Is your iPhone X unresponsive in the cold? Apple is working on a fix


After user complaints that the iPhone X’s screen becomes unresponsive in very cold weather, Apple has announced it’s working on a software update to address the issue.

The issue was raised by a Reddit user on Thursday, and several other users chimed in, saying they’ve experienced something similar. 

“I’ve noticed that my iPhone X screen becomes very unresponsive as soon as I step outside. It literally takes 2 seconds from going inside to the cold outdoors and my screen stops being very responsive. I try swiping on websites and it doesn’t register my finger. It’s very noticeable. Is anyone else having this problem?” asked darus214. Read more…

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Apple Pay Cash review: I think Apple just killed Venmo


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{“player”:{“description”:”Apple Pay Cash is so simple, you are gonna get paid.”,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/Is7HfAUOYs2xqHhPELTCEGRS_N4=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2017%2F11%2Fe2366a09-f94b-1897%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”xVnZpyvo3g”,”preload”:false,”title”:”Apple Pay Cash Hands On”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/e2366a09-f94b-1897/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/e2366a09-f94b-1897/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/e2366a09-f94b-1897/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/e2366a09-f94b-1897/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/e2366a09-f94b-1897/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:xVnZpyvo3g/embed/?player=offsite&utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/11/08/apple-pay-cash-hands-on/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”date”:”2017-11-08T22:09:03.558Z”,”bp_id”:62127,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,apple,iphone,highlights,reviews,review,venmo,apple pay,mashable choice,ios 11,apple pay cash”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,apple,iphone,highlights,reviews,review,venmo,apple pay,mashable choice,ios 11,apple pay cash”,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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Sorry, Samsung: Apple comes out on top in ‘slide to unlock’ patent case


Whoever thought a simple gesture could cost so much money?

On Nov. 6, the Supreme Court of the United States officially shut down an appeal by Samsung regarding whether or not the company had infringed on an Apple patent behind the slide-to-unlock tech familiar with smartphone owners around the world. And the decision comes with a hefty price tag. 

The fight between Samsung and Apple dates back to before 2014, when a court awarded Apple $119.6 million in damages for multiple alleged patent infringements by Samsung. The South Korea tech giant appealed, and the case made its way up through the court system. However, the highest court in the land apparently wanted nothing to do with this case and as of Monday officially declined to hear it.  Read more…

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The iPhone X display can fit 14 original iPhone home screens


Ten years ago, the original iPhone’s 3.5-inch touchscreen with 480 x 320 resolution was considered large, spacious, and high-resolution.

A decade later and the iPhone X‘s “Super Retina display” has so many pixels you could fit 14 of the original iPhone’s home screens onto its single OLED screen. How’s that for mind-blowing?

The iPhone X has the largest and highest resolution on any iPhone. Its screen measures 5.8-inches (diagonally) and while not perfectly full (#notchlife), the pixels are still tightly packed from corner-to-corner with a 2,436 x 1,125 resolution at 458 ppi. Read more…

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Samsung hid a savage easter egg in its latest anti-Apple ad


Blink and you might just miss this easter egg, but it’s a gem.

Samsung’s latest ad follows an avid iPhone user who eventually decides to switch sides after ten years.

The ad, titled “Growing Up,” opens with the man queueing up for his first iPhone in 2007, all the way up till present day, where he finally sees the light and decides to skip the queue for the iPhone X. 

The minute-long ad manages to majorly throw shade at the iPhone, highlighting all the criticisms it’s faced over the years: its lack of stylus, non-waterproof phones, and of course, the dongles. Read more…

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A visual history of the iPhone’s camera bump over the years


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{“player”:{“description”:”Remember life before FaceTime?”,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/DB3-APs8QOzVWTh7p1gEJI6rCFc=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2017%2F11%2Fc15c0ab7-b735-64b9%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”N8l6bK9l1d”,”preload”:false,”title”:”The evolution of the iPhone”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/c15c0ab7-b735-64b9/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/c15c0ab7-b735-64b9/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/c15c0ab7-b735-64b9/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/c15c0ab7-b735-64b9/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/11/c15c0ab7-b735-64b9/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:N8l6bK9l1d/embed/?player=offsite&utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/11/01/iphone-evolution/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”date”:”2017-11-01T21:40:00.000Z”,”bp_id”:61511,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,apple,iphone,smartphone,mashable-video,iphone 7,iphone 6s,iphone 7s,iphone 6,iphone 6s plus,iphone 7 plus,real-time,real-time video,real time,iphone 6 plus,real-time-video,iphone 8,real time video,iphone x,iphone 5s,iphone 5c,iphone 5c ad,iphone 5c colors,iphone 5,iphone 4s,iphone 4,iphone 4 cases,iphone 4 antenna issues,iphone 8 plus,all iphones”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,apple,iphone,smartphone,mashable-video,iphone 7,iphone 6s,iphone 7s,iphone 6,iphone 6s plus,iphone 7 plus,real-time,real-time video,real time,iphone 6 plus,real-time-video,iphone 8,real time video,iphone x,iphone 5s,iphone 5c,iphone 5c ad,iphone 5c colors,iphone 5,iphone 4s,iphone 4,iphone 4 cases,iphone 4 antenna issues,iphone 8 plus,all iphones”,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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Why Best Buy charged so much for the iPhone X


Best Buy was marking some iPhone X pre-orders to $100 over Apple’s price — but no longer. 

The electronics retailer announced today that it will no longer allow customers to pre-order the iPhone X unactivated and with upfront payment. Apple aficionados will now have to order the phone tied to a specific carrier, and with an installment plan. 

When you purchase an unactivated phone, you’re essentially purchasing a clean slate: a phone that has yet to be associated with a carrier or a data plan. Best Buy claims that there was high customer demand for unactivated phones because people with employer-financed data plans often need their phones approved before they’re activated.  Read more…

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Here’s how much better Snapchat lenses are on the iPhone X


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{“player”:{“description”:”Well, hello again, risk-taking, innovative Apple. “,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/94RQqkrA4D9e-2VXuGZW1FjkOO4=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2017%2F10%2F8d801f1e-e0e6-fbca%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”jznRDekoxJ”,”preload”:false,”title”:”Apple iPhone X: The Review”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/8d801f1e-e0e6-fbca/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/8d801f1e-e0e6-fbca/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/8d801f1e-e0e6-fbca/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/8d801f1e-e0e6-fbca/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/8d801f1e-e0e6-fbca/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:jznRDekoxJ/embed/?player=offsite&utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/10/31/apple-ditching-qualcomm-chip-dispute-rumor/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”date”:”2017-10-31T19:34:42.900Z”,”bp_id”:61306,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,apple,iphone,smartphone,smartphones,review,mashable choice,iphone x”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,apple,iphone,smartphone,smartphones,review,mashable choice,iphone x”,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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Apple has this to say about the demand for the iPhone X


While plenty of consumers may be frustrated with how the iPhone X pre-sale went down, at least one group of people couldn’t be happier. You guessed it, that would be the folks at Apple. 

According to the company, the pre-sale went pretty, pretty good — calling the demand “off the charts.”

“We are thrilled to be taking orders for iPhone X, the future of the smartphone,” a company spokesperson told Mashable. “We can see from the initial response, customer demand is off the charts. We’re working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one, as quickly as possible. We will keep accepting orders online, and iPhone X will be available at Apple retail stores on Friday, November 3starting at 8 a.m., as well as from our carrier and retailer partners around the world.” Read more…

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Samsung has plans to make its own advanced charging mat


Samsung is following Apple deeper into the wireless charging mat game. 

The site Patently Apple found Samsung’s plans filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent application shows a mat similar to Apple’s forthcoming AirPower technology, which Apple says will become available sometime in 2018. 

Samsung already offers wireless charging technologies (one is pictured above), but they can only charge one device at a time.

A new Samsung patent shows a wireless charging mat capable of charging multiple devices at once.

A new Samsung patent shows a wireless charging mat capable of charging multiple devices at once.

Image: USPTO Read more…

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You can no longer buy a 256GB iPhone 7 from Apple, giving the iPhone 8 a leg up


Apple made a few major changes to its iPhone lineup last month, but you probably missed one.

There were the major announcements — an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X coming this fall — but the company also revised its iPhone 7 offerings. It no longer sells a 256GB iPhone 7, previously the largest capacity, leaving consumers with three options: 32GB, 128GB, or the 256GB iPhone 8.

According to archived websites accessed via the Wayback Machine, Apple stopped selling the 256GB model on September 12, the same day it unveiled the iPhone 8. We also talked to an Apple customer service rep, who confirmed that the company no longer directly offers a 256GB iPhone 7. A spokesperson for the company didn’t respond to our request for comment.  Read more…

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Apple makes an unexpected deal to improve cell service in Puerto Rico


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{“player”:{“description”:”These aren’t party balloons.”,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/pwfpKT1OnhZnWvOToiWtb3_pWvI=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2017%2F10%2Ff375a5ba-e91e-9650%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”DLnVgbRlkr”,”preload”:false,”title”:”Balloons may be Puerto Rico’s best chance for communication”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/f375a5ba-e91e-9650/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/f375a5ba-e91e-9650/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/f375a5ba-e91e-9650/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/f375a5ba-e91e-9650/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/10/f375a5ba-e91e-9650/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:DLnVgbRlkr/embed/?player=offsite”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/10/13/project-loon-in-puerto-rico/”,”date”:”2017-10-13T20:00:00.000Z”,”bp_id”:59614,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,google,iphone,android,verizon,att,mashable-video,sprint,alphabet,hurricane,network,at&t,natural disaster,puerto rico,emergency,real-time,real-time video,x,real time,project loon,real-time-video,real time video,tmobile,relief efforts,hurricane maria”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,google,iphone,android,verizon,att,mashable-video,sprint,alphabet,hurricane,network,at&t,natural disaster,puerto rico,emergency,real-time,real-time video,x,real time,project loon,real-time-video,real time video,tmobile,relief efforts,hurricane maria”,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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If you use a non-Gmail email account, you can finally use the Gmail app


Does anyone out there still use an email other than Gmail? 

Google announced today that it’s testing a new feature that will allow select users to check their emails on the Gmail iOS app. It’s compatible with email addresses from services such as Yahoo, Live, and Outlook (yes, that’s still a thing). 

Anyone who has a non-Google email can apply to join the beta program: You just need to have an iPhone, and to make sure you’re using iOS 10 or later. 

It’s an exciting opportunity, but remember that as with any beta feature, there’s a chance it won’t work as well as you’d like.  Read more…

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Why is your dongle called a ‘dongle?’


Dongles have become a pervasive aspect of our existence. 

New iPhone users who refuse to abandon the headphone jack are common dongle users. Dongle streaming devices are regularly employed in our homes, drooping from the television. Even Google is making more dongles now, to accompany its new Pixel 2 phones

Yes, Google, which earlier this week declared its massive, all-in commitment to developing devices that employ sophisticated AI technology, is also in the dongle-making business (it was already making Chromecasts).

As we settle into a dongle-filled society, it’s an appropriate moment to ponder the origin of such a silly word being used to describe a device with a purely technical purpose. Simply put, a dongle adds functionality to another device.  Read more…

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