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Trust us: You probably don’t actually want a real life hoverboard


Trust us: you don’t really want a real life hoverboard — at least not in the first few iterations of the future tech.

Sure, you’ve probably been impatiently waiting for the day you’d finally be able to zoom above the pavement from the moment you saw Marty McFly defy the laws of gravity in Back to the Future Part II — but there’s more than just a crew of angry bullies that could make the practice IRL a bad and dangerous idea. 

Your dream hoverboard would probably be a floating injury machine at first, with potentially sketchy internals, a super-high price tag, and a high level of skill needed just to take it for a spin.      Read more…

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‘The mountains around Verbier are great for flying down – and off’

Snowboarder and basejumper Géraldine Fasnacht says the Swiss Alps provide all the thrills she needs, though she’s not averse to launching herself off the odd skyscraper

The first time I did a sky dive with a wingsuit was in Verbier, and I was so scared. Everyone had been telling me how difficult it would be and how I had to be careful about this and that – but when I took off I was like a child. I opened my wings and I started to fly really quickly. But I was having too much fun and flew straight past the landing area. When I landed I was lost, and it took me two hours to get back. But I was the happiest girl on Earth. That was 1998 – I was 18. After that I bought a wingsuit and started to fly and fly and fly.

When I saw the eagle’s eye view of the Alps on Planet Earth II recently, I thought that’s exactly how I feel when I’m wingsuiting. When you’re up high and see the ground moving so quickly below you, it’s like the world’s on fast-forward.

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