What to Do and Where to Go in France According to Isabelle Daza and Leila Alcasid

France is the place-to-be this week. Whether it’s for a casual vacation or attending Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho’s wedding, many personalities are sharing their adventures on social media. If you want to see what you can do in France aside from visiting the Eiffel Tower, scroll down. We’re also taking down itinerary notes […]

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First Lady Brigitte Macron Said She Would Regret Not Marrying Husband Emmanuel

The relationship of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte had been controversial because of their wide age gap. And for the first time, Brigitte addressed the topic in an interview with Elle France. Brigitte recounted the time she’d taught drama in a high school, where she met Emmanuel, 20 years ago. She acknowledged that […]

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Reebok subtweets Donald Trump, internet goes wild


Reebok wants in on the Trump Twitter trolling game and it’s showing absolutely no mercy.

On Friday, the athletic apparel company took a shot at the U.S. President by crafting a graphic that mocked the “compliments” he delivered to French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife last week.

In a moment captured on Facebook Live during Trump’s visit to Paris, he can be seen giving French first lady Brigitte, a once-over before saying, “You know, you’re in such great shape … beautiful.” 


In response to the cringeworthy interaction, Reebok posted an elaborate subtweet in the form of a handy chart created to help people determine when it’s appropriate to utter the words Trump spoke to Macron’s wife. Read more…

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Trump and Macron’s handshake might be the longest handshake in the history of handshakes


Forget everything you thought you knew about competitive sports because it’s 2017, and the only competition that matters right now is handshakes. And Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron may have just taken the grand prize for the most awkward handshake ever.

Trump and Macron spent the day together on Friday as the two world leaders celebrated Bastille Day. And spending the day together means one thing: the two were back at it again with their jaw-droppingly unnatural handshakes

While we’ve seen the two exchange truly uncomfortable handshakes time and time again, this new handshake just might be the longest handshake in the history of handshakes. Read more…

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Behold: the cringiest Trump handshake yet

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Michel Gondry debuts film shot entirely on Apple’s iPhone 7


French director Michel Gondry is well known for his many innovative approaches to shooting film and music videos, but none may be more disruptive than his recent decision to shoot a short film using an iPhone 7

The ten-minute film, titled Détour, which is in French with English subtitles, was released on Thursday and tells a charming story of a family on a road trip with all the classic Gondry touches of surrealist quirkiness you’d expect. 

Gondry, whose previous films include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Green Hornet, and a number of groundbreaking music videos for the likes of Björk, Kanye West, Beck, and the White Stripes, seems at home attaching the iPhone 7 to various rigs to achieve the final result.  Read more…

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Artist says he used a computer-generated photo for his official ID card


A French artist says he fooled the government by using a computer-generated photo for his national ID card

Raphael Fabre posted on his website and Facebook what he says are the results of his computer modeling skills on an official French national ID card that he applied for back in April.

The image is 100 percent artificial, he says, made with special-effects software usually used for films and video games. Even the top of his body and clothes are computer-generated, he wrote (in French) on his website.

But it worked, he says. He followed guidelines for photos and made sure the framing, lighting, and size were up to government standards for an ID. And voila: He now has what he says is a real ID card with a CGI picture of himself. Read more…

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Michelin Gave a Star to the Wrong Restaurant

When the Michelin Guide dropped their 2017 edition for France, they awarded one star to a brasserie called Bouche à Oreille in the French town of Bourges. They didn’t realize they made a huge mistake and awarded the wrong restaurant. Yikes! The owner Véronique Jacquet heard it on the radio and thought something was wrong. “It […]

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French video trolling Trump has a cock in it, because of course it does


France has finally joined the list of countries in Europe trolling the U.S. president with a spoof tourism video narrated in the voice of Donald Trump.

The video, produced by “La Nouvelle Edition” on Channel 8, starts by comparing the two national animals, and it’s quite brilliant: “America has the bald eagle, in France we have the cock,” the voiceover says.

If you think this is blunt, wait until you see the part where Steve Bannon’s physical appearance is compared to stinky cheese. 

You’re welcome! Or, as the French would say, de rien! Read more…

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This man was caught cheating on his wife and now he’s blaming an Uber ‘glitch’ for it


It’s a classic tale of betrayal with a modern twist: a torrid affair leads to a broken marriage… after it was all uncovered by some unexplained app notifications. 

When a businessman in southern France was caught hitching rides to rendezvous with his extramarital lover, he decided to blame Uber and file a lawsuit against the ride-hailing company, French newspaper Le Figaro reported Wednesday.

The alleged cheater, whose name was not disclosed in court documents obtained by the paper, blamed a “glitch” in the app for outing him. The man claimed he once logged into his Uber account on his wife’s iPhone, but even after he logged out, her device continued to receive push notifications from his profile. Every time he took an extracurricular love trip, he claims she was pinged, which led her to confront him about the alleged affair and their eventual divorce. Read more…

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