Rules of engagement when you follow your colleagues on Twitter


So, you’ve done the deed. You went and followed aaaaall of your colleagues on Twitter. They’ve followed you back. Now there’s no going back. 

Before you carry on tweeting as you did before, there are a few HIGHLY important rules you need to be aware of. 

This isn’t a time for skimming folks. Absorb every syllable of the following commandments before you go forth into the Twittersphere. 

Do not post Slack conversations without permission 

Thought your Slack convo with your work BFF was totally LOL? Good for you. But, before you post a screenshot for all the world to see, think about whether your beloved colleague would want the world reading your innermost secrets. Your work confidante could soon view you as a confi-don’t.  Read more…

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LinkedIn Etiquette: What’s Crossing the Line?

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media networks in the world. For businesses that need to connect with other professionals, this is the number one social media network.

Like any social media network, there are certain rules that have to be followed. You need to know what counts as crossing the line. The standards of etiquette on some social media networks are far different from the standards of etiquette on other social media networks.

You are going to learn more about how you should act when it comes to LinkedIn.

Connect With People Right Now

Before many businesses decided to stop marketing on Facebook, the conventional wisdom was it was bad etiquette to add someone as soon as you met them. On LinkedIn the exact opposite is true. The longer you wait the less likely people are to remember who you are.

Remember that many LinkedIn connections are made because of people meeting at a crowded conference. Add the person and connect with them early so you can start building that relationship.

Personalize All Connection Requests

One thing that LinkedIn has done badly over the years is the implementation of the populated request box. This is where you can automatically have a message inserted into the request box so you don’t have to type a single word. It’s the height of poor etiquette, though.

You should always create a personalized request. This shows that you know who the person is and you want to build a real connection with them.

Pay Attention to the Person’s Contact Policy

One thing that you will notice about every LinkedIn profile is that there’s a section relating to the way people prefer to be contacted. They may only want to receive certain messages, or they may ask for specific information from the person in order to warrant a reply.

If you want to receive a response, you must pay attention to this contact policy. Make sure that you are fulfilling their requests.

Ignoring Recruiters When You Are Not Searching for a Job

On LinkedIn, you are going to receive regular requests from recruiters. This is the fabric of what LinkedIn is all about. You may think that because you’re not actively looking for a job you don’t need to respond to them. Not only is this the height of bad manners, but you are missing out on a potential connection for the future.

Reply to everyone who contacts you and offer to stay in touch. You never know who you might need in the future.

Editing Your Profile Etiquette

Everything you change about your profile will be broadcasted to your followers. This is exactly how you are going to keep people interested in you.

Every so often, you may decide that your whole profile needs a complete overhaul as part of your social media strategy. At this stage, you should disable all profile updates. There’s nothing people hate more than a flood of inconsequential updates because someone is messing around with their profile.

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