21 Funny And Socially Awkward Comics By Portuguese Geese

Have you ever cringed suddenly remembering something awkward you did 10 years ago? And have you ever thought that if you had a time machine that you could use just once, you’d use it to change that thing? Yes? Than you’ll totaly love these comics. The hilarious webcomics mostly revolve around one socialy awkward guy who always picks the worst words for conversations. His everyday struggles include love life, friendships and other everyday themes that many socialy awkward people will relate to.


The Mayon Volcano Relocated to Naga Because Mocha Uson Said So

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Mocha Uson is back on the trending pages. No, it’s not about her UST Alumni Association award because she already returned it. (Thank God.) It’s the fact that she said that the Mayon volcano is located in Naga and not Albay. In a stunning news that shook the foundations […]

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25+ Stupid Things Couples Fight About That You’re Probably Guilty Of Too

If you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, you two will argue, it’s written in the Bible. The trick is to avoid fighting over meaningless stupid things, reserving your energy for dialogues that can change your everyday life for the better. Sadly, it’s easier said than done. Recently, people started sharing the ridiculous conflicts they had with their significant others, hilariously poking fun at the times everyone just could have kept their mouths shut.


Trump’s suspicious health report has inspired the “girther” movement and we love it

The results from Trump’s recent medical check have inspired all kinds of mockery and ridicule on the net, igniting the so-called “girther” movement. The “girther” movement is a humorous twist … Read more

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Family Hires Pro Photographer For Family Shoot, Can’t Believe Their Eyes When They See Results

A picture is worth a thousand words but a hilariously terrible family photoshoot earned them over 377K shares and 363K likes on Facebook. Everything started when the Zarings were contacted by a middle-aged woman, marketing herself as an experienced professional photographer. She took them to the popular Forest Park in St. Louis where they paid her $250 to snap beautiful pictures. After 8 months of post-production, the Zarings received a package containing a disc. After they opened the images, the family almost died of laughter.


Man instantly regrets decision to climb onto friend’s shoulders


There was only one way this was ever going to end.

In the 7-second clip above, a man can be seen balancing precariously on his friend’s shoulders before one of the people filming them yells “jump”!

It’s one of those clips where you know exactly what’s going to happen — but that doesn’t make the conclusion any less spectacular. Read more…

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