My Toughest Long Distance Relationship Ever

Here at Preen, we’re fully aware that adult life doesn’t always go as smoothly (and look as beautiful) as curated Instagram feeds. We all face challenges amidst all the good things. Meet Mikka Wee, a former food editor-turned-working gal in Singapore, who’s about to share all the ups and downs that come with adulting and living. […]

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Movies to watch with your pooch to ring in the Year of the Dog


According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is Year of the Dog — a calendar creature we can truly get behind.

Chinese New Year begins on Friday, Feb. 18, with two weeks of celebrations around the globe. 

So, to celebrate the coming of a canine year, why not watch a film that runs on four legs? We’ve got to wait until March for the release of Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, but there’s still plenty of high-quality pooch cinema to watch. 

Whether you have your own four-legged friend or are just looking to live vicariously through one’s adventures, these films are a special treat. Read more…

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Every glorious moment Benji appears in Netflix’s new ‘Benji’ trailer


Benji, scruffy solver of crimes, quasher of kidnappings, sniffer of butts, is coming to Netflix.

Dropping a trailer on Monday, Netflix is bringing the problem-solving canine back in a brand-new movie written and directed by Brandon Camp, son of Joe Camp, who created the Benji movie franchise.

In the trailer, we get our first glimpse of the new Benji. Scruffy as ever, he’s prowling the mean streets:

Image: netflix

Seeing his new BFF across a crowded plaza:

Image: netflix

Gently taking a strawberry from said BFF:

Image: NETFLIX Read more…

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Love Dachshunds or French Bulldogs? Show It With Chinese New Year Pieces

Chinese New Year is a couple of weeks away (Feb. 16 to be exact). How would you want to spend it? There’s the option of watching a dragon dance at Chinatown in Binondo, buying tikoy to share at home, and also shopping for limited-edition collections. Just like previous years, brands are coming out with items inspired by […]

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How this startup is trying to bring dog toys into the 21st century


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BarkBox is a startup focused on creating and selling dog products, toys, and treats. They design and test all their toys in-house using a 3D printer and a squeaker library that they try out on the dogs that roam the office. Serving a market that has long been stale and stagnant, BarkBox is bringing dog toys into the 21st century.  Read more…

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Mom tries out VR, ends up cuddling a doggy butt IRL


While experiencing the thrills of virtual reality, this mom got a bit overwhelmed and reached for her dog to comfort her.

Unfortunately, the VR headset prevented her from seeing the dog, which means she grabbed the wrong end and wound up nuzzling her face into a cute, little doggy booty for a minute.

As the confused dog hangs upside down and the women unknowingly strokes its tush, it’s nearly impossible not to burst out laughing along with the woman’s family members.

Thank you, VR headset. We needed this wholesome moment of joy to distract us from the usual internet dread that’s just part of the bargain when you exist on Earth in 2017. Read more…

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Not to be dramatic but this dog has the cutest smile ever


Friends, please meet Layla the spaniel, an unspeakably adorable dog who loves to be pet.

From the looks of this clip, it seems she also loves to wag her tail, cuddle, and deliver the most perfect soft smile we’ve ever seen. Layla, girl, you’re doing amazing. Please keep it up.

I will be sending this video to all my friends and family within the hour. Read more…

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Rottweiler with giant belly gives birth at midnight – after sixth puppy the math doesn’t add up

As 2 year old Rottweiler Jessie’s belly grew bigger and bigger, Eleanor suspected that she would have 8 puppies at the most. One night Eleanor and her husband were awakened by a strange noise coming …

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Boise State’s football dog is a good boy who fetches the tee after kickoffs


Is the Boise State football dog an elite quarterback? No, but he could be, if someone just gave him a chance.

Boise State’s dog (a good boy) is what’s called a kickoff specialist. By that, we mean that he runs onto the field like a happy idiot and gets the tee after kickoff.

Take a look at the dog in action. Note his elegant form. Note the fluid, dancer-like movements in his route running that make him a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. Note his professionalism in the midst of a huge crowd of rabid football fans. 

Do NOT note the way he drops the tee, that doesn’t matter. Read more…

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Dog and kitten are the epitome of friendship goals


Best friends furr-ever!  

Ava the kitten and Barney the dog have the sweetest friendship ever. Just take a gander at the two incredibly adorable faces that Battersea Dogs & Cats posted on their Twitter account Tuesday.

Found abandoned in a London garden, just days old, Ava was brought into #Battersea and this is where she met her new best friend Barney. 🤗

— BatterseaDogs&Cats (@BDCH) September 12, 2017

The two cuddly companions met at the shelter in London when Ava was found alone in a garden all by herself.

Although the pair have been separated and off to new and loving forever homes, Barney will always have a soft spot for a kitten in need. Read more…

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Dogs go rainbow for marriage equality in Sydney


Love is love, even doggos know it.

A casual 30,000 people (and a handful of progressive dogs) marched for marriage equality in Sydney on Sunday, to show their support for same-sex marriage in Australia, ahead of a national postal vote on the matter. 

Rally organisers have said the Sept. 10 event now sits as the largest LGBTQ demonstration in Australian history, a declaration reported by ABC

And nothing sells a positive social message like a dog in rainbow, a strong truism not overlooked by rally attendees. Many a doggo donned the spectrum on Sunday, sparking just as many Instagram posts: Read more…

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Corgi with ‘Receiving Gifts’ love language attempts to give its reflection a bone


Let us bow our heads and pray to Reflection Corgi, the patron saint of selfless gifts and confusing mirrors.

If you didn’t know about the deep altruism of the noble corgi — dogs known for having both the purest hearts and funniest butts — you know now.

In this video, uploaded to Twitter by author and literary agent Eric Smith, a corgi attempts to give its reflection its prized bone.

I don’t think any of you understand just how pure corgis are.

He keeps trying to share that bone with his reflection in our closet

— Eric Smith (@ericsmithrocks) September 8, 2017 Read more…

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