, she’s dropped a dance single.

The 40-year-old Queensland local posted the joke song, dubbed “Palm Trees,” on Instagram on Monday. She’s teamed up with music producer Nat Zeleny for the track, on which Corby provides chorus vocals.

The video currently has 58.5K views, for some reason. Unsurprisingly not available on Spotify, iTunes or Apple Music, “Palm Trees” is the dumb summer track you wish you’d never heard. Read more…

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Eventbrite buys Ticketscript, a self-service ticket platform for music events

Credit: Jim Urquhart, Reuters Eventbrite, the billion-dollar event-management platform that some tip for an imminent IPO, has made another acquisition in Europe to build out its presence here, and to move deeper into ticketing services. It has acquired Ticketscript, a startup based out of Amsterdam that offers a popular platform for event organisers to set up and sell tickets online for live events like music… Read More


Nick Cannon’s dancehall drama is heading to YouTube Red


Nick Cannon is debuting his dance film on YouTube Red.

The streaming service has picked up distribution rights to King of the Dancehall, Cannon’s film that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. 

The film follows the Brooklyn-born hero (played by Cannon) after he heads to Jamaica “to start a new chapter after a major setback forces him to quickly leave town,” YouTube said in a release. “He falls for a local girl in Kingston who introduces him to dancehall culture, and soon discovers a newfound passion for dance.”

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Paul Ryan didn’t give us the dab we wanted, he gave us the dab we deserved


There are many things Americans need right now, but seeing Paul Ryan attempt to dab is definitely not one of them.

Despite this fact, the Speaker of the House decided to do it anyway… on national television.

Way to go, Paul. 😒

The world recently poked fun at Ryan for a moment during the swearing in of the 115th Congress, on Jan. 3, when he shut down Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall’s son, who tried to dab for the pictures.

Ryan, who could not look more perplexed by the boy’s dab pose, reportedly mistook the dance move for a sneeze, and therefore, was frightened by it. “Were you gonna sneeze? Is that it?” he asked the kid who was just trying to have some fun in this world. Geez. Read more…

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Everyone’s Favorite Department Store Is Having a Big Sale

As Christmas draws near, the amount of people who are gift shopping are also going up. You might even be one of them who’s braving traffic jams and long lines to the cashier for the past few weeks. If you’re planning to continue it over the weekend, first, make sure you have comfy shoes. And […]

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Victoria Beckham Dances in Time Square with Cookie Monster

It’s not 1996 just because you are seeing Victoria Beckham dance in public as Posh Spice, it’s 2016 and this is a little more surprising given her rather uptight persona (an observation). Just a few hours ago, her son Brooklyn Beckham posted a video of Victoria dancing in Times Square—pointing out to onlookers, grooving with Cookie Monster, […]

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Feeling Lazy? Here Are 12 Events to Get You Out of the House

Whether you’re a music buff, an art aficionado, or a foodie, you know there’s an event that fits your personality. So you basically have no excuse to laze around and waste time watching the tenth season of your favorite TV series…for the nth time. But if you need more convincing, we’ve got 12 events that’s sure […]

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Don’t Miss Out on Good Music, Bazaars, and More on the Last Weekend of June

Before we officially welcome July next week, let’s unwind from our busy schedules for a second and enjoy your rest days with events you would not want to miss. If you can’t find the perfect spot you want to hit up this weekend, don’t worry—Preen has got you covered. Concerts, workshops, bazaars, and more are […]

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Watch: Oscar Winner Alicia Vikander Busts a Move for Latest Fashion Ad

After winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Danish Girl last February, you’d think Alicia Vikander would be done celebrating by now. But it looks like she’s not done doing her happy dance on Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign ad for their Twist handbags. After joining LV’s lineup of celebrity muses […]

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How Cali’s DIY dance clubs keep the spirit of salsa alive

In Cali, south Colombia, discotecas are treasure troves of old-school salsa and other Latino music, with vast collections of vinyl, turntables, posters, and, of course, dance floors

Santiago de Cali is the self-proclaimed capital of salsa, not because this musical genre was born there (that would be the Bronx), nor because it had the best bands (that would be Puerto Rico, Cuba or the Bronx again), but because the locals in this city in south-west Colombia have adopted it as their own, making the lyrics part of the local poetry and dancing it like no one else on the planet.

Salsa emerged in the 1970s from a conglomeration of many earlier Latino musical styles and rhythms. The appreciation of Latino music in Cali extends back to the 1940s when the first radio stations broadcast music from Havana; when musicals from Mexico’s golden era of cinema (with Cuban swing bands and singers) were broadcast on local TV in the 50s; and with the arrival, also around that time, of records from Cuba, Panama and Argentina.

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Raising A Ballerina Will Cost You $100,000

Sydnee Carroll, a rising junior at Howard University, has been taking ballet classes since she was 3 years old. As a child, Carroll could not picture a ballerina who looked like she did. “Little girls say ‘I want to be a ballerina when I grow up,’ ” Carroll said. “I never thought of an African-American […]


Fashion Retailer Ruby Gan Capitalizes on the Athleisure Trend

This August, #PreenFitSpo stories run around the topic of fitness, while striding in related matters of athleisure, pop culture, and romantic relationships. If you’ve allowed your yearly resolutions to get fit fall by the wayside (yet again), we’ve found something that may break you out of your slump. Inspired by a sports expo she attended […]