Mother Of Two Takes Adorable Photos Of Herself And Her Daughters In Matching Clothing (Part 2)

A few months ago we introduced you to an adorable project called “All that is three” by a UK-based lifestyle Instagrammer and a mother of two named Dominique. She takes amazing pictures of herself and her two daughters, Amelia (11) and Penny (4).
Dominique is managing her blog and Instagram account where she posts pictures of herself and daughters dressed in similar fashion.


#WelcomeTwinsCarters Trends Worldwide for Beyoncé’s Twins

  After days of speculation and hints that got the Internet abuzz with theories, US Weekly and People confirmed today that Beyoncé gave birth to twins earlier this week. Major publications quickly picked up on the news and as of writing, #WelcomeTwinsCarters places fourth on Twitter’s worldwide trending topics. I wonder what it feels like to […]

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Free Comic Book Day is now a geek family affair and here’s the proof


Zounds! ‘Tis Free Comic Book Day, when younglings and olds alike descend upon their local comic book merchants in search of the only nourishment that will slake their savage geek thirst: MOAR COMIC BOOKS. 

But despite the feeding frenzy focused on the wonder secreted in the pages of these paper treasures, Free Comic Book Day is actually a sweet moment for many families when friends and family get to unapologetically share their collective guilty pleasure. 

No, this isn’t the day to haggle over a rare issue of an obscure superhero series, or eye the comic book shop owner suspiciously as she darts into the back room where they keep “the good stuff.”  Read more…

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Top 10 UK guided walks and tours for families

Avoid moans of ‘walking’s boring’ by trying a children-focused tour, where guides channel Robin Hood and Mary Poppins, or lead ghost trails and fossil hunts

If you’re looking for “gently spooky” rather than “give the kids nightmares for weeks”, then this is the ghost tour for you. Follow “Victorian undertaker” Bill Spectre as he leads you through the back streets and courtyards of Oxford. This twilight tour is peppered with ghost stories, which are illustrated with props, pyrotechnics and illusions. Plenty of jokes and audience participation ensure it never goes to the dark side and is suitable for kids of all ages.
Friday and Saturday evening at 6.30pm from the gift shop of Oxford Castle Unlocked, 1¾ hours, no need to book. Adults £9, children £5-£7.

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A guide to Facebook etiquette after someone has died


When someone you love passes away, turning to Facebook can be a profoundly helpful way of processing that loss and expressing your grief. But, for the deceased’s nearest and dearest, social media can be deeply overwhelming and upsetting in the immediate aftermath and even the long after a person’s death. 

People grieve in different ways. What’s upsetting for some people can be comforting for others. Knowing what is and isn’t appropriate can be extremely hard to gaugeMashable spoke to grief experts and a number of people who’ve dealt with loss to find out what one should and should not do on Facebook following a bereavement:   Read more…

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Google introduces Family Link, its own parental control software for Android

 Google has just one-upped Apple on mobile in a significant way: today the company today announced the launch of Family Link, an application for parents that lets them establish a child’s first Google account, as well as utilize a series of  parental controls to manage and track screen time, daily limits, device “bedtimes,” and which apps kids can use. While all the… Read More


City breaks with kids: Rome

The Eternal City may be stuffed with classical treasures, but it also has plenty to intrigue kids – who will love the ready availability of pizza and ice-cream

More in this series: Paris | Barcelona | Amsterdam | Berlin

Rome offers several offbeat, not-too academic museums and art galleries. The Centrale Montemartini (€7,50, under-6s free) is always a hit with my son. A short stroll from Garbatella metro station, it has Greek and Roman statues, busts and friezes masterfully displayed in a converted power plant built in 1932. The towering turbines, defunct diesel engines and colossal steam boilers create an exciting backdrop for the marble sculptures. There are free guided tours designed for children.

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City breaks with kids: Barcelona

It’s a favourite destination for adults, but Barcelona has loads to offer kids, whether they’re into football, science, the seaside or amusement parks

More in this series: Berlin | Amsterdam | Paris

The Gothic Quarter’s warren of medieval alleyways is great fun to explore, and one of its hidden treasures is the original Papabubble store on Calle Ample where jewel-like sweets are made by hand.

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City breaks with kids: Paris

The city of love – or lights – can also be a delight for children, with special sessions at many cultural attractions and parks with playgrounds, ponds and puppets

More in this series: Berlin | Amsterdam

Most kids quickly tire of walking, so make it more interesting with a stroll along Les Berges de Seine, a scenic stretch of river starting from the Musée D’Orsay. Climbing frames, painted floor mazes, hopscotch, board games and seasonal, pop-up play apparatus are just a few of the things that will keep children entertained.

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City breaks with kids: Amsterdam

Continuing our series on family-friendly city holidays, we head to popular Amsterdam for bikes and boats, pancakes and play parks

Online now: Berlin | Tomorrow: Paris

Amsterdam East, the “Brooklyn of Amsterdam”, offers a pleasant alternative to the usual tourist jaunts. Its recently redeveloped Oosterpark has a new public playground and terraced Grand Café De Tropen ). Right next door is one of the grandest, but lesser-known Amsterdam museum, the Tropenmuseum (adult €15, child €8). This anthropological museum houses an astounding collection of 175,000 artefacts and offers interactive exhibits and immersive experiences. My children’s personal favourites include the extensive collection of musical instruments for hands-on play, as well as the dozens of short films and educational games. At weekends children aged 4-12 can get crafty at the Travelling Tales exhibition.

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City breaks with kids: Berlin

In our new series of ‘mini’ breaks, local parents tip the attractions kids will love – and the ones to avoid – plus where to refuel and where to call it a night

Tomorrow: Amsterdam

For all its reputation as the capital of cool, Berlin makes a fabulous family destination. Berliners are generally tolerant of children, public transport is easy, cheap and fast, and the city brims with parks, playgrounds and lakes. Queues for the main attractions are usually shorter than in many other cities thanks to Berlin’s relatively small population (3.6 million) and impressive wealth of cultural delights, and it’s usually possible to beat the queues for big sights like the Reichstag and the TV Tower by simply booking online.

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